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Reactions to Microsoft's E3

Why are they showing Modern Warfare 2 again?

So this Metal Gear game... it's the Swordplay game from Wii Sports Resort?

Gears of War 3: a $60 expansion pack

Fable 3: another $60 expansion pack

Code Name Kingdoms: Tight, I like ambiguous teasers.

Halo Reach: yet another $60 expansion pack!

Kinect Demo: Because touching a button is just too complicated.

Kinect Demo Again: Okay, they must be trolling us now. Bieber? Really? BIEBER?

Kinect Live Chat: Nice acting.

ESPN: Because some people must be connected to sports 24/7

Kinectimals: It's Nintendogs, right down to the pun. Also, this girl is seriously creepy. Microsoft continues to troll.

Kinect Sports: Yeah, now they're not even trying to hide the rip-off.

Kinect Joy Ride: Mario Kart!

Kinect Adventures: It's that family fitness game that came with a mat. I think Namco made it.

Your Shape: You mean that Wii game?

Dance Central: So it's Just Dance? Also, this guy is totally faaaaabulous!

Star Wars: Would have been a huge "eff you" to Wii owners, if it didn't look so dumb.

Fort-za: I'd rather hold a fake steering wheel than pretend to hold a real one.

360 Slim: Microsoft is Oprah!

Final thoughts: Did I realy just spend an hour and a half watching that? Cripes.

Absolutely Unbelievable

Today during first period at my school, the principal came over the intercom, sounding very grim, announcing that we would be on full-scale lockdown. That usually means somebody on campus is an immediate threat to us all. So we stayed in my math cIass and tried to figure out what was going on. An hour passed, and by now we heard that a kid did indeed have a gun. We didn't really have much for entertainment, but we were allowed to use our phones and other electronics. So I texted my relatives and filmed a little bit, just in case we all died.

Two hours after the first announcement, we were allowed to go free. By then, at least 10 police cars had showed up, and even the SWAT team. Cops patrolled the hallways and swept through cIasses to find any students who matched the description given by the informant. Not long after we were released, the truth came out. It was a hoax. The kid made it up. But it gets better: he made it up so he wouldn't get a fifth tardy, which would result in an in-school suspension for one day. Evidently, getting expelled and arrested is better than one day of lunch detention. Oh, and the description of the gun man? It was literally himself, but with a mustache. I nominate this kid for the Darwin Award.

And if you were wondering, he was a freshman. I call it the 3-11 Terrorist Attack. :P

Here's a news link.

Cloverfield would make an interesting game

If done correctly, that is. The whole hook of the film was putting you inside the action. If a giant monster really did attack New York (which is like, totally possible- my brother told me), it would probably happen like the movie. You know what else is good at immersing the audience into the action? Video games. By that logic, I say Cloverfield could potentially work better as a game than a film.

I'd imagine it as something similar to Left 4 Dead. It wouldn't have to follow the plot of the movie, but for the sake of this writeup, let's say it did. The party at the beginning serves as the tutorial on the controls and such. Then you get into the action with the attack, and you have to push your way through the chaos and confusion as buildings collapse and people run for their lives. The police and military are all over the place -- avoid them as they try to wrangle you in with the other refugees.

Then there's the obvious part: the dog-sized parasite monster-things. Fight them off with a metal pipe or other objects from the environment. There wouldn't be any guns or standard weapons here. The scene at the main dude's girlfriend's apartment (I don't remember her name :P) would have light platforming and you'd have to struggle to maintain your balance, since the building was toppled and leaning into the building next to it.

For the sake of atmosphere, you would be able to hear the giant monster in the distance as it rampages through the city; even catch a few glimpses of it at certain moments, and of course see some of New York's skyscrapers crumble to the ground. Police, military, and refugees would be all over the place, the sound of gunfire would be ever-present, the ground would rumble every now and then. By the end of the game though, there would be more empty areas- like that scene with the empty horse carriage- and military personnel would greatly outnumber refugees.

So there you have it; I think that would make for an intense and atmospheric game. As for the gameplay itself, ideas are loose, but I picture it being a third-person action-adventure/survival horror. Like I said, there could be bits of platforming and combat, possibly even stealth, but I haven't given it much thought yet. :P

The Crystal Bearers is by far the most under-rated game I have ever played

I don't say that word a lot. "Under-rated." But wow, I really don't understand all of the hate for The Crystal Bearers. It's a fantastic game, one of my favorites on the Wii. I scanned a few user reviews and found that many people were upset that it's not a traditional RPG. I'm sorry, but that is complete bull spit. Halo was originally an RTS; did people run around bashing it when it released as an FPS? It's nonsensical.

I just wrote my review of The Crystal Bearers, reviewing it based on what it is. Gee, what a fascinating concept! Reviewing something for what it is? I must be some sort of innovative genius.

Anyway, here it is. Tell me what you think of it.

I finished the game last night. Epic, though slightly absurd ending. Leaves room for a sequel, which I would be very much okay with. The lead character Layle has become one of my all-time favorite game characters, mostly for his awesome magic powers. :P

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