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Exactly what the above post states... The patch has ironed out pretty much all the bugs... But there sure is the occasional freezes.. make sure to make multiple saves (just to be on the safer side)...

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Demon's Souls was harder for me cos I was never really knew what to expect and had to learn from my mistakes.. With Dark Souls, I already knew where I was headed and what was in store... After spending 80+ hours on Demon's Souls, I found Dark Souls lot more easier... According to me the games are equally challenging... And which ever game you play first, you would find that more difficult...

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Liked -

Combat - More like a hack and slash.
Loot - Insane armors, Amazing weapons.
Levelling Up - Got a feeling that I was constantly rewarded with experience bonuses, skills.
Quests - If you do all the side quests, then you can spend way over 150 hours

Hated -

Characters Conversations - I am one of those guys who make sure that I watch every single cut-scene, listen to every little conv and also talk to every NPC, but in this game, I found talking to NPCs a boring and a chore... I wanted to get back into the action ASAP...

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Valkyrie Chronicles, Resonance of Fate.. Two of the best turn based RPG with one of the most innovative combat mechanics... You should pick them up

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Dead Nation, Trine, Trine 2, Outland, Wipeout, Journey, Flow, Flower, Crysis, Limbo

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i have oblivion


+1 for this....

Valkyrie Chronicles
Resonance Of Fate
Mass Effect 2
Fallout Series

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Somewhere in my sig!!!

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Company of Heroes, I would think.

Yeah, I spend a lot of time yelling at the monitor during a regular game against human opponents, but the game itself is so engrossing. Starcraft ranks pretty high up there, but after playing COH, I would have to side with the slower paced and arguably more tactical COH. Starcraft is fun, I've always been a huge fan, but it's kind of like a game of galactic checkers. It's fast, and you play off your opponents slip ups (who screwed up their build order, who couldn't start mining fast enough, etc).

COH I find is more about feeling out your opponents, circling each other while maintaining map control. Even in an annihilation game, where the objective is the same as Starcraft's melee, it's more about taking territory away from your opponents and always putting them on the defensive, rather than throwing waves of dudes at your enemies and hoping you have the right balance and quicker fingers and once a battle is over, everyone goes right back to mining.

Also, I don't like how marines can take out tanks in SC, after playing COH. If there are infantry, you get machine guns. If there's armour, you get AT. If there's air support, you get AA. While that all sounds rock-paper-scissory, micromanagement plays a huge part as well. Kiting tanks, infantry sneaking behind armour to get a killing shot...

Starcraft doesn't need this stuff, but if you ask my opinion, COH is a much more rewarding game on a smaller scale. For me, a victory isn't complete until the score screen in SC, but in COH, the sense of accomplishment comes when just your ragtag band of five soldiers and rocket battery hold off a superior invading force, manage to knock out a couple of tanks, and then you see the retreating symbols over their heads.

I'm finished.


This.... And ya very well put Sir :)

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You have pretty much mentioned all the must play games... However i see one MUST play game missing.... Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines... This is not an FPS but eaily one of the best RPG's around!!! Do give this a shot, the stealth mechanics are pretty neat as well.

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Brink looks promising!!! But the next big hit will surely be Crysis 2