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Finally . . . .

Hey guys!!!

More than two years since I posted anything here. Well, there is a reason for that, which is "I lost my password". How irresponsible?? Do I forget to eat? NO. Do I forget to sleep? NO. Do I forget to play? Hell NO. But I am very bad at passwords and birthdays. I CANNOT no matter what keep passwords and birthdays in mind.

Anyhoo... How did I retrieve my password? well simple. Ever since chrome was introduced, I pretty much stopped using IE and today since there was a problem with chrome, I was forced to use IE and guess what, I was already signed in to gamespot. Hurray!!

A lot has happened in the last two years. A lot bad and a little good. Lots of stories to share. But for now, this is it... Hope all my fellow gamespotters have had an awesome two years. I will try being more regular here on and also make sure that I read your blogs as well...

As always...

Take Care

Demon's Souls Done and Dusted

Thats right... Just finished with Demon's Souls, and man-o-man, what a game... Easily one of the best RPG's I have ever played... Not going into the details of the game, cos m pretty sure every PS3 owner will be aware of what the fuss is all about... Anyways, for thoseVERY few who don't knowwhat the game is all about, you owe it to yourself to know moreabout theMASTERPIECE that Demon's Souls is....

It took me about 47 hours to finish the game, and now m on my scond run through and the game feels completely different... The enemies get tougher and take more damage... How this works is, i am in somethin called as a New Game+ where you can keep all your upgrades and weapons from your previous play and use them in our New Game+ and this continues to New Game+++++++.... Also you can level your character toa maximum of level 792 i guess... M at level 91 and man I still cant get enough of this game.. Never has defeating a boss given me a sense of accomplishment and having beat this game I have proved it that I am no casual gamer.... Eve if i was one, this game has turned me into something more than a casual gamer... :)

PS3 owners.... U owe it to yourself to buy/play this game.... If you dont, I guess you are not making full use of your PS3.... Kinda bold statement ;)...

Anyways Take Care!!!

One of the worst days of my life

Its been more than a year since I started working and I have always put in my best, given my 100% no matter what. But 22nd Sept was one of those days in my life where nothing went right from the start. I left home early thinking i would grab a copy of Batman AA, I roamed around for nearly 2hrs but couldn't find one. Disappointed, i decided to headfor work. On my way, Iescaped an accident as well. For some reason I was not able to concentrate on what i was doing. I reached work an hour late, something which I have NEVER done. After a while, my manager calls me up and asks me to represent my team in a meeting even though there are others who are far more experienced than me. I was ecstatic!!!! As this wasmy chanceto prove my worth, and I was like "Even though my day started off bad may be this will turn the day around".And, there I was all set to represent my team in the meeting with all the big shots. Right about one hour to the meeting few of my friends dropped by to meet me and guess what??? I forget about the meeting :( . It was not till later that day when my manager called me up for my feedback about the meeting, that i realised i had screwed up big time. I was put under severe scrutiny from everyone. And i was warned that one more mistake from my side andi would be FIRED... I got scared, more than scared I was sad, disgusted, disappointed... I headed home depressed and thought its better if i quit...

Anyways, its been almost a week and I am some what over what happened... Bu I can still see the anger on my manager's face... But who gives a $HIT right ;).... lol...

On the side note... I finally got my copy of Vampire : The Masquerade Bloodlines... This is easily one of the best RPG'sever created...Even there are quite a few bugs in the game, the gameplay feels so fresh and I would recommend that game to any RPG lover... And ya... I finally got my first platinum trophy :).... Prince Of Persia is what i platinumed :).. Really happy about that...

Anyways i believe that "Whatever happens, happens for a reason" and thanks to the incident that happened on 22nd I am now thinking of doing my MBA... Anyways i hope everything falls in place and hope to be at the right place at the right time.. :)

Games Purchased this month:

PS3 -> Batman AA and Warhawk
PC -> Vampire Masqurade Bloodlines and Cryostasis

Thanks for reading... Take care... :)

Hi Guys :) How you been :)

Hello guys :)… It's been more than a year since I updated my blog as I have been really busy with work and I am sorry that I was not able to read your blogs and comment on them… The past 1 year has been an eventful one :)… I was dumped, that's right DUMPED ;)… Was heart broken for months together, only to find a better one later :)… Such is life right :)?? Few dates worth mentioning…

August 22nd 2008:

First day at work :)… Wow… I remember that day… It was the same time when I was trying to get over my break up… Life was really hard... I was nervous and$h1t scared!!! Wondered if I was cut out for the corporate world, wondered if I could climb up the ladder of success and make it big.. As these thoughts ran through my mind, I saw a glimpse of someone… Someone very beautiful and very very sexy, which according to me is a very rare combination, not to mention she was way above my league as well ;)… The very sight of her did ease a lot of nervous energy in me and helped me calm down. It was kinda strange that even though I had never seen her before, she managed to calm me down to such an extent where I was no more nervous and was all of a sudden looking forward to my new venture… And after 1 year in the company, I must admit if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here nor wouldI achieve how much ever I have… So!!!!! Did I get a chance to see her again?? Did I get to be her friend?? All I can say is, I do owe her big time :)… After all life is not all that hard ;)

Fast forwarding to October 4th 2008:

The day I got my first tattoo:) … This is how I blew my first salary :)

Always wanted to get a tattoo done, but never knew it would be painfull :D.. But trst it was worth the pain :)

January 18th 2009:

This was unexpected… I always wanted to own a PS3… But I never thought I would be getting one this soon… My plan was to get one once God Of War 3 comes out, but PS3 is such an awesome piece of technology that I couldn't resist :)… Ever since I bought my PS3 I have hardly played on the PC or the PS2... HOpe the PS3 gets an update with backward compatibility, may be then I can get back to some of my PS2 games :).. Here's me gameing setup..

I have made it a point to game at least an hour each day… After 7 months I own 24 games… Easily one of the best and wise investments I have ever made. At this point in time I literally went bankrupt. But now all's fine J… I own 24 games so far… My psn is nautical_j, feel free to add me J

That's pretty much it… Thanks for reading… (An abrupt ending right? I know… ;)) More on the girl I met at work later :).. And ya yes I did meet her again :)... Take Care..

Its time to taste the BOMB..

I guess most of u would have understood what this blog is bout.. If not u will understand as you read it.. Yes, this is bout Giantbomb, the new web site started off by ex GS staff Jeff Grestmann and Ryan Davis.. M really happy bout it.. And m sure that Giantbomb will turn into one huge and successfull site.. Will it be better than GS?? Well, only time will tell.. But i have tell u, the site does feel good to me.. Will surely get better as time goes by.. I have signed up at Giantbomb and so should u.. Here's my profile.. I wish all of u sign up as well and help Giantbomb become a huge success..


My results are out and . . . .

I NAILED IT :):):)

Well 4 years of hard work did pay off at last.. Paid off pretty well actually.. I got 81% in my final semester.. And my aggregate of all my sems ( 8 in all) now is 75%.. Thats just awesome.. Best part is I stand 23th in the college out of 300 students.. M really happy, so are my parents.. Well my mom had promised that she would get me a PS3 if i get more than 90%.. :( fell short by 9%.. But nevertheless 81% is pretty good.. Mom did give me 6000 bucks for my efforts though.. Thats like 150 USD.. Hmmmm no idea what to do with it.. I guess i will be buying the Bioshock collectors edition.. I already own Bioshock but, still i guess i will be getting the collectors edition.. I will also get Jade Empire.. I thought of buying a graphic card.. I already own 8600Gt.. An 8800 will cost somewhere around 13000.. So i guess i will just stick to Bioshock and Jade Empire for time being and save the rest.. And ya i also got a job:).. Actually two jobs.. Both as Technical Assistance and Programming.. I will be choosing the company with higher pay..And may be get a PS3 with my first salary.. Anyways, this week was just awesome.. And ya, a whole hearted thanks to all u guys reading this blog and also to those who read my previous blog and wished me luck.. Thanx a lot :):).. Huggs :) U guys are the best :):)

My results are due tomo..

Well this is weird.. There is always a month long rumor as to when the results are gonna be out.. I just happened to log onto my university website and guess what, my results are gonna be announced tomo :(.. And m $hit scared.. I have no idea whats gonna happen.. M sure i wont be able to sleep today and all of a sudden m feeling all weak :(.. This will the longest wait ever, well to be frank not longest.. Longest wait has been for the release date of Alan Wake.. anywayz back to the topic.. M $hit scared.. Hope i can make through this one night :(.. I need lots of luck guys.. :(:( Better wish me luck ;).. I will definitely let u all know my results, even if its terrible :).. Peace Out..

Games i am looking forward to in 2008

Well, we are atlast into the buissness part of the year.. It is this time when all the awesome , bluckbuster games are released.. Before i talk bout what this year has to offer.. Lets have a flashback of the awesome games released in 2007..

These were some of the great games released in 2007 and few of them are undoubtedly the greatest games of all time..

Now then, 2007 being so great there were doubts and questions raised if 2008 could live up to the standards of 2007.. So far i guess it has.. To be frank it has proved to be better than 2007..Few of the awesome games released so far..

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Grand Theft Auto IV Sins of a Solar Empire Mass Effect Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Battlefield: Bad Company

Devil May Cry 4 Burnout Paradise Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Ninja Gaiden II

All these games have been just awesome.. Already 10 great games and we are still to enter the holiday season.. And m sure 2008 will be even better than 2007.. So here are some of the games i am anticipating this year..


Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highwa

Yes, yet another WW-II themed FPS.. There are just too many of them but since the previous installment of BIA was so much fun m sure m not the only one anticipating this one..

Really Clear Sky

I hope STALKER: Clear sky can offer the same excellent gameplay and the spooky environment but at the same time make this game a bit more easier to play..


Image 10

The long awaited action adventure game from EA will surely be a blast..This time around there will be fully destructible environments and on-line co-op.. That will be fun..

Creatures 2

Should i even tell why m anticipating this game.. Who wouldn wanna create his/her own creatures??


This game puts u in the role of PSYCHO and will be playing a storyline that occured in parallel to CRYSIS..


Fun with Farcry 2 3

After the standards set by FAR CRY 1.. The expectations from this game is huge.. Hope the new develloper and the new engine can surpass the accomplishments of FAR CRY 1..


FEAR screens 5

The sequel to F.E.A.R.. I hope this game will be as spooky as FEAR..


Image 11

The next installment from Bethesda Softworks.. I hope this game will be better than the previous installments.. And M sure it will be way better cos its in the capable hands of BETHESDA..

Image 4

Making its debut on PC.. Even though it will be similar to GTA series.. Still psyched bout it..

Image 5

M psyched bout the multiplayer that this game has to offer.. And the setting also seems to be interesting..


Image 1

M a huge fan of the POP series.. So i guess that explains it..


Image 10

In this game the playable character can consume the bodies of those he has beaten and killed, which gives him access to their memories, their experiences,their biomass, and their physical forms. He can also shapeshift into more specialized forms for attack, defense, or sensory enhancement.Wow thats awesome..

Also let me know if i have missed anyother awesome game set to be released this year..


Today was officially the last day of my student life :)

Yes, thats right.. Today i have finally completed my ENGG course.. And trust me, it was one hell of a struggle.. And as i look back at my engg life, i would like to share a few staggering facts.. As mentioned below..

1. Number of subjects i had to learn : 64
2. Number of concepts learned : 793
3. Number of concepts understood : I can proudly say ZERO
4. Number of subjects that would be helpfull to me in future: Only 1 out of 64
5. Number of internal tests written : 192
6. Number of final test paper written : 65.. I had to write one of the subject again as i couldn clear it on first attempt.
7. Number of projects done : 3.. One on LINUX SHELL, 3D PAINT and DIGITAL WATERMARKING
8. Number of hours wasted attending coll : 7680
9. Number of times suspended : 12.. Max for any student :)
10. Number of times caught for vandalism : 2.. Both times for breaking the coll bus window while playing soccer.
11. Number of times parents called to college : 7
12. Number of times i was given a final warning : 2
13. Number of sports i represented coll : 3, Cricket, Soccer, Tennis


1. Number of girl friends made : 3
2. Number of relationship that actually lasted more than 3 months : none.. Max being 2 and a half months..
3. Weight put on initially : 40 pounds
4. Weight lost towards the end of course : 56 pounds
5. Number of games played : More than 250
6. Number of personal properties lost : 7. Which includes 3 cell phones.


One thing i will miss most : The awesome chicks in my coll.
One thing i will miss the least: The blood sucking lecturers of our coll..


Exams over ++ MGS4 gets a 10.. So predictable..

First of all m so glad that my exams are over.. Today was the last exam of my engg course.. And i have done it really well.. No more college, no more exams.. NO MORE TENSION.. Time for some fun i guess ;)..

Well on the other hand i did check out the MGS4 review at GS.. I was not at all shocked when i saw the score.. A perfect 10.. It was so predictable.. The game surely deserves a 10 and it is a real masterpiece.. But is the GS score of 10 forced ?? I surely feel so.. I have been following the GS review for quite some time now.. And i am pretty much conversant bout the reviewing procedures at GS.. So i guess if GS had reviewed MGS4 genuienely then it would have scored a 9.5 but not a 10.. And also, there has been this "RUMOR" that GS have been giving low score to PS3 exclusives when compared to 360 exclusives.. And it was high time that GS gave a high score to a PS3 exlusive..Well is that true ?? Lets see..

Here is a list of PS3 exclusive games with their GS scores, IGN score GAMETRAILERS score..

Resistance: Fall of Man GS SCORE 8.6 IGN SCORE 9.1 GT SCORE 9.0

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for PS3 - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Playstation 3 - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune PS3 Game GS SCORE 8.0 IGN SCORE 9.1 GT SCORE 9.0

MotorStorm for PS3 - MotorStorm Playstation 3 - MotorStorm PS3 Game GS SCORE 7.9 IGN SCORE 8.9 GT SCORE 8.0

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for PS3 - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Playstation 3 - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue PS3 Game GS SCORE 7.5 IGN SCORE 8.5 GT SCORE 8.0

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction for PS3 - Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Playstation 3 - Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction PS3 Game GS SCORE 7.5 IGN SCORE 9.4 GT SCORE 9.0

Folklore for PS3 - Folklore Playstation 3 - Folklore PS3 Game GS SCORE 7.0 IGN SCORE 9.0 GT SCORE 7.5

Well, not only when compared to these scores, even compared to many other leading game review sites GS have been rating PS3 games really low.. All the above mentioned games mentioned really deserve to get a 9+, well except Folklore.. But Folklore did deserve atleast an 8.. M not asking GS to give all PS3 exclusives a high score.. Just asking them to rate all games genuienely..

PS: M not saying that MGS4 did not deserve a 10.. It does deserve a 10.. But the way GS usually rates the games i feel a 10 was just forced..


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