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Lit the fuse, time to run away.

I no longer have a use for gamespot, its moved so far away from what it was when i first came here and now it isnt doing what i want it to do and giantbomb is doing what i want and more, im setting up sticks over there.

Oh and im not sticking with my gs username, kinda weak.

R.I.P 3rd party Exclusivity

FF13 is the end of what will be locked down 3rd party exclusivity.The only company we were ever sure that would hold its word and keep its titles exclusive to a single platform Square Enix, is going multiplatform with there flagship title FF13.

Its a megaton announcement which really shows us how the gaming industry is formulated around money which sounds ridiculous for any business but i do remember the public hesitency from sega to jump in with Nintendo.This is incredibly significent since its Square Enix who dont release trailers from TGS just to keep the mystique of the company but this announcement spells the end.

Diablo rocks my randomly generated dungeon and apocalyptic world.

So prior to the megaton,starcraft was my most anticipated game.Now being a not a complete hardcore player but a pretty avid one of Battle net i played Diablo quite avidly and became my personal game of choice on battle net.After seeing this anouncement i freaked out, i cant honestly remember a game which made me so excited, so infused and so lost for words.Its going to make me buy a new pc rig even if it probably wont be out till late 2009.

So yeah blizzard are responsible for 2 of my most anticipated future gaming releases, its crazy.

Through the eye patch

I played as snake through the eye patch and it was pretty fantastic.I wont go into spoilers or even wright a review on the game at the moment but if i had to give scores

Gameplay:9-Fixes controller throwing frustrating things like laying down when you wnat to crouch, believe me that it sucked
Graphics:9-Best atmospheric effects and visual appeal ive seen in a game for a long time.
Sound:11-Simply put teh sound production is second to none,this game i commend for its sound production whether it be as simple as turning pages or footsteps to voice work
Originality:11-it has everything in it and more that you expect in a metal gear game, the commercials are a masterpiece.

This is after just beating GTA4, but this is the best game ive played in quite a while and if you've had any experience with a MGS game whether it be bad id encourage playing it because ive heard off people who were viementally against the MGS series who had there perspectives changed because of the game.

Another short blog but im wiating for giant bomb to open up so i can set up shop there...

GTA4 beat, now in the thick of metal gear.

TI finished GTA4 and took revenge, ive yet to really think or dwell on the ending.If anything it was a little diasspointing ater being hyped by gs bloggers as an ending which really affected them, what?As i said in a previous blog i dont know how you can sympathise with niko and see youreself in niko's shoes but this just isnt the case.Like every other gta games the finale throws everything out of the door and leaves you gripped on the end of youre seat. Prime example is vice city which still remains my favourite GTA.Im not decided whether im going to review it but its a 9.5 and not a 10 and tahts purely for not gripping me from the outset and not living upto the mass hysteria that the hype consisted off.

About half an hour after taking out gta i popped in MGS4 again and resume my progress through the sceond act and holy hell, as an mgs fan its getting better and better.For a better term its a giant mgs fan-gasm.It feels fantastic to play another MGS game a fresh like snake eater(favourite in the franchise) and even better that its high resolution because this cinematic stealth combat is just perfect for a big screen viewing.My favourite part so far is the new control scheme, i no longer lay flat on the floor against my will and the vision cone isnt so important to stealth, it feels far more organic than mechanic.I heard on the fly that the third act is wher it goes up a gear, no pun intended, so im keen to get their asap.

GTA4+MGS4 are bad for youre health

I got MGS4!It has to be said the packaging is pretty awesome, probably the best ive seen since burnout paradises.

Thing is, the grey is getting to me.The reason is that im still playing gta4 and im about 59% through and i want to finish the story asap yet i want to play MGS4.This leaves me with 2 games which have a color pallet which is particularily grey and it has an adverse effect on you.

The only time ive been taken aback by the grayness of something was star wars episode 3 where i just completely went colorblind because that movie is entirely grey, here its just as bad because im engrossed in the media and playing for extended periods of time.So i again went colorblind for about half an hour wich is a weird sensation because i didnt realise so after the fact.

Rubbish blog really but im finding the grey overtones and filters really getting to me

Just as much as a sociopath as the rest of them.

Beware of some spoilers in this blog, their not big but they may spoil the surprise of certain aspects of the plot.

This is a short blog about the main protaganist of GTA4.

Yesterday i went crazy on GTA4 and something clicked after rescuing Roman from the Warehouse and i just steamrolled through 12-13 hours of GTA4 and what is becoming increasingly apparent is how much of a sociopath Niko is.Ok this isnt anything new but reviewers, and bloggers on this site who have ben pretty vocal aout how they can sympathise and feel for Niko.Please tell me how?

He's becoming just as much if not more sociopathic than claude,Tommy vercetti and way more of a maniac than Cj was.What reviewers and fans are stating is that the whole mess Niko has been dropped in was down to Roman and that its his struggle to climb out of the gutter, but the way Niko does this is by contract killing, showing no emotion, no allegiance to anyone or anything(perfect example being Niko turning on Faustin.) and no kind of remorse so far.

I find it incomprehensable that anyone could symaphise with Niko, i can almost see it with Cj in san andreas but its a real problem i have with peoples attitudes towards the game.

Ps.I've already decided im going for revenge...

The best documentary i have ever seen.

Last night over here in britain channel 4 aired the documentry critically acclaimed and the most watched show on the history channel, Life After People.

I love documentrys and a big fan of Channel 4's Dispatches, Horizon, Panorama and People, basically many documentry series.Prior to this my favourite documentary would have been 638 ways to kill Fidel Castro.It struck everything i go for in doumentary's:
-An engaging subject matter
-A balanced viewpoint
-Is lighthearted but not as far to draw a laugh
-provokes an interest/emotion
638 ways to kill Fidel Castro delved into the assasination attempts during the cuban missile crisis and the cold war putting uranium in his diving boots and spiking his tea so his beard would fall out.It was ludacris but true and earily dark at the same time.

Now Life After People concentrates on what would happen to mother earth if suddenly humans didnt exist and dissapeared.It doesnt go into what could wipe out the human race which works because it allows you to concentrate on the matter in hand.Chronologically going through days,weeks,years and millenia the demise of man's achievements is all powerful.It uses CGI at a level ive never seen before to replicate those doomsday scenes you see in action movies and how nature fights back the territory it lost.

Its a truly maginificant piece of science, media and speculation.Its entirely believable and unbelievable at the same time.What comes to mind are they towering skyscrapers becoming giant bird nests which would be straight out of a planet of the apes movie yet when technology made in glass fail's with the lack of maintenance that humans put into these structures.

I loved every minute of it and 've placed my order in for the DVD, its something ill be showing in future, a truly fantastic documentary.

EDIT:It must be said however that the tone it is deliveered in is very media sensationalist but despite this blemish i still think its fantastic.