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back on GS...for the first time in forever

Wow it's been a while since I was gone...

Not much has changed with me. I don't get much time to play video games anymore...I've been so busy with school and work and other stuff...

But anyway it's my spring break and I've taken the time to play some games a little. I went on ebay and won a bunch of games really cheap:

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith for PS2 (used) - 99 cents

Star Wars Battlefront 2 for PS2 (used) - $8.51

Lord of The Rings Conquest for DS (brand freaking new) - $11.50

I'm also bidding on Zelda: PH and Tingle's Freshly Picked...whatever for DS too. I've been so busy I've barely had time to keep up with the Zelda series!

If anyone wants to be in charge of my Kid Icarus union and is serious about keeping it alive, tell me! I'll probably never be as active as I once was on GS.

It's fun to pop up in here like this every once in a while though.

System wars is still a crap stain on the undergarments of Gamespot, as usual...

what's everyone's opinion on how the console war has shaped up, in terms of winners and losers? I've been gone so long I don't really know. I'm happy with my Wii :)

spoiler free review of Harry Potter 7

First of all, this is a pretty weighty book. Longer than the 4th and 6th I believe, though not quite as long as the massive 5th. Regardless, it's huge. If you don't read it obsessively like me (got it the day it came out at 11 AM, finished at 11 PM) it will last you a while.

Overall, the contents of this book do not dissapoint at all. If you've had any lingering doubts about any detail of Harry's story thusfar, they will all be resolved. Every little loose strand of the story intertwines together to bring the book to it's epic climax. I cannot remember being so moved by a book in quite a while...not since reading another great finale "the Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King" for the first time. Like that great book, this is a story of redemption and salvation, though like Lord of the Rings through chaos and violence only, can this peace by achieved. This is an extremely dark and depressing book sometimes, and will lead you wondering why such heavy subject matter is in a book that many children will read.

This book isn't really for children I fear. They can certainly read it, enjoy it, and understand it, but it does not have the same childish wonder and mystique that the previous books had. Harry loses alot of innoncence, and finally seperates himself from the childish fantasies and ideas he has come to be associated with and even idolized for. I mean who hasn't seen little kids on Halloween dressed up as Harry Potter? Or those little toy wands, potion makers, and stuff like that. Everyone wants to be Harry Potter. Only after reading this book can you understand how massively hard it would suck to be Harry Potter most of the time. Point is, Harry's grown up now. And the results are shocking.

Besides Harry, many beloved characters from past novels are in here, and playing pretty major roles. By the end of the book you will be suprised at how far some of them have come since we met them. Just thought I'd put that out there.

This is a real page-turner, and I put it down sparingly only to eat and go to the bathroom. I cannot remember ever feeling more satisfied-yet unsatisfied-with a book. And this is in no way a criticism of the book. But you see, I've got this same feeling I've had only when my favorite things end. In the past years, I've watched Lord of the Rings (the movies), Star Wars, Spider-man (the movies), and now Harry Potter end. I have a very empty feeling inside of me. I will no longer have any more adventures with Harry Potter. I have almost nothing to look forward to anymore. No visit from Spider-man and Skywalker every summer, no Frodo or Sam every winter, and now no adventure filled book to go insane over about every 2 summers.

The dream is over...

But it's probably the best dream I've ever had. And I feel suprisingly sober after reading it. It's argueably the best book I've ever read-and I know this will sound pathetic-but I read-and enjoying doing so alot. I've read tons of books. Whether I was forced to for **** or did of it of my own free will, I've read alot. And in all honesty, nothing compares with Harry Potter. Sadly, it's all over...there will be 2 movies that may help me in someway to reclaim the feelings of warmth and happiness-and at times despair and horror-I felt when reading these books, but nothing will ever be able to recapture the ecstasy I had when first reading through these books. Keep in mind I was in second grade when I first received "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" from a family friend. I sit here now, an 11th grader, staring confusedly at a computer screen and typing a review. How exactly did Harry manage to ensare so many people like me into his world of magic and mystery? Maybe it's that I've been growing up with him, sad as that may sound, and can therefore relate to him, even though he's merely a few blots of ink on some tightly bound pieces of paper. I have no clue. I wonder sometimes if J.K. Rowling understands the magnitude and importance of these books to some people, even if they're very impressionable, hopeless romantic, head-in-the-cloud types like me. Harry Potter, like Peter Parker, Luke Skywalker, and Frodo Baggins before him, has become part of who I am.

In times when I was more interested in other things, such as "Lord of the Rings", Harry Potter seemed rather childish and silly in comparison. Just a boy. Just a boy, waving around a stick in long pajamas or something stupid like that right? The worst thing that ever happened to Harry Potter gave him a dumb-looking scar. Frodo had his finger bitten off by a crazed creature. Luke's father was a maniacal killing machine in a black suit of armour. Spider-Man inadvertantly killed his beloved Uncle. That was my sick, stupid, immature, logic, if you can call it logic. Well, I'd just like to inform you that this book feels in no way "silly" though it did bring me back to my childhood a bit, which is a good thing, I think.

Ultimately these books will probably be remembered as the defining fictional literature of our time. I would just like to confess that the last 3 books: "Order of the Phoenix", "Half-Blood Prince", and finally "the Deathly Hallows" are probably about the three greatest things to be released consecutively in a series ever. They are defintely better than Spider-man 1-3, "Star Wars: a New Hope", "the Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi", and in this muggle's humble opinion better than Tolkien's epic Lord of the Rings trilogy. The last three Harry Potter books may even be better than the 3 little things released from 1965-1967 I fondly call "Rubber Soul", "Revolver, and "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", the brainchildren of another strange British man in funny round glasses.

so yea, it's a very good book, if you like Harry Potter you won't be dissapointed at all. Go for it. I enjoyed every moment of it, it was very powerful literature, I'm just sad it's all over.

bunch of new games!

A little while ago, I bought these games:

Resident Evil 4: Wii

Final Fantasy I and 2: Gba

Final Fantasy IV: GBA

Final Fantasy V: GBA

Sword of Mana: GBA

boy I love my GBA.

but I'm kinda sad that I don't play my DS much anymore. It's kind of collecting dust. I haven't gotten a new game for it since Yoshi's Island DS. Oh well.

On to the positive!

I've almost beaten Twilight Princess 100%! I need 8 more pieces of heart, 5 more bugs, quite a few more poes,and have only one level of the cave of ordeals left to beat. The cave of ordeals is INSANE. Wow. What a great game though. I've actually sort of decided that OoT>>WW>TP>MM, IMO. Twilight Princess just doesn't have the staying power Wind Waker had for me, and all in all WW was just alot more interesting in terms of the environment and story. I really liked Zant, and it felt kinda cheap and rushed the way Ganon was incorporated at the end. I like him and the way he looked in TP, but his character and personality needs to be revamped, he's getting stale.

I'm also finishing Golden Sun for GBA. I just have to beat Saturos and his chick, and then I think I've beaten the game. That will be hard though, I need to level up quite a bit.

Haven't started the FF's or Sword of Manayet. I'm looking forward to it though. Through the wonder that is ebay I got all 4 of those games for $45 altogether. Nice.

Resident Evil 4...

HOLY CRAP. I missed it the first time around, but boy I'm glad I waited and picked it up on Wii. It's honestly the most intense game I've ever played, especially with the way it makes you use the wiimote during cutscenes and stuff. The controlls are amazing, the graphics are incredible, despite the fact that it's a port of a 2 year old gamecube game. I just beat the story mode this morning, I'm gonna do the extras (Assignment Ada, ect) now. It's such a great game, and it's even made my top5 games of all time.

1. OoT

2. Yoshi's Island (SNES)

3. Kid Icarus

4. Resident Evil 4

5. Metroid Prime 2

it's so great. I can't wait for Umbrella Corps Chronicles.

so yea. Great stuff.

my Zelda marathon continues!

You may or may not remember that a few months before Twilight Princess' release, I vowed to play and beat every Zelda game. I failed, though I did come close. I had only Twilight Princess for Gamecube (beat it on Wii), Link's Awakening DX for Gameboy Color, Four Swords Adventures for Gamecube/Gameboy Advance, and the second quest for the original LOZ on special edition gamecube disc to beat.

Well, since I have time on my hands again (yay summer) I'm continueing my Zelda marathon once more. I've been playing Twilight Princess (2nd run-through) rather obsessively to find everything I missed the first time around (more on that later). Also, I ordered RE4 for Wii, which for reasons beyond me I haven't played yet on any platform. *equips flame shield*

anyway, I have some suggestions for the Zelda series in general:

1. Continuous overworld/dungeons. This may be a very big stretch for the Wii's limited hardware, but what if they were to make a completely connected, fluid world? None of those "transition screens" where it whites or blacks out and you see Link running untill the next part of the map loads. What if the whole world was interconnected? It would make a better experience, methinks.

2. Get rid of the freaking compass. What good would a compass do you anyway, if you were looking for treasure? I say get rid of it and just have a map with all the treasure locations pre-marked. Personally, I think for the next Zelda, dungeons need to be fundamentally altered if not scrapped entirely, they seem to be getting dull. I never liked the compass anyway.

3. LESS HEARTS/RUPEES. Rupees and hearts are so ridiculously easy to find in Twilight Princess. I had to literally try not to get rupees in some situations. They are in trees, under just about every rock, and every blade of grass. I think they should be in the game, but not nearly as frequently. And there are so many freaking treasure chests full of 20/50 rupees in every dungeon! I'm sick of it!

4. Voice acting: Some of you will hate me for this. But I think it's time. A game in 2007 on a next-gen console with text-only is rather pathetic, sorry. I'm fine with Link's mute-ness, but I think Hyrule's inhabitants need to start talking. I have no problem with reading, sometimes I prefer it. It was understandable on the Gamecube due to the limited disc space, but now Nintendo has about 8 gigs to work with on the Wii discs, and I doubt TP is taking anymore than half of that. Put some voice acting in, please.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE ZELDA. I wouldn't go out of my way to play or replay every single game for no reason. And I loved Twilight Princess. The only Zelda games I like more than it are Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker. It was amazing, I loved almost every aspect of it except what is mentioned above. This is more of a list of what I'd like to see in future Zeldas. The formula is getting a bit old, it's time to update the series a bit. I want to fully restore the glory of what I consider to be the best video game franchise ever.

It would appear Nintendo is heading in the right direction, however. Miyamoto said TP was "the last Zelda in it's current form". Very good. Phantom Hourglass looks very different. I hope they continue to innovate, I would expect nothing less. However, I think TP is about as polished and perfected as that style of Zelda can get. They need to create a new-style, and thanks to the Wii they can. I'm very excited.

Anyway, I'm playing through Twilight Princess again. I'll probably play through a Link to the Past again for the hell of it since I have it on VC, along with the games I mentioned earlier. I'm discovering all sorts of great little secrets I missed the first time around with TP. That's what I love about Zelda-almost every time I replay a Zelda game I find something I missed before. And boy, I'm finding tons of stuff I missed with TP. And the Gamecube's different controlls and inverted world map make almost like playing a whole different game-almost :P.

So yea-I love Zelda, always will. What do you guys think?

obscure Beatles lyrics of the day:

Cocunut fudge really blows down those blues;

But you have to have them all pulled out after the Savoy Truffle!

My mixed emotions on the new review system

most of you are probably aware of this, but GS is changing it's review system. It's on a ".5 scale" now.

In short, I've thought for quite some time that GS was in need of a new review system, but this isn't what I had in mind.

It could be good. It certainly makes things more simple. Everything will be much cleaner and easier to compare.

It could be better in some circumstances. Had this been instated at the Wii launch, Nintendo fans (like me ;) ) would've likely had an AAA Zelda TP, instead of AA, assuming that an 8.8 in this system would translate to a 9.0 in the new one, and not 8.5. I still loved TP, but boy would I have liked to see it AAA. Anyway.

For every game that it could benefit like Zelda, I'm sure it will harm quite a few others. IMO, it's just not accurate enough. There's too little in between each score, and I fear it may make things too confusing. It's hard to explain, but a factor in my game purchases has always been Gamespot's review. I still buy games if I really want them, like Twilight Princess and Kid Icarus on virtua console (5.1 :() but their reviews nonetheless play a role.


Let's say there are two shiny new Wii games that just came out. Let's say they are both 8.5. Let's say in the old system one was 8.7 and the other was 8.3. Though I'd probably pick up both eventually, I'd get the 8.7 first. Now fast forward to the new system, they are both 8.5. Now what?

It's not that big of a deal, but it means I have to draw my own conclusion! CURSE YOU GS! I refuse to use my own will power. You must pick games for me! /sarcasm

Actually, now that I've thought about it, the new system doesn't sound that bad. The bottom line is, the new system isn't going to be bad at all, but I'd prefer to keep the old one, even if it does shaft the occassional Twilight Princess. Not that it really matters, I'll buy and play what I want in the end.

So there is my 2 cents.

wow...people still read this...

well, I'm back. School's out for the summer, so I have time for GS again. Yay!

Yea, well the last blog was a test and kind of a joke. I wanted to see if anyone still remembered me and checked my blog. So I just posted Beatles lyrics (which were in that Anime one of you mentioned) too see if it would get any comments!

Well it did! And I'm back!

I just got really busy with school.

Anyway, in my brief period of hibernation, I found little has changed in the gaming world, sadly. I checked Virtua Console for the first time in months, and the only new games I would consider buying that had come out since then were Donkey Kong Country 2 and Sonic 2.

Also, I've found that Metroid, Smash Bros, and Mario Galaxy aren't coming out very soon (I think). At least there is Pok'emon Revolution. Is it sad that I still want that? Anyway, is Pok'emon Diamond/Pearl any good?

So yea. If I were the leader of a union where I'm an officer, DEMOTE ME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

To everyone else, what's up, what's new? Has system wars changed much? Do we all still hate gamefaqs, despite the fact that we secretly post there? Any porn suicides? Any sign of Sonyismyhomey or that Twinblade guy? Got any spectacular gaming news to fill me in with? I've been living under a rock for months.

I never give you my pillow
I only send you my invitation
And in the middle of the celebrations
I break down



my review of Twilight Princess, and collection of OT threads.


^Tp ftw. Comments wanted.

very recently I have made my self rather famous (or infamous) on OT. Here are the threads I did it with, in chronological order.


^that one is before I revealed my name (Jake Justice)


^ the confession


^ the epic sequel.

so yea, If you've noticed my sig, I'm Jake Justice.

please check out my review, and maybe post in those threads.

powers back.

Ya, well we had a massive ice storm and I lost power for a few days, rendering me incapable of accessing the internet, and even worse, unable to play Zelda :o

but its back now so its all good.