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My Resident Evil 4 Diary {1}

leon fighting sea monster


I had come to big grey lake. I decided to go into the hut nearby to shoot some boxes for money and herbs, and then use the typewriter. After exiting I ran back into an area that I had previously explored. The undead looking creatures seemed to have re-generated, or perhaps I hadn't killed them all when I first ran through. I knew that I should probably be preserving ammo but I just got this sub-machine gun and it's so fun to use. I ran over to the groaning mob and threw an fire grenade at them. While they were burning I fired a hailstorm of bullets into their living corpses. When they got close I took out my machine gun and thought it would be fun to shoot their kneecaps and watch them get up again so I could do it again until they died. When one got really close I blew its head off. That was fun. I ran over to collect the little chests of gold coins and ammo. Getting rid of the mob allowed me to run around the swamp and explore a bit more than I had previously. I shot two snakes and they turned into eggs. I picked up the eggs and seeing nothing else to do I left for the lake again.

Went to use the typewriter and then jumped into the boat. Explored the lake a bit, circling around the outskirts. I knew there was going to be a big monster coming because I witnessed it earlier with my binoculars. I was impressed at how I was able to explore the physics of the boat and a part of the environment before the encounter though. I was also able to pick up a great big harpoon from the boat and practice aiming it too. The fight was tough. The monster had knocked off the anchor from the boat which was attached to a rope. The anchor had got stuck in the beast and it was riding me around the lake. I kept chucking harpoons into it but it rode me into piles of debris and I kept falling off. When in the water I had to press 'A' rapidly to get back to my boat! Thank god I had those snake eggs! Otherwise I would have been done for.

The beast finally died and I sailed back to land, but upon reaching the jetty I fell sick. This virus in me is doing something to my immune system and my skin... argh! It's pulsing and burning through my veins. At some point I woke up in a little house a little dazed and injured but still alive. After re-connecting to mission command on the walkie talkie I turned around slowly and shot some more boxes. Empty this time. There were also some more barrels which I like to run up to and knife. So many identical barrels in this place.

After coming out of the hut I had walked into a rainy thunderstorm. Instead of going forward I went back again and jumped into the boat. I enjoyed playing on the waves. I spotted some big fish in the lake. I still had the harpoon and wondered if I could use it to get at them. First few shots missed. I backed the boat up a bit and aimed down at the time when the big fish entered my crosshairs. Bingo. I had gotten it. I went over to collect my prize. A huge sea bass! So huge it wouldn't fit in my inventory. I re-organized a few things and stuffed it in there.

Moving on I went back to the first jetty and ran up the hill. A change in weather usually signifies a change in world events. I didn't expect what was to come though! Huge dogs. Their faces exploded in front of me and turned into octopus-like tenticles. I fired relentlessly with my sub-machine gun but one of the octo-dogs jumped at me and pinned me to the ground, mawling me. Even though I had rappidly wiggled the analogue stick from side to side I was still injured badly and had no more herbs.

I ran back to the boat. When I was on the boat safely I saw that the dogs had congregated on the pier. I still had the harpoon! I fired the first few at them but it had no effect. Was it not working? It's got to work I thought... and then it did! They took about two harpoons each to kill off. Relieved and ecstatic I went back to the pier to claim my reward of bullets and what not.


This was a playful description of the 'emergent' play to be found in Resident Evil 4. Most of it was me just messing about.