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No I'm not leaving GS! I'm just blogging to say I'm off on my trip today and that I won't be back until early January. I'm off to Japan, London, Ireland, Vienna and Hong Kong for just under 6 weeks :D Happy Christmas and New Years to all GSAU people and will talk you all when I get back!

I also plan to start using this space again when I get back, I would like to start writing reviews again. It might happen so keep an eye out for it!

New Review!

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So finally finshed up the No More Heroes review I was going to write up like 3 months ago. Guess just been so busy that I never got back round to it until now.

No More Heroes Review

Great game it is, can't wait for the sequel next year and hope it improves on the points I touched on.

Next Review up is Team Fortress 2. Hopefully it doesn't take quite as long as this one did :P

Also I will be changing my avatar soon, its time for Mr. Milk Carton to finish dancing for you all. I haven't decided what my next major one is going to be yet but I thought a Watchmen one could fill in for now since I got the DVD recently.

NiGHTS Review Finally Up And Internode Troubles

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So finally got the review finished and posted up

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Review

While it's not a very positive review what I can say was good about the game was the soundtrack. One of the best game soundtracks I have heard in ages. Probably look to pick it up somewhere :)

Not sure when I will start my review for No More Heroes, probably soon.

On to my problems with Internode. Recently on CSS and TF2 I have been kicked and banned from every Internode server as soon as I join it. I have always thought I behaved well on the servers and can't really think why I'm deserving of this. So I went to submit a ban appeal but wasn't able to join up to the forums because they don't accept free email accounts. So I decided to send an email to their support team to settle the matter, they sent one back saying I can only submit a ban appeal via their forums. The only non-free email account of could of possibly used my step dad lost the details to. So I was pretty much stuffed unless I called Telstra about my Bigpond email which I was thinking really wasn't worth it and I was about to give up. Luckily one of my mates is with Internode and sent a appeal in for me so fingers crossed;) I'm really not happy with Internode at the moment though, banning for no reason and making it so damn difficult to solve the matter with them. They definitely aren't on my good side at the moment, hopefully the ban is removed and I can play on their servers again :D

Hope your all having a good week. Also what where your thoughts on E3? haven't talked to anyone about it yet :P

I Just Wanna Fight Somebody Whos Stronger Then Me!

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Yes the title is a line out of No More Heroes, I finally got it (found it pre owned at EB for $67) and so far I'm really liking it. Its got such a great art style and slashing through bad guys never gets old. I am ranked 5th out of 10 in the assassin's league so half way there, I'm sure I will get there in the next week!

Apart from that I finished NiGHTS and have almost finished the review except it has been put on hold cause I have to find someone to try the 2 player with. So the NiGHTS review will be out shortly, for those of you that care :P

Also since there is a TF2 sale on steam this weekend one of my gaming buddies has brought it for me, which is awesome :) Can't wait to try it out! Just got to try and space the download over the last week of May so I don't get capped!

Other then gaming news not alot has been going on. Haven't had any calls for more work and I had an interview for a job at a convenience store, still waiting to hear back from them. I have been doing some finishing off driving lessons before I book my P plate test, I'm almost ready I reckon ;) I went to see the Wolverine movie and that was great, a really enjoyable action movie and I can't find the new Maximo Park CD in store yet!!!! :evil:

That's about it really, next blog will probably be about the NiGHTS review and what I think of TF2 :)

Hope your all having a good Month, I can't believe its almost June already :shock:

New Review Finally, Some Work and Left 4 Dead DLC Thoughts!

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I been so busy the last few weeks I have had little time to be on here but it's slowed down again so hence there is another blog.

I got that Super Paper Mario review done Super Paper Mario Review , it's probably been the most difficult to start so far for some reason. I'm not sure if it's because its a complete genre or it just took longer for my brain to get into gear. Anyways its there for your view pleasure :)

I got some work this week :o finally! It's with a catering company so its not constant but its work! andexperience to put down on the resume :) I worked 17 hours this week and was pretty stuff because of the 5:30am starts! But hey it earns me money :) We were doing work for the Targa event (A rally held down in Tassie for those who don't know). Still looking for full time work though.

So the Left 4 Dead DLC came out on the 22nd of April and we got the new survival mode plus the other 2 campaigns opened up to vs. Overall Survival is a pretty good mode, its challenging enough and is really hectic. The AI director is not afraid to throw 3 smokers and 2 hunters at you at once then follow up with a tank, sostrategy is required to survive. Depending of how long you survive may get you medals. If you survive 10 minutes you get gold. The only thing that has annoyed me about the DLC is that they said there would be 16 "new" maps for Survivor mode. Only one new map has been made and the others are just sections out of the campaign maps. This just seems a little lazy to me but its not enough to ruin it since we should have some custom content coming along soon from people using the SDK. Overall is very refreshing and will have me clocking many more hours of the game :)

I haven't been able to play much NiGHTS because I have been so busy but what I have played of it the gameplay seems a little simple at the moment. Its still very early in the game though so I can't really pass much judgement as of yet. I shall play more over the next few weeks I reckon.

Monday I am going to see the Wolverine Movie and the new Maximo Park album is out soon too so it should a good month :)

That's about it from me for the moment, hope May is a good month for you all!

So I'm lazy? So What?

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So I haven't been keeping with up with the blogs, and I probably post them less then I intended to. Reviews will come swiftly along after finishing a game though as I enjoy writing them. Next one will be Super Paper Mario for the Wii. Its actually pretty fun, I was expecting less from but its hard to go wrong in a old school platformer :P

Anyways, an update on what I have picked up recently

First off, birthday present pick ups

(Since my camera is broken google shall assist me)


A Siamese Fighting Fish! That one looks very similar to mine. Unfortunately I can't put other fighting fish in the tank cause they will fight each other (hence their name). He has a plant in his bowl and a dragon statue too! I often find him napping on the plant leaves haha. I named mine Tao, which in Chinese means 'long life', hopefully its true ;)


I can finally start learning some Japanese, there are no courses in Launceston that teach it so I have to teach myself until I head off to Uni

Photobucket Photobucket

Went and brought these albums with birthday money I got. Franz Ferdinand one is quite good, they have moved away from their original sound to produce a more post punk kinda sound, a good buy though. Gnarls Barkley one is decent but not as good as previous albums, just seems to be lacking spark and the whole upbeat feeling.


Super Paper Mario of course

Also in April I have picked up Nights: Journey of Dreams for Wii (haven't started that yet) and 28 days and weeks later double movie DVD. Love my zombies! Although they aren't technically zombies..... they just have the rage virus, you get my point though. (Will probably post these items in pick up thread at the end of the month)

Thats about it really, I'm looking forward to the new Wolverine movie coming out start of next month and also the game looks pretty decent too. Also my favourite band Maximo Park are bringing out a new album in May!! extra excited for that! If you don't know them then here a link to some of their work Maximo Park Music

Hopefully next blog I will have some interesting screen shots from a few mods I'm going to try out for Left 4 Dead.

Hope your all having a good April!

F.E.A.R. 2 Review, Upgraded to yellow belt and my birthday on the horizon!

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I haven't really been round gamespot this month cause life has just gotten too busy but I'm back with a few new things to share.

First off my latest review is up, its for F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin on the PC

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Review

Think I did a ok job at reviewing most aspects of the game, I'm pretty disappointed it wasn't as great as the first one, maybe they needed Sierra back. Anyway I have mainly been playing CS:S at the moment, I'm pretty addicted to gun game. I have also been playing that because I haven't been able to get any new games due to lack of money. Rather annoying because I want Madworld! It looks great and has gotten pretty good reviews and my Wii needs some new games. Have to land a job first.... Damn economic recession!!

Couple of weeks ago I went to karate grading and passed! I am now a yellow belt :) Now I am allowed to spar with other people and also I don't have to stand at the end of the line anymore haha :P I always feel much better after training as well, particularly if I am frustrated about something which is great. Next belt is orange, won't be able to go for that until May, thats if my Sensei thinks I'm ready.

Only other news is its my birthday next monday! I'll be going out this weekend with a mate and then spending my actual birthday with my girlfriend so should be good! Nothing big for my 19th. Might post a pic of things I get for my birthday.

Hmmm lastly.... what I have been watching lately. I finished Samurai Champloo series couple of weeks ago, a great anime and I recommend it to anyone who likes anime. I have also started Cowboy Bebop and I am loving it, amazing soundtrack and good characters.

Thats about it, so in the words of Cowboy Bebop

See you Space Cowboy ...

P.S. A new sig shall be coming sometime soon, need to take down Alma. Also thinking of changing my avatar, he must be getting aweful tired of dancing by now

New reviews and disappointment with Monolith. February comes to a close

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So February is almost over already! Where is all this time going? Where ever its going, its going too fast for me! Still jobless but confident I will find something eventually.

I have done 2 reviews, which are for de Blob on Wii and Grand Theft Auto IV on PC. I think I have been fair in both reviews, in fact I think I have been bit generous for GTA IV but if you want have a read, feel free to rate them. Here are some links those lazy people who don't want to go to my review section:P

EDIT: Gamespot is having problem with my link to my de Blob review.

GTA IV Review

So since my last blog F.E.A.R. 2 was released and I picked up my copy. I loved the single player, really really great. Its such a cliff hanger ending too! My reaction was this :o. Now I'm going to have to wait couple more years before finding out the answers:P What my disappointment is about is Monolith's support in the multiplayer. There are no dedicated servers up because Monolith haven't provided server files pack or any support what so ever. There is a official statement saying they are 'looking into a few things' but no actual mention of the files. This is just bad support from them, there is no reason why those files can't be available right from the game's release (they were in the first F.E.A.R.). This will only hurt Monolith if they are slow with this and they lose the community entirely. Maybe they should stick to single player games, they are good at that.

I'm hoping to pick up some new Wii titles sometime in the nearish future (not much money due to no job). I would like to add No More Heroes, Tenchu: Shadow Assassins and Mad World to my collection next.

I have had a trial membership for karate over past few months and decided I'm continuing on so next lesson I'm ordering a Gi (the uniform). So then I won't look weird with just plain clothes on :P

More news of the Left 4 Dead content has come including that campaigns Dead Air and Death Toll will be open to versus. Also the mode survivor will be made available in which you have to survive against hordes for as long as you can. Best part is its free! The release is scheduled for Spring so here we should get it between March and May.

Speaking of Left 4 Dead, the GS AU community games night was tonight and it was good fun:) I pinched some of mjcowley's screenshots to post in case you guys miss them in the thread. So credit goes to him.


I think the characters switched round a little but thats what it was like for a few rounds


Koz was a pretty good Boomer, think he enjoyed vomiting on unsuspecting survivors :P


In the finale MJ got stuck underneath a tree and so the rest of the team rushed back to save him. Once we discovered that it was impossible to save him the zombies were already upon us. Koz made a dash for freedom but got killed on the ramp up to the rescue vehicle.

Thanks to everyone who played, I had a fun time and hopefully there are many more games nights to be had!

Well thats about it for February, hope you guys had a good month!

Seeyas later

February, A month of Unemployment, Romance and Alma!

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So I have been a bit sack as of late with writing reviews and I haven't written a blog in a while either so here I am.

First off I'm still jobless, a problem that's really start to irritate me. I would of liked to start saving money a month ago for my overseas travels next year, but no job means no money. I got a call from my local cinema and they did a phone interview, it went alright I think but they said they would call back, but that was a week ago....... sigh oh well, back to applying again. Hopefully I can get something soon.

So Valentines day is coming up, the extremely over commercialised holiday where people buy cliche heart boxes of chocolates or make up silly poems saying how much they love each other. I prefer something that's actually enjoyable so this year my girlfriend and I are cooking our own Japanese food at her place, can't wait for that:)

But onto the gaming side of the month, F.E.A.R 2 comes out this week!!!!:D Can't wait, been playing through the first F.E.A.R again to make sure I remember the story line properly. It's such a good game, the atmosphere, the story, the AI. The AI still surprises me at times, I was playing earlier today and I was shooting at 2 soldiers with a gun called the Penatrator (which pins enemies to the wall with metal like poles) and pinned one onto the cabinet. So the other one runs behind the dead one so that he is shielded from my fire. It's AI like this that needs to be integrated into a lot of FPS today. So I'm not sure which day this week it comes into the shop but EB will give me a call since I already have it on pre order:) It shall be a week of being scared out of my wits by Alma!

Also today I looked at the review for Tenchu: Shadow Assassins for the Wii on IGN and are now very excited to get it. Apart from being a big fan of ninjas this looks to be another title where the developers have actually tried to make a decent game. This gives me a positive feeling that we will have more and more developers abandoning the mini game shovelware and having a crack at actual games! Very positive, I think it comes out in Aus in March sometime. I have also been looking at DC Universe Online, a MMO that's looks very promising to comic book fans such as myself and hopefully it won't be a subscription one and that the government get over this silly issue with making MMO's illegal because they don't have a rating. I was actually talking to a friend about this issue and its fair to say that MMO's are very difficult to put a rating on. I mean sure the rating could be put on the content that is put in by developers but how can you rate other people? Its like saying going to the park is illegal because someone might swear or be engaging in violent acts. The whole situation is rather silly in my opinion, like Aussie gamers need anymore restrictions on gaming in Australia. Only other thing I have my eye on for gaming this month is news on the new Left 4 Dead content that is on its way. From the looks of things the campaigns 'Dead Air' and 'Death Toll' will be opened up to versus mode and a new mode will be added called 'Survival Mode'. Apparently you have to survive for as long as you can over a series of maps. It sounds interesting but I hope there is more added to the DLC such as new weapons or maps.

Last of all I finished GTA IV couple of weeks ago and I have to say its a bit disappointing compared to the previous two games (San Andreas and Vice City). Sure the realism is great, but the city is just so depressing to be in. There is no wackiness like in its previous counterparts. Why can't I do something like jump off the highest mountain on a bicycle anymore? or run into a police station and grab items you would never expect to find there:P That kind of mucking around is half of what made the GTA series fun. Also I hated Niko, awful awful protagonist for quite a few reasons, but I will describe them in my review of the game...... which comes after my De Blob one, have to get writing!

Well that's it for now, hope every ones February is off to a decent start (whoever actually reads my blogs :P)

Live, A Very Flawed Program

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So January hasn't been exactly a good start for my gaming this year. First off, my internet was capped :cry: 10gb apparently isn't enough for me. Well to my defence it wasn't just me who used it up but I digress.

Last week I brought Grand Theft Auto 4 for the PC, and installed it all up ready for some multiplayer madness that my friend had raved about. What I was disappointed to find is a broken program (Games For Windows Live) supporting the online. In game you must log into the program you can connect to multiplayer matches and get achievements during the single player. Although it would sign into my profile it would not connect to live servers. I tried everything to get this to work, changing internet settings and installing patches even opening ports in my firewall which makes my computer a little less safe. Nothing worked. The only hot line you can call is the Xbox Live one and i'm not paying money to fix a product that I have paid $100 for. As a disclaimer I went to send feedback to the Live team on their website to describe my problems in the hopes of getting some help back. Everytime I clicked send it would tell me it failed and to try again......

The quality of A. The Program and B.The technical support is appalling. I can't even put in a complaint without using my own money. I'm lucky that GTA has a decent single player to at least make my money worth it. So far the story is developing well, the realism is quite amazing. As of yet though I'm not feeling the same feeling as I did with Vice City and San Andreas, its missing something...... maybe the outrageousness (pretty sure thats not a word) that made the previous games fun. Still I have alot to do, at least I can still play the major part of the game.

So this experience has convinced me to boycott all games supported by Games For Windows Live, I dunno.. maybe a friend can get the damn thing to work.

Other news... um well I started my Left 4 Dead review, but needs lots of work. Also been looking for No More Heroes, its the next Wii game I want and its proved difficult to find locally.

Anybody who would have a suggestion to my problem with Live please inform me, need all the help I can get (not that anybody reads my blogs :P)

So its been a awkward start, but hey, Project Origin is out in less then a month:D

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