Top Five Game Storylines

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Here are the games that I belive to be the top five games in terms of storylines:

1. Kingdom Hearts

2. Halo

3. Golden Sun

4. God of War

5. Prince of Persia

Post your ideas!

Have Fun Gaming!!!


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Hi to all!

Its been a while since I have posted...not alot to talk new games have caught my interest...boring summer...hmmmm...

Have Fun Gaming!

Elder Scroll IV on the PSP?

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In recent article I read, I learned that there is a strong possibility that the incredible Xbox 360 game Elder Scroll IV may be heading for an appearance on the PSP system.  While it is still "unofficial" game insiders believe that it will make the transfer.  How cool would that be?  I wonder if it would be in the awesome first-person or if it will take a "Legend-of-Heroes-overhead-view."  Either way I would totally get that amazing RPG.  I hope that the makers keep the core values of the game when they transfer it. Have fun gaming!  :shock:

NFL Draft Recap

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Well, the NFL Draft is finally over and I must say that this has to have been the most exciting draft I have seen yet.  While I was shocked to see the big three (Young, Leinart, Bush)            

go later than I expected them to I was glad to see them go to fine teams.  Overall, I think that the New Orleans Saints got the best picks.  They got the best runningback in college football in Reggie Bush and the best receiver in college ball in former Oregon State Beaver, Mike Hass.  I was also glad to see Baltimore pick up D-lineman Hiloti Ngata and teammate WR Demetrius Williams from Oregon.  I really look forward to the upcoming NFL season and seeing Bush and his amazing drafting class perform in the pro league.   :) 

Reggie Bush's NFL Future!?

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What in the world happened to unfortunate Reggie Bush?  First he has trouble with the NCAA for his family living at the expensive of his agent and now his #1 overall pick position has been diminished. 

What in the world can the Texans be thinking.  In some reports, sportswriters claim that they didn't want him because he wanted to high of salary... He's Reggie Bush!!!!  The Texans picked Mario Williams, a D-End from NC State.  They claimed that defense wins games and that they needed Williams to beat the Colts.  It's hard to win a game when you have no offense.  As if it isn't bad enough that Houston is passing up Bush, they are also skipping Leinart, Young, and White.  They are picking a kid from NC State.  Last time I checked everyone playing for NC State were not very good!!!  Anyway, it looks like the Texans will have another crummy season again.  Where will Bush go?  And depending where he goes, where will the rest of the drafted athletes go?  The Texans really messed up the rankings.:?

Should Kingdom Hearts be made into a movie?

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I, like many gamers, love the kingdom hearts series.  I really like the game.  KH and KH2 both have amazing gameplay, but I was not as intrigued by gameplay as I was the storyline.  It is superb.  That got me to thinking: What if KH was made into a movie?  Moviemakers could make a series like Lord of the Rings. I really don't know who would star in it or who would make it, but I think it would be really awesome to see Sora and his Disney pals light up big screen.  Who do you think would be perfect for the parts of Kingdom Hearts: The Movie? Have fun Gaming! :idea::question:

PSP vs. Nintendo DS

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In the epic battle of handhelds which is the king?  I believe the answer is Sony's amazing Playstation Portable.  Below are some specs proving why it dominates the DS.


- Stores music  - Has expandable memory   - Internet capabilities  - Better graphics  - Stores video  - Stores photos  - Plays Movies  - Is small and compact  - Wi Fi  - Madden, NFS, Midnight Club III, Tomb Raider, GTA, etc.  - $199.99


- Two screens  - Stylus writer  - Metroid, Mario series, Zelda  - Mediocre graphics  -Wi Fi  - $129.99

Anyway, as anyone can see the PSP is more expensive, but packs way more bang for your buck making it the top choice for anyone.  Way to go Sony!  Have fun gaming :roll: