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egnahC A roF emiT

Hey Everyone!

At least this isn't another E3 impressions blog!

No, I haven't started my own gaming website either. It's gotten to be expected that everyone that is going to be leaving somewhere goes off to start a website or has experienced enlightenment and proclaims they will no longer be around.

Well, I am doing neither of those and I'm not really going anywhere but I also know I haven't been too active on here either. Quite frankly, I have been spending more of my time on Giant Bomb. I have a profile that I started there. I'm under TonyS. I will be posting more under that profile then under this one.

I'll still be hanging around here more or less but I think it's time for a change. I just thought I would let you know so any of you are heading over there then we can be friends... you know... perhaps even grab a cup of joe and have a conversation that requires us to use salty language.

...yeah, not sure where I was going with on the salty language thing...

ynotGOOD (video)

Two sides to everyone. You won't quite understand this video unless you see the BADtony video I posted earlier but even still, you might not understand.


It will all come together. Just enjoy all of it as it is.

BADtony (video)

Here you are introduced to BADtony. I'm here in Boston, Mass. and I had some time to create a teaser. For what? Well, you will just have to find out. In the meantime, just take this one in.

Nevertheless, I hope everyone out there is enjoying their weekend and if you are in the Boston area and know where the cool hang outs are just let me know. I'm down.

((best listened to with headphones it's in stereo))


My First 30 Minutes With GTA IV

After putting in GTA IV, I watched the opening credits and scenes. The production values on this game are very impresssive. After the scenes played out and I had control over Niko I glanced around the apartment walked over to the TV and for the next 25 minutes(real time) I watched the programs that were on. That's all I did. I found it odd that I was playing a video game only to watch TV. I found the shows that creative and hilarious.

If you have seen some of them then you would have understood where I mentioned The Men's Room in my previous blog. Hopefully that clears up any confusion you might have had.

T-O-N-Y: The Number Five - TAG! - A Body Spray, right?

Blame this bastard. (see image below)

Art thumbs up

5> I have traveled to many different places. This is just off the top of my head:

4> I never graduated from design school. Many of my teachers did not like my designs and found them to be lacking in presentation. On my third year at design school I had one teacher say, "I think you might want to look into another career. Some people can design while others, just frankly, can not."

This was after I turned in a mid-term project and she critiqued it. Little did she know that it was a project I got paid for prior to turning it in and the client loved it. Shortly after, I got an offer for a position as a graphic designer at a marketing company and I felt that my efforts in design school were going to waste, along with my money.

There were many times from many different teachers that happened but that was the last one I would tolerate. So, I decided I had enough and didn't enroll for the fourth year. Luckily, at the start of my second year in school I decided to start freelancing as much as possible to develop a unique portfolio. I figured that the portfolio I was developing in school was exactly the same portfolio that all my other cIassmates were developing because we had the same projects and there would be little difference between them so therefore I decided to seperate myself. That helped... a lot.

3> I was home schooled from 9th to 12th grade and have a legitimate high school diploma.

2> I never cussed, drank or stayed up later than 11pm from 1995 - 2000.

1> I am getting married Labor Day weekend of 2008.

I never participate in these sort of things but I found out some interesting information and tidbits from people and decided to give it a go. Plus, I haven't said much in a while except for the occasional rare comment,

I now ask the following to participate (but understand if they would rather not):






And The Gaming Nirvana Will Continue...

I have been busy. Really busy. Playing games. Alot.

Alright, enough of the short sentences. For Christmas I received some games. My sister and brother-in-law bought me this.

Suikoden VSuikoden V

Suikoden V rounds out my collection Suikoden. I currently now own Suikoden II, III, IV, Tactics and now finally V. I am now currently looking at getting the first Suikoden so if any of you have an extra one that you wish to sell I would be glad to take it off your hands.

I also received this game for Christmas:

mass effectMass Effect

from this guy:


and I am very much enjoying the game. The game itself is beautiful and the story line is engaging. I have yet to get to the "graphic sex scenes" though [read:sarcasm] James also was kind enough to get me the extra content that I would have receieved if I had reserved it. I have yet to look at that content though.

side note: I also received this game and the extra content from my girlfriend. So I was given Mass effect twice.

The next game I received for Christmas was this interesting piece:

A CREEDAssassin's Creed

Which I played for a while but I made the mistake of starting Mass Effect just to "see what it was about". I'm sure I will get back into finishing up Assassin's Creed very shortly.

Another friend of mine bought me this nice little gem for my PC:


I should think it will run just fine on my Dell M170 XPS... should is the keyword.

I also bought this over the holidays which James managed to snag by pulling a few strings:


Though they were very hard to find over Christmas, I was able to attain one with very little effort which I am thankful for. I also purchased this game to allow the gaming goodness on my new system to commence...

mario galaxyMario Galaxy

In the past few days along with my recent purchase of the Orange Box I also picked up two other games which are:

fm4Front Mission 4

for only $5.90! I picked it up at Fry's Electronics which is a gamer's paradise. I also picked up:

growlanserGrowlanser: Heritage of War

I have had some difficulty finding this game but I was happy when I located it. I have Growlanser:Generations Collector's Edition so this is a good pick up for me to add to the collection.

"But Tony! What are you going to do with yourself after you have played these games?!", you say.

Well let me show you what I plan on getting within next few weeks.

no more heroes dmc4

nobu Lost

Say what you will but my tastes span a wide spectrum of games. I am eager for these new editions. So, what did you guys get and plan on getting in the future?


This just in... I also just picked up...

musashiSamurai Legend: Musashi

for only $6.90 new! And yes... you guessed it! at Fry's Electronics... ;)