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Julius Reade

I don't usually post anything......

I usually use Gamespot to check the forums and check out some of the user reviews on games of particular interest. However one thing's come to my attention about a lot of these videogames.

If you're like me and you have virtually no money to spend on video games, you want to make sure that your purchase is going to be a good one. Now there's a couple of ways you could go about buying a video game. You could base your purchase on interpretation and instinct. For example, i bought COD: WAW simply because i liked COD 4, although that turned out to be a rubbish purchase.

You could try the demo of the game. Now although this will give a clear indication of the gameplay of the game, it usually never gives a good taste of what the game has to offer. It will usually take me a few hours of gameplay to get into the game it, not some demonstrative level of how the game works.

Perhaps you could trust a review from a respected "videogame reviewer". But even reviews can't be trusted, such as was the case with Bioshock and Half-life 2 (I thought they were terrible). So what else is there?

Basically this leaves one of two things.

a), trusting someone else (such as a parent) to choose the game for you (I'd rather suicide)


b), trusting the general public to give you an informed opinion (Kind of like our current day democracy. "The people's vote".)

Which of course leads me to my point of the latter, user based review. I could spend hours searching through user based reviews and still not come to a solid conclusion on whether i should purchase a game. Some people say that the game is wonderful, some thinking that its the worst game ever, so who do i trust?

The fact is, it's often difficult to trust anyone or anything, although i do have a few tips to how you should approach the situation:

- Find all the basic facts of a particular game you want. (Basically list all the pros and cons, and make your decsions. Usually through the user reviews)

- Ask yourself: "Does this game have what i want?" as oppsed to "This game has awesome reviews!" (i.e Streetfighter 4 is apparently a great game, but i hate fighters)

- NEVER try and compare games, because it'll almost end in disappointment. It'd be me like trying to find another COD 4 or WOW clone. It just'll never happen. Instead, focus on what "The game" has to offer"

- As a bit of personal advice, stick with games that have been generically successful and often talked about, even if they cost more. (i.e MGS4, Ratchet, Halo)

- Most importantly however, you need to take risks. You can never ever always get what you want, but you have to understand that there are good games out there, you just have to find them. I took a risk with buying Motorstorm Pacific Rift and it turned out to be a great game.

Now obviously this advice may not be too helpful, although be mindful that its impossible to set any real criteria.

PS: Hopefully i can get round to writing some reviews :)

Hey guys!~

About my reviews. I know i don't quite go into the meaning and reasons for my decsisions and claims. Reason being that it's ALL interpretive and when you look at the big picture, the review is based around MY thoughts and experiences.......

Also, the way i rate games are based on whether you should buy them or not. Whether the game offers an experience that your hard earned money (hopefully) should be spent on. Reason being that of the current state of the world and because of the astounding amount of crap games out at the moment. Nowadays, people often don't trust their natural instinct anymore when buying games, and come to these review sites instead.......

Note: All the reviews pre-Bioshock are utter crap and meaningless.........well mostly.