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I'm not much of a blogger but I really don't see anyway else to voice my absolute frustration with Steam. What is with the long download times and constant updates? I just want to play the game. Take the Total War series of games for instance. I loved Rome and Medieval II. I could just pop them in, have a complete install finished in less than half an hour, and enjoy several hours of gaming without ever having problems with the game. I could play the game anywhere, anytime, on my gaming laptop WITHOUT THE NEED FOR INTERNET ACCESS. Not anymore! Since Empire Total War came out, and Creative Assembly starting using Steam, it takes hours to install the game and every time I go to play the game I have to have the intrusive Steam program running in the background. It takes half an hour or more to constantly fight to get the game running every time I want to play it with the continuous updates and graphic card compatibility issues and I have one of the higher end systems currently on the market. I really don't understand why Steam is so popular. It is by far the most frustrating part of PC gaming these days and probably the one and only reason I don't play on PC games as much as I used to. I so look forward to Rome 2 coming out later this year but my excitement is drastically ebbed by the nightmare that there will be more of the same problems with Steam when Rome 2 does come out. If Creative Assembly were listening I would beg them to please, please, please, stop using Steam. Honestly, I really don't think I can tolerate to play another game that requires Steam. I know my pleas will go unanswered. Oh well, back to my Xbox 360. At least it still shows me love. :D