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6 Year Anniversary

Hello, Been quite a while since I've been around. Yesterday by random chance I decided to stop by to check up on the site and while checking things I out I noticed I was one day off from my six year anniversary on gamespot! Well today's that day, its now been six years since I created my account on gamespot. So you may be wondering what I've been up to? Well first, I recently built my first ever pc and have switched to being purely a PC gamer. Below are the main specs of my PC for those curious: -2GB GTX 670 -16GB Ram -two Samsung 830 256GB in raid 0 -i7-3770 Ivy Bridge As I mentioned earlier, I've been doing PC gaming now. At the moment I'm playing Battlefield 3 and Guild Wars 2. My Origin name is Valrok213 and my main character's name in GW2 is Francis Cooke if you're interested in adding me on either game. I'll probably get more games in the future but for now I'm content with the two that I've mentioned. Aside from gaming, I now work as a co-op student for a company. This current semester I am working full time instead of taking classes at school. So far I've enjoyed it since I'm making a decent amount of income and don't have the stress of school for this current semester. Well that's about it on what all I've been up to that stands out... I don't usually get on gamespot anymore but I always end up coming back randomly to check on how everyone is! It's good seeing familiar names still around the site! Regards!

5 Year Anniversary

This account is now five years old. It's amazing how fast time flies, I remember when I created this account back in the day I was still in high school in either my freshman or sophomore year of high school. Five years later I'm in my second year of college, and a lot has changed. So here's some of the things that I remember from when I first started, you can compare them to how Gamespot is today: -Unions being relatively popular still and being glitch free when I originally started. (note: levels recently started again) -The old layout from 2007, which displayed a much better representation of your level as well as emblems being called just "Emblems" rather than achievements today. Also, all of them were shown at once. -Level 40 being considered a really high level. -Reaching 10,000 posts was considered quite the feat. -Level 20 was the toughest level around for the most part. -All the older admins and mods who have left the site. -How to Gamespot was called "Welcome Newbies" -The Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3 were still relatively new consoles. There's more things, but those are things that I could think of at this moment that stuck out from back when I originally started in Gamespot. There's been a lot of users that I've known who have left this site as well. Now as for me, I've been extremely busy lately with school. This semester has been extremely difficult so far, with none of the classes being considered easy, although for now things are going well. I'm now getting into my major and notice the same people in all of my classes each semester, which I find to be pretty cool. Also, I've signed my first ever lease a week ago and have my own apartment for the following school year. Well that's enough for now, here's to another five years in Gamespot!

Level 50 and School

I just noticed that I reached level 50! Ok, now onto more important matters, school starts back up for me this Wednesday. I think I'll be heading back to campus tonight, since I have a few things I'd like to do before classes start back up. I'm hoping that this semester will be as successful as the previous one, however I'm also noting that this may be the biggest test I've had yet in college with my classes being the following: Calculus III Discrete Mathematics Design of Logic Circuits Intro to Software Engineering This will be the first time that I haven't had any general education courses, and look forward to being able to focus completely on my major.

Level 49 and a few other things

So I've finally reached level 49! Soon I'll be reaching the 50's it seems. Ok, now onto more interesting news for whoever is creeping on here. I've recently finished midterms at the university and so far my grades have been good. Things have been stressful the past few weeks thanks to midterms, however I now have for the first time in like a month a week or two of no tests! There's more stuff that have happened lately, however I don't need you all knowing everything that happens in the life of julian_jr.

Gamespot Fuse

So today I randomly decided to check out Fuse to see what it's about and to my surprise it's actually really neat! The live feeds are great for keeping up with things and I actually see myself using it more now. If you haven't checked it out before, I recommend you go do it! On a side note, it's hot outside (in case you haven't noticed)! Today it was 34 outside and extremely humid. I went out running today and was sweating drops while doing the stretches from how hot and humid it was. Six miles, a cold shower, and like seven hours later the shirt I was wearing is still wet from the sweat.

SCU Werewolf Game

Have you ever heard of the game mafia? Perhaps you played it in school at one point. Well, the SCU is going to be having one of these games at the board and we're looking to have as many people involved with the game! You don't have to be a member of the union to post and play the game! If you're interested in partaking in this game, then we'd love if you signed up to play with us!

New sig and avy? I think yes!!!

I've decided to update my sig and avy after 3 years of having the same thing! It looks so weird! The new theme displays the excellent designing skills that I have though... [spoiler] I'll prolly be back to my normal theme in a few days... [/spoiler]

The dream continues!

At the start of the Copa America, no one would have guessed Venezuela to make it past the group stage. First they were in what was considered the toughest group, having to start the tournament facing Brasil and also having Paraguay to worry about. No one would have expected them to have tied Brasil with 5 points in the group stage and advance to the quarterfinals... and among all, NO ONE would have expected them to make it to the semifinals... But they have!! After making it past the group stage, Venezuela had to play Chile, who was the favorite to win against them. Chile came in to the quarterfinals as the best team in their group, and the stadium where the game was to be held was right next door to Chile. It was a home game for Chile and no one was expecting La Vinotinto to succeed. In the first half Venezuela scored off a free kick and surprised Chile. The second half, Chile came out trying to attack, but to no avail for most of the half until eventually they scored the equalizing goal... Everything was looking in their favor as time was running out and soon over time would commence, however in the 81st minute of the game Venezuela scored again!! Up 2-1 with little time left, Venezuela managed to hold off Chile and advance to the semifinals for the first time ever in its history!!

Miracles DO exist!!!

After being down 1-3 in the 86th minute of the game today against Paraguay in the Copa America, Venezuela managed to score in the 90th minute and do the unthinkable: tie the game in the last play of extra time! To make things better, it was the goalkeeper Renny Vega who came to help in getting the game tying score in the 92nd minute of the game by getting the assist in a corner kick which tied the game 3 - 3! I've never seen such a comeback before in a football game. Venezuela scored 2 goals in 3 minutes after what looked like game over! I'm extremely proud of the team and proud of the country! EDIT: Here is a video that shows just what happened. You can ignore like the final 3 minutes, but it shows just how AWESOME it was!!!

Speech in 2 days + Missing futbol games on Wednesday = cranky Julian

Yesterday in my summer class we were assigned to do speeches for the next week or two. Of all the people in the class I happened to get the luck of going first for the whole class and my speech is due tomorrow. I literally get 2 days to make up a speech while others get 1 week. :x To make matters worse tomorrow when I have to present my speech I'll have to miss out on the end of the Venezuela vs. Paraguay game AND most of the Brasil vs. Ecuador game. :x :evil: That's just not fair. :cry: I miss out on my country playing, and it's like a punishment. :x Until this thing is over I'm gonna be grumpy. :x //end rant.