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Get the most for your money with halo, but personally, its a toss up between destiny and far cry 4 for me. So i will get both

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I have an xbox 360 but not an xbox one. How is titanfall on the xbox 360?

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Assassin's Creed 3- around 30 min

Killzone Shadowfall- around 1 hour

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I have not had a problem with this. My controllers have been great

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Surprised that it would be completed so soon. I thought Battlefield took longer to release their games

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I tried playing it but could not get into it and have fun. I have been sticking with ghosts

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@Kopusx: no problem. Im pretty sure all you have to do is set of ps+ on one account, and then go to settings and activate your ps4 as your primary

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I too was a xbox live user. It is a little different for ps4. Guests cannot use ps+. however, you can link many account to one ps+ account. So what i do is make a second account and link it to the ps+ account and then me and my friends can play online games together on the same system when they come over

I am not sure about good RPGs coming out.

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Coming from the 360 I'm used to paying for online. The free games are an added bonus for me. Resogun, Don't Starve and Outlast are all pretty good games. The free games will only get better with time.

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i just got it and am loving it. huge map to explore. there are new sealed copies on ebay for around $40