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This is where the "big boys" of NCAA 14 get their rosters.



Here are a few that are done for both PS3 and 360

The following full rosters have been shared

PS3 Full Roster.........Gamer Tag......SOTOOfresh , JeffDLowe, AUScott7
360 Full Roster.........Gamer Tag.......G Da BlackSmith , TheP1414, Bama22Tide

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On 360, it loads from XBLA and they are not on the disk.  PS3 version is on the disk.  PC, don't know.

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I agree with Master Chief being to chatty.  "Actions speak louder than words" has been his MO since the beginning.

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I believe you can turn on the subtitles if that helps.

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Search around Sanctuary for him.  He doesn't stay in the HQ and wait for you.  Every time I've went to Sanctuary, he has been there, just not in the same place as before.

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"Unknown" was the first perfect I got in the game. I used Armor King and kept hitting her by holding back on the stick and pressing A.  Just time it and she'll keep getting up and running into it.  So far it's worked on Normal and Hard.