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Call of Duty is finally getting the reviews it deserves.

The first paragraph in Giant Bomb's review sums of the new COD Ghosts game perfectly.

"There are no UAVs to shoot down. Strike packages are back, and the dolphin dive has been replaced with a knee slide. You can lean out from cover. All of the launchers are free-fire, and knife kills now come with an annoyingly forced kill animation that leaves would-be stabbers open to counterattack. Theater mode is history. Headquarters mode is nowhere to be found. Same with Hardpoint. Call of Duty: Ghosts continues the weird trend of reversing/removing changes made by the other development team(s) that ensure that Activision's dominating shooter franchise makes it to shelves every November, but it also represents some of the largest multiplayer changes the series has seen since Call of Duty 4 redefined console-based first-person shooters for the previous generation of consoles. Here's the catch, though: many of those changes just make me want to play Black Ops II, instead."

While it's apparent some websites got "paid", It seems ACTIVISION felt there was enough momentum from next gen consoles plus a large install base on current gen, to just say, "new COD game on Nov 5th"!

How broke is this new layout? Game$pot clearly whored themselves out to advertisers.

It's clear that the new layout was not well received. I keep checking back with the comments on their self-titled article and it's about 70-30 opposed. If Game$pot valued their members feedback then they should give them an option to go back to the better layout. Low-balling review scores on quality titles doesn't seem to be enough to generate page views anymore and more than likely Game$pot will ignore their critics. The only focus on this website is generating ad-revenue and petty fanboy arguments. No wonder Game$pot continues to decline when other websites grow. "Just go to another website....etc", no....I don't think so because there are members who would like to see this website go back to the days when Game$pot had accurate reviews and no outside monetary influence.

GTA V online mode

How long before Rockstar gets the online working for GTA V?  They knew the majority of sales would be front loaded with this particular release but it seems as if they are too busy counting profits than keeping gamers happy by fulfilling promises on an online mode.  I have not been able to get past Lamar's drop off of my character.  Anything over 4 weeks and GTA V's online mode will be considered a disaster.  

Xbox's response to PS+......

PS+ really rewards the user with quality, highly discounted content on a monthly basis.  This has led to many gamers paying the extra non-required monthly subscription with satisfying results.  Microsoft has quickly realized how PS+ can be beneficial to Sony and hurt Xbox's hold on the console subscription based market.  So what is their response to this awesome deal?  Microsoft has decided to offer their own free content to Gold subscribers.  Don't be fooled, this is nothing more than a slap to the face for Gold subscribers.  At any given time, you can log onto the Playstation Store and see the great offers that are available to PS+ subscribers.  The amount of content that can be downloaded will surpass what the subscriber will pay with a 12 month membership.  Looking at Microsoft's available content to Gold members and we see 1-2 games that will be free per month.  Rainbow Six Vegas and Halo 3 are recent offers but is it really a thank you by Microsoft for gamers staying Gold members or another half @$$ed attempt?  Microsoft's response is laughable, insulting, and lazy to Gold members who know which subscription based service is the best.  Until Microsoft unleashes a real contender, PS+ is the only choice.

Madden reviews over the last couple of years

I found it odd that the user wasn't bombarded with Madden 25 ads the closer it got to release day on GameSpot.  Now we know why due to no ads and a low review score.  The usual check from EA to gobble up ad space on here never came so there was no need to inflate the score or give the usual GameSpot statement of, "this years version has many improvements", "this is a great game", yeah we get it, when others pay the bills, any review can get spun into a must own.

Madden 11 "Despite the gameplay quirks and presentation hiccups, Madden NFL 11 is still a great football game. The improved AI and enhanced physics system makes the on-field action even better than before, and the realistic commentary makes your quest for victory carry that much more weight." "...Madden NFL 11 once again hoists the Lombardi Trophy." Madden 11 was nothing more than another annual release with minor updates and a updated roster.  The score however was 8.0.

Madden 12 "Madden 12 is one of the better games in this franchise" Review score 7.5, which is good by GameSpot standards.

Madden 13 "Madden NFL 13 is the best version of the same basic game that has existed for years. Nominal improvements in most aspects create a more believable experience,"  The review score was 7.5.  One added note was that before Madden 13 was released, you couldn't click something on GameSpot without ad banners, videos, and promoted titles being Madden 13.  

Madden 14/25th anniversary- we start to see this website acts when big release titles don't pay their way.  Even though they use the statement "Core gameplay barely changed from last year" "not much has changed" they magically give it the same score other low profile releases of other franchises have been getting for years.  This years Madden received a 6.0 which is "fair" (Irony)


GameSpot is not the only website to do ad revenue, but it's ironic how quickly things change when payments aren't received.  Call of Duty will be another title that I'll be watching when it's released later on this year.  Activi$ion usally starts its ad campaign a month or more in advance so it too will be easy to see if the same treatment is used.

E3 2013 Edition

After much praise for last year's coverage, GameSpot's 2013 edition was just average.  Of course the consoles, (or should I say PS4) stole the show but it seems GameSpot was lacking on some of the major announcements where others prevailed.  I went to 3 other videogame websites and found the latest breaking news up on theirs before any of the same announcements were posted here.  Get it together GameSpot, 2014 isn't that far away.

Showing love in the North American gamer market

Pandora's Tower finally got it's much needed NA release and it's been worth it.  (What you mean?  It's on Wii and the graphics suck!).  This kind of typical attitude towards games that get left out of the NA market needs to die.  Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story are two other fantastic RPGs who have already went through the same transition as Pandora's Tower.  For those who appreciate what happens when Japanese games finally get the NA treatment, we say....THANK YOU.

Gone are the days of paying $60 for new games!!!

As we all know, games are not getting cheaper. One thing they are doing is being over-hyped for a "vanilla" unfinished version and then being re-sold months later as a "Complete Edition" or "GOTY" to actually deliver the definitive product. Even though I have more than enough money to buy these games on Day 1, I can't help but feel as if I'm being ripped off. Fallout NV, Rage, GTA IV+the two additional DLC's were all games that I waited to buy and managed to grab for less than $29.99 a month ago. They all were highly touted releases and most were well worth the money, except for Rage. I encourage gamers, especially teenage gamers to wait on purchasing their favorite titles. Don't let game companies continue to milk us for a half-a$$ed product. Yeah I get it, you want to be apart of the in-crowd and brag about having the latest releases but noone will think your're cool. You're just another idiot who shamelessly over-paid and is being laughed at behind your back. Kids, especially teenagers do that. As an adult, I will tell you your're an idiot.

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