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Oh no. Oh god. Here we go again.

Winter has appeared. Autumn skipped over. And I bought a PSP again. The DS is dust covered. And I don't have enough time for the 360!!!

Look at this: COD4 beta, Darkness, Bioshock, NHL 08/2k8, Halo 3, Assassins Creed, Project Gotham 4, MotoGP 08, SKATE, Alone in the Dark. HOW am I supposed t oplay this lot.....it's insane. But oh so good. Such gaming goodness.

Add to that 10 new PSP gems and I'm up the creek.

Plus the girlfriend has noticed the stack of games building up. Im in trouble.

Could be worse. Could've bought a PS3. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Falling behind

Am I the only person on this planet still underwhelmed by the 360? I've had it since near launch and my collection of games has actually gotten smaller as I've started buying up cheap Xbox games instead.

And now I'm regretting selling my Gamecube all that time ago.... missing Pikmin!!!!

And I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say I have seen NOTHING for the PS3 that even touched my interest.

So I look to the Wii....and I see very good things, very, very good things. I see the things that made me sell my PSP and buy a DS....then give that to my girlfriend and buy a DS Lite. I see fun. I see the multiplayer games that dont require me t obe online every night maintaining my skills or building my stash of stuff.

The few gems I have on 360 are fantastic, but compared to even the 1st wave games I have for my Xbox still, or even the 90 odd N64 titles I still have.....they are glossy tarts with hollow insides.

Thankyou to Dead Rising for keeping my faith that single player can still be fun!!

Good night from me


Well, its months later and my wishes have been answered. The 360 is now rife with quality and quantity. GoW, Rainbow 6, Viva Pinata, COD3 et al have arrived and no longer do I look at my 360 and sigh. Now I drool with anticipation.

Having said that, the Wii is still lacking ANY game worth buying it for and the PS3 is looking like a bit of an overpriced breadbin.

Aaaah, I love that smug feeling of knowing you chose best!