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56K still exists? Even Pakistan has 3G.

I think NetZero still suckers old people into paying for Dial-Up.

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I can't believe it's been ten years since I have joined GameSpot. I initially joined the site to download the demo for Tron 2.0. I think that statement alone says how much the Internet in general has changed since then. Would anyone today still sign up for a site (not a service) just for a demo?

I have not been posting on GameSpot very much lately. I still lurk the site, but I really only post if I feel that what I have to say will add to the conversation. This is a stark contrast from my earlier years on the site where I would participate in forum games that were rampant on union boards. Posting and creating these threads eventually lead to my first and only suspension.

Unions were a huge part of my GameSpot experience. I still do not understand how I managed to become an officer on The Reviewers Legion and The Emblem Union, two of GameSpot's biggest unions. The officer position on The Reviewers Legion is what really baffles me. Sure, I was writing game reviews, but they were nowhere near the quality that other members on the site were posting, especially those at the Community Contributions Union. On the bright side, I think writing those reviews eventually helped to improve my writing skills.

As much as I liked unions, I was not sad to see them go. Towards the end of their existence they were just another place for OT users to hang out. Subreddits have mostly replaced my need for unions anyways. If there is one thing that I miss about the way GameSpot used to be, it is how active the forums were. Sometimes it was almost impossible to keep up with new posts. Refreshing the page guaranteed that something new would appear. This has not been the case for a while now, and that is disappointing.

I can go on about my GameSpot experience, but let's celebrate!

Now for some food. Choose from pizza or sandwiches.

Don't forget to grab the packets of mayonnaise and mustard that are on the side of the sandwich tray.

Grab a drink.

Cake is overrated.

Entertainment will be one of the best Harry Potter movies.

Have fun.

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I've never seen one done before. Is that what you did for your anniversary?

No, actually. Not too many people here in OT really knows me that well anyway.

I haven't been posting on GS in general lately. Other than a small handful of users, I don't think there would be a lot that would recognize me.

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Do you think I could just treat it like a 10K post party?

You could probably try it. I don't really see why not.

I've never seen one done before. Is that what you did for your anniversary?

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My 10 year GameSpot anniversary is coming up soon. How should I celebrate?

Make a thread about it, perhaps?

Do you think I could just treat it like a 10K post party?

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My 10 year GameSpot anniversary is coming up soon. How should I celebrate?

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Kid A >

Depeche Mode has some great beats, but the vocals sound distinctly '80s and not in a good way. I prefer Chvrches over Depeche Mode.

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The Beatles. The albums are great and can generally be listened to without skipping a song. I've never heard of people arguing about which Rolling Stones album is the best.

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I'm pretty sure it has been explicitly stated somewhere that Konami is shifting toward smartphone/tablet game development. Oh, those delicious micro-transactions.

I don't remember where I read that, but it seems plausible. Mobile games are where it's at right now if you just want to release garbage and have a high chance of making money hand over fist.

I think Konami is just going to drop out of the video game industry entirely and place all of their efforts on creating slot machines for casinos. It doesn't seem entirely unreasonable as Konami's arcade machines were designed to take money from the player. Why not just go one step further and eliminate gameplay components from machines?

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Yeah, I think what seems like maybe 12 - 18 months ago now, TV.com actually did another redesign (and at that point, I'm surprised company workers are even still bothering to throw new designs on that site now.) And the current redesign is the worst yet, now you can't even see what emblems users have anymore, no blogs, and other stats are missing like site contributions.

While TV show forums still appear to be around, last I checked, the community forums actually became non-existent.

And does TV.com even have moderators and administrators patrolling the site anymore? Sure doesn't look like it. I know there's no more moderators, but there still might be a few unknown administrators still checking in.

Oddly enough, if you scroll down the bottom of the front page, you can still access the old traditional forums. You can see a list of all the community forums along with the post counts of each board, but you can't access them. Very odd.

I'm sure that the site still has moderators, but there doesn't appear to be anything that distinguishes them from an ordinary user. As long as the site allows users to edit show guides, then there is at the very least one person checking everything.