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Using Rhetoric to Prove a Point

During the past few days in AP English, we have been going over Sinners in the Hands of an Angry by John Edwards. It was an interesting read. Today we had to try and prove a point in an essay using the same rhetoric Edwards used. My topic of choice, PC's are better than Macs.

We were given 10 minutes to complete the assignment the best we could and here is what I wrote:

For years there has been a feud between Mac and PC users over which computers are ultimately the best. To say that Macs are clearly better than PC's is a lie. First off, Macs are PC's. A Mac is a personal computer, so the actual argument is actually if the Windows Operating System and its counterparts are better than what a Mac has to offer.

To say that a Mac is better than Windows is like saying that a tricycle with training wheels is better than a motorcycle [1]. Who in their right minds would use a overly simplified childrens toy than a well oiled machine? To best put it, using Windows is like shaving with an electrical shaver while using a Mac is like shaving with a bowling pin, it simply will not do the job. [2]

[1] - Arguments from Internet
[2] - Arguments from Internet

When I read it out loud in school, it sounded like my arguments were my own ideas but I infact had them cited on my paper (as best I could, it's difficult to try and cite a viral picture). I mean they can't blame me for taking their ideas if I cite them right? That is the whole point of being able to cite isn't it?