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Iron-Man 2 Blu-Ray...Trouble with Walmart

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So I was looking through various websites on September 12th trying to find some good deals on Blu-rays. I go to and then bam right on the front of the blu-ray section:

Pre-order Ironman 2 Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack for $15

My immediate reaction was :O, I had gotten some good deals at before but this was the best one yet. I checked how much the shipping was and they were offering free shipping on it (well, it was free if you didn't mind waiting a few days to get your package). I ordered it right away with the permission of my paretns and everything was a success.

That next day (Monday), I get home from school and check my email. And my day was ruined when I got an email from

My order had been cancelled because of limited availability. Surpisingly I could buy it at the old preorder price of $24.95. Then the next day, I disappointingly checked my email again and my hopes were raised once again. They were sending an eGiftcard with a value to $10.83 to match the original sale price to all people that had their order rejected.

And so I tried ordering it. *facepalm* So I go to the Iron Man 2 page once again, put it in my cart and tried checking out using the giftcard and paypal...but it turns out that you can't use paypal when you use a giftcard and you have to enter an actual credit card number to be able to actually order anything with a giftcard. I eventually purchased it.

Then the release day arrives, everything is good to go. The movie should have arrived that Friday, but no, it didn't. Walmart is usually good about sending packages on time. Things were starting to get suspicious, but that Monday, it finally came in the mail. Yes.

I watched it last week, amazing quality. It should never be that hard to order something online.