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GameSpot Redesign

Apparently this is the first time GameSpot has been rebuilt from the ground up in 17 years. Even if it does share many similarities with GiantBomb, I think that the new design looks sleek. Even though I haven't spent too much time browsing the site, I do enjoy the way reviews and news articles are now organized.

The best part about the redesign is the way videos are embedded on a page for reviews. I had some trouble getting some videos to play, but I typically view all of GameSpot's videos on YouTube, just for convenience. The main part that I dislike about the new design is the way the forums have changed.

Avatars and signatures are currently missing, but I'm sure after a few days that will be sorted out. What I dislike about the new forums is the layout. It seems kind of redundant to have the username and post count featured on the left-hand side of a forum post when it is also displayed at the very top. It is weird how the icons for staff and moderators are positioned on the right-hand side, where a user is more likely to not see it.

GameSpot has tried its best on explaining key features of the new design, but I'm still left with some questions. Post counts have been kept, but they are inaccurate. I wonder if this is just a glitch or if posts from unions and user created boards have been deleted. I just wish there was a way to view how many new posts have been made in a thread, but at least now we are able to get notifications of our posts being replied to which is just as useful (I can see that being slightly annoying for active threads such as a Roll Call, but I think there might be a way to disable that feature per thread).

Possibly the greatest change to the forums is the post editor. While there does not seem to be a way to preview a post, it seems to give a very accurate preview of a post as you are creating it. The tools included in the WYSIWYG editor are functional and useful, especially for embedding a video. I also like how users are able to embed tweets. I'm not exactly if most GameSpotter's are fond of using sites such as Twitter, but it is nice knowing that we get to create posts as elegant as those created by a staff member.



This new site will take time to get used to. One thing it really need is a way to track friend's blogs easily, like on the old site.