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Random Girl on Crack Ruins Rock Band Experience

So last week my brother told this girl that he knows from work that I could beat every song on expert except one.  She said that she was totally awesome at Guitar Hero and could FC nearly every song.

I can't play all of the songs on expert, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have even started the Expert career on Guitar Hero yet, so I practiced all week and then he tells me Saturday night that the girl was going to comeover with some of his other friends to and that they were going to bring their RockBand equipment.  I was so excited, I want to get Rock Band the drums were really fun.

So they come over, the bring the whole rockband 2 set and they also bring guitar hero world tour.  Me and the girl played Guitar Hero world tour since it was fair because we had never played it before.  I totally owned her on one song I had nearly double the points than she did thanks to some good timins of when to deploy star power.

So here is when the weird part comes in, I'm just going to use a transcript of a chat that I had with a gamespotter to tell you what happened.  I'll explain my thoughts of the game later.

 judog1gamespotter: And we ended up having a big Rock Band Party
judog1gamespotter: They brought the full set with Rock Band 2 and World Tour
Trey: did you see the awesome Burnout Paradise DLC they're releasing?
judog1gamespotter: Me and the girld played World Tour so we could have a fair match as we've never played it
judog1gamespotter: On one song I nearly got double the points that she did because of star power
judog1gamespotter: Yeah the new car packs
Trey: oh
Trey: yeah I can't wait for the Legendary pack, at least I think that's what it's called
Trey: they've only shown the car from Back to the Future and that's all I need to see to know I'm buying that car pack
Trey: that is just too cool
judog1gamespotter: lol
judog1gamespotter: Yesterday night was weird
Trey: Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies of all time
judog1gamespotter: When the rockband party ended we were walking his friends outside
judog1gamespotter: then all of a sudden this girl riding on a bike comes up to us
judog1gamespotter: And starts talking to us
judog1gamespotter: She looked like a gremlin and was only wearing one shoe
Trey: LOL
judog1gamespotter: We couldn't tell whether it was a guy or a girl
Trey: lol wow
judog1gamespotter: And then she goes up to us and asks for a cup of water
judog1gamespotter: Not just a cup of water
judog1gamespotter: But a cup of water with ice!
judog1gamespotter: ice!
Trey: lol
judog1gamespotter: She was obviously on crack
judog1gamespotter: We ran inside to go get her some water so she could leave us alone
Trey: lol sounds like it
judog1gamespotter: But then she kept on talking to us
judog1gamespotter: And she was like what were you doing
judog1gamespotter: We ignored her
Trey: lol
judog1gamespotter: She asks my brother "so...what do you do?..."
judog1gamespotter: And then he was like Nothing
Trey: lol
judog1gamespotter: All of my brothers friends were leaving to their cars so she followed them
judog1gamespotter: We hurried and locked the doors and all of the windows
Trey: lol
judog1gamespotter: A few minutes later we got a phone call from his friends saying WTH was that about
judog1gamespotter: One of his friends was scared silly
Trey: lol
judog1gamespotter: Most of them were white and wern't use to these types of people
judog1gamespotter: But niether are we
Trey: lol
judog1gamespotter: But it turns out she was talking to his friends
judog1gamespotter: They were getting into their cars and she asked for a ride
Trey: wow
judog1gamespotter: They were like nope
Trey: I would have said the same thing
judog1gamespotter: Then they just floured it
Trey: lol
judog1gamespotter: But she went after them on her bike
judog1gamespotter: And nearly jumped on their cars to get a ride
Trey: wow
judog1gamespotter: Then she gave up and said I'll come back later
Trey: lol
judog1gamespotter: We have a feeling she isn't going to remember what she did
Trey: sounds like she's a methhead
judog1gamespotter: I was worrying the wholenight
judog1gamespotter: She sounded like it
judog1gamespotter: It would have been a perfect day if it wasn't for what happened when they left
judog1gamespotter: And the worst part about it is that she saw all of them leaving with all of the rockband equipement
Trey: maybe was trying to steal it
Trey: or kill them going to road and then take it
judog1gamespotter: Either way we were all scared
judog1gamespotter: We didn't know how to tell a crack head to leave without her pulling out a knife or something
Trey: lol
judog1gamespotter: I just sat on the sofa watching tv the restof the night until it was time to go to bed
Trey: oh
judog1gamespotter: I finally got better when my parents came home
judog1gamespotter: We had told them to go to the casino so we could be at the house alone so we could play guitar hero]'



So I went shopping this weekend with my dad. We went to Islands, got some burgers and fries covered with cheddar cheese and bacon with a side of ranch dip. It was pretty good. I must say that that night was pretty weird, everywhere we went we either couldn't find anything that or their selection was very small.

Like at Toys R Us, I went because they were having a sale, buy 2 games get the third free. I wasn't sure what I was going to get, but I was leaning to getting a whole bunch of cheap games on the 360. So I look around I find a whole aisle of ps2 games, right around the corner was just a little kiosk of 360 games and that's all that they had. That has to be one of the worst remodels I've ever seen.

At Bestbuy I wanted to play the drums on rockband and after waiting for it to be empty, I go up and find the drums are busted and that the foot pedal was gone. I did end up finding a game though. Drawn to Life SpongeBob edition. I'm not one to buy those sort of licensed games but I heard the original version was pretty good so I was like sure why not. I'm going to post my thoughts on it later.

We went to a new Super Target that they had just opened this week and it was huge, it had a whole grocery store inside it. It was like wal-mart except way better because it wasn't. But I was looking around the dvd section and looked at the new releases and saw the new simpsons season set.

I didn't know that they had released one this week. But I find it weird that none of the other stores that I went to had it. I've been waiting for a new Simpsons DVD to come out it's been a whole year since the last one, and as some of you may know I'm a huge simpson fan.

Also relating to the blog title is that I'm finally over the flu. I had the flu last weekend and ended up missing a few days of school. Although I did feel good one day so I played my 360. I finally got the last achievement I needed in Lego Indiana Jones to give me the 1,000/1,000. My very first. It was very annoying. I had to disarm 100 enemies, to much if you ask me. I mean I already got 100% in the game but I still didn't unlock that? weird.

I expect uno to be up there soon, only need 5 more wins. 360 voice is pretty cool, I might start blogging what my xbox has to say about me.

Mario Kart Wii Online...it works great!

So I bought Mario Kart Wii on Saturday, would have gotten it last week when it came out but I didn't have enough cash, so during the week, I cashed in my coins and got $66 from the coins alone and went on Saturday to go buy.

Speaking of when I went to go buy the game, the guy that was in front of me traded in a game, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. The employees asked him why they were selling it, because the game is really hard to find, when they put it on the shelf to sell it the price tag was 79.99...wow...Good thing I still have my original copy.

But getting back on track, I got home and after I had dinner, (a nice burger from Wendy's), I tried out Mario Kart Wii. Put the Wii Remote in the Wii Wheel and started racing, and it worked great, there was no problem with the motion controls at all, and so after I got use to the controls I tried it out online, the connection was fast and easy.

And then it got into the actual race, and I got no lag once so ever, it was flawless. I ended up loosing though and lost alot that night though, just to show you how much I lost, you start the game with 5,000 VR points and I went all the way down to 4,400 points.

The VR system adds replay value to it, something that Brawl really needed, in Brawl there is no way to tell how good the person you were playing against was, the VR system in Mario Kart Wii does just that.

Overall, I'm having a pretty good experience with it.

My VR Standings:


Started today at around 4,880.

The Ralph Wiggum Book of Wisdom

I went shopping on Saturday, and went to all of my favorite places, including Barnes and Noble. I must have spent probably 45 minutes just browsing around trying to find something that I would like, I looked through the computer books, did you know you can make a living from blogging? Appearntly so, according to Blogging for Dummies :P

Then I finally remembered about the humor section of the store it has compilations of Garfield and Simpsons Comics and a whole bunch more, and eventually I decided what book I should get, The Ralph Wiggum Book of Wisdom. There is actually a whole series of books like that.

And well I'm a big Simpsons fan, there is a corner in my room that is pretty much a shrine to the simpsons.

I went to Toys R Us, sometimes they have good deals for board games, although they didn't have a big sale for them I managed to find the special gem I was looking for,

Simpsons Game of Life

Something to else to add to my Simpsons collection, The Game of Life: The Simpsons Edition. The strange thing about it is that it was only 11 dollars, while the regular version of Life was 16 dollars, I just found that weird. I haven't gotten around to playing it just yet, maybe in a weekend or two, I don't have any friends to play with.

Jigsaw Puzzles for Dummies
And speaking of weird the "For Dummies" brand doesn't just cover books, now they have puzzles, well atleast one, and I was tempted to get it, but I knew I wouldn't ever get around to building it. They made it a whole lot easier, They pretty much tell you where the pieces are suppose to go, there are codes on the back and those are suppose to tell you where they are suppose to go.

My parents also told me that if I broke a 400 series in bowling (for those that don't know, a series is the scores of the games you bowled added up) that they would get me an HD-DVD drive for the 360, I was so close, 397, but they let me get it anyways, but then I decided not to. When I went to Target, I looked at their section of HD-DVD's and I didnt' think it was worth it, they had less movies than when the format first came out.

I tried looking for a new game for the DS, I was looking for Tetris DS, and I wen't looking at 8 places and I could not find it, so I decided to get another game, Super Mairo 64 DS, which I think is pretty good, although the controls aren't as good as the original version.

And for Lunch I went to Islands, a restranut and got a burger and ordered a big platter of Cheddar Fries topped with bacon and a side of Ranch Dipping Sauce.

Speaking of food be sure to check out Food Wars my ucb thanks to Fasttruck to lending me his, it's a board about food, there is just so much to talk about, for example at KFC do you think that the Crispy Chicken is overated?

Sneak King?

Yeah, so I was at GameStop and I saw Sneak King and Pocket Bike Racer for sale, used of course and decided to buy them, a week later I also found Big Bumpin', infact the past 3 weeks I bought 13 games, including Burnout Paradise for the 360, and Undertow...meaning that I am connected to Xbox Live...

Anyways, I already wrote a review for Sneak King, here it is

Sneak King for Xbox 360 - Sneak King Xbox360 Game - Sneak King Xbox 360 Video Game

During the holiday season of 2006, Burger King released 3 games for the Xbox 360, Big Bumpin', Pocket Bike Racer, and Sneak King. Although each of these games also includes the original Xbox version, I wouldn't recommend getting them specifically for it however because the games won't stay fun for very long and the achievements are where most of the replay value comes from, which will be talked about later on in the review.

Sneak King has a rather good, well funny premise in that you play as the King, the Burger King (BK) mascot, sneaking around different areas to feed hungry people food from the BK menu.

Watch Out!

The game sort of plays like the original Metal Gear on the NES except in 3D, you sneak around people trying not to get their attention which is only caused by making noise (running) or if they happen to see you. Trying not be seen is rather simple because there are blue lights on the ground which tells you where then can see. If you do manage to let them see you, they will get an exclamation point (!) above their head, it sounds familiar...

Sneak King has the graphics of an average original Xbox game, they aren't anything special. The camera is also a bit clunky at times, and can sometimes cause awkward situations in where you are stuck inside the king or a person walking around. For the price they were better than you would think, but that isn't saying much.

The sound is also very repetitive; in fact there is no variation in the sound effects at all. Once you do the first couple of missions you hear and as well see all of the effects the game has to offer.

The only sort of replay value with Sneak King comes with the achievements as a lot of them are rather simple but sadly many players will probably not be able to unlock them because they won't be able to simply stand the game anymore. Unlocking them is pretty much a hard test of your patience.

Sneak King is just an average game, although for 5 dollars and now a day around 2-3, what would you expect, and another point to go with that is that it was developed by Burger King game. If you happen to see this game at GameStop or anywhere else that sells used games get it, as there as there are a few easy achievements and you can go around bragging that you have a Burger King game.

My final score:

6.0 out of 10

The Race to 1,000 Gamer Score

So, in September I got an Xbox 360, for only $200 bucks! My dad's friend from work sold it to us, and it was a great deal, it had everything and it came with Tiger Woods 2007, and he had only used it twice and even when he did use it those two times it didn't look like he played it alot because I was looking through the hardrive and it didn't show any game progress and his gamer score was a 0.

I've been finally getting some time to play it now, and I've picked up some more games for it between the time, Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga and Guitar Hero 2. I got a good deal on Guitar Hero 2 on Black Friday, it was only $60 bucks at Circuit City.

I'm not going to get Guitar Hero 3 because well, I'm not that interested in the song list and I'm not sure about the whole graphic style is going towrads.

Anyways, I've enjoyed the games I have, they are really fun. I've also rented some games to, Kameo Elements of Power, Forza Mortor Sport 2. and MLB 2K7

All of the games I rented were pretty good except for MLB 2K7 mainly because I couldn't get use to the controls. I was really surprised that I enjoyed Forza Motor Sport 2 considering I don't really like realistic driving sims, but this one was pretty fun.

Ok, before you ask me to add you to your friends list on live, I don't got live. I might get it, but right now I'm just going to stick to silver which i haven't got yet either. It's hard for me to play on live because I have to use really long Ethernet cords to hook my 360 up.

I currently have 610 Gamer Points and my goal right now is just a little mile stone, my first 1k, which should come some time soon...

Wii Virtual Console Covers

I've been busy working on some Wii Virtual Console covers. What do I mean by that? Exactly what it says, inserts for dvd cases. Nothing is going to be kept inside them, they are mainly just to show off your VC library on your book shelf.

IF, everything works right, once a cover is finished you should be able to print out these covers and stick them inside a slim dvd case. The reason I chose slim dvd cases is because, nothing is going inside them, and they are more compact so you will be able to have more cases in a smaller area, because if you are going to print a cover for each and every one of your games, your going to have more cases than you do actual Wii games.

So here is my first attempt at this,

Cover - Sonic the Hedgehog

Is the design I have going a good one? A faded screen shot as the background, with a box shot of the original cover on the front, with the VC logo indicating it's a VC cover and the logo of the brand who developed it and at the very bottom a little bar that says "Virtual Console".

If you think, this is a good idea, do you want to help?

Edit - if you guys think this is a good idea and you think I should keep on working on them, please post here.

Wii Fit: Gimmick or Plan to Success? You Decide!

Well, this morning Nintendo had it's e3 press conference, and although it wasn't as good as last year, maybe because last year was the first time we saw Wii Sports be played live...I thought it was the most amazing thing ever, but enough with that, this year Nintendo announced the release dates for Super Smash Bros. Brawl (December 3rd), Super Mario Galaxy (November 12th),as well as new titles, one of them being Wii Fit

Basically Wii Fit is a game where after a few weeks or even a couple of months, will keep track of your fitness with it's own new Wii channel.If your whole family participates in playing the game you can viewstatistics on who is the fittist, like so.

The biggest thing about this game is the Wii Balance Board, wireless and shaped like a scale, the board contains several sensors that measure your center of mass and body mass index.

This Wii Balance Board could bring new opportunities for the Nintendo franchise 1080 snowboarding. Leaning back and forth as it were a snowboard could really enhance the experience.

Basically anything that uses a board, like the Tony Hawk games, could just make games a blast to play.

Wii Fit seems like a good idea to me, something that I'm interested in, is the Wii Balance Board going to be used for anything else than just this game and end up collecting dust like those Donkey Konga Bongos, or will there be more games that will be compatible for it such as the Nintendo Entertainment Systems' Zapper?

True Swing Golf Review

Well as promised, I just finished up and posted my review of True Swing Golf for the Nintendo DS which can be read here

True Swing Golf for DS - True Swing Golf Nintendo DS - True Swing Golf DS Game

"Just plain fun"
A game worth checking out if you are a fan of the Golden Tee Golf series.

True Swing Golf is basically a watered down version of Golden Tee Golf. Bland presentation and bad in game graphics just doesn't give you the experience of you actually being out on the green and becoming a champion.

The graphics are like a low end DS game, the golf courses aren't very detailed, and the characters are very generic. At times when golfing, it gets frustrating when you can't tell where you are hitting the ball, you can get a close up view of the course by touching the bottom screen and moving the stylus around but it doesn't help much since textures aren't greatly shown.

Generic characters are another problem it seems like your characters always does the same actions over and over again when you do something good or wrong. The characters don't show a lot of excitement either, even if you have them set to have a "crazy" attitude. An example of this is when you come first in a tournament, he or she just acts the same as if they got 5th place.

Presentation isn't the best either, instead of showing a quick cut scene of what was going to happen, you get scrolling text on the screen that usually is the same even if you are on a different rank, an example would be "Pro ****Regular Tour: ~championship~ a Championship for both genders to determine the best golfer around. Reach for the top while collecting tour prize money

Well, enough with the graphics, they aren't the reason to buy the game, the controls are. You control the where and how hard the golfer swings the way you do in Golden Tee Golf. At the bottom screen you can control where you are going to hit the ball, you can move that little checker around to hit it just right and when you are ready to swing you just press a button and the touch screen changes to a top view of grass, a golf club, and the golf ball. To swing you touch the screen go back and go forward like in Golden Tee Golf.

The only problem with the swinging controls is that no matter how soft you hit the ball it always seems to go between 60-100 miles per hour.

One major problem I had with the controls is putting, not necessarily shooting the ball at the right speed, but aiming the ball so that it gets into the whole. Most of the time the game automatically aims the ball so that it goes in but in some greens, it has too much of a curve on it, making you always miss it. You can move where the ball is going to be aimed at but even the slightest movement makes the biggest change on the green, so you have to use the left and right buttons on the d-pad to get it just right, unfortunately your character moves slowly and taking this a little slower than you may like.

Multiplayer is fun, it's one of those games that you and your dad can enjoy playing against each other. The picto chat feature could have been better though, instead of having it like a regular chat, you can only display one message at a time per person and you can only create four messages before having to delete one, if they could have made this feature better it would help.
One thing that they could have done is made this game playable with more than one player per DS, not everyone has the money to go out and buy a ds so that the whole family could play.

Overall, if you are looking for a quick little golf game to play on the go or are interested in the Golden Tee Golf **** controls, check out this game, considering it isn't a big lost since you can find this game for under $15 now, but if you are looking for something very detailed like a Tiger Woods game, this would be a bad choice.

My final score: 7.2/10