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Last Day of School!

Friday was the last day of school. It was fun. We got out early. We sang the song hey hey good bye almost all day. I thought we were not going to have recess. We did though. I'm going to go to 6th grade. Today is the first day of vacation.

Sea World

Two weeks ago at school all of the gate kids went to Sea World. I'm one so I got to go. It was fun. We got on the ride Journey To The Atlantis 2 times it was fun. I only went on there once. The only bad thing about it is that the part where it goes down. I like when it goes up but not when it comes down. I bought some sunglasses from a gift shop they cost 10 dollars. So did my friend and a other one that I have. We also went on the Wild Artic ride. It was like back to the future the ride at universal studios. It was fun but I wished it could have been longer. When we got off we went to some rooms and got to go under the water and didn't get wet. We also went on the river rapids ride. It was good we went on there 2 times. The first time we went on I got soaked. The second time we went on I got soaked again. I got the most wet. Then we saw shamue. He farted. Then we went home. Along the way we stopped at a Mcdonalds. It was fun.

level 5

I finnally got to level 5. I'm at 46%. I think I figured out how to make it go up quicker. Some people have their levels at 42. Thats really high.

May 19,2005 Star Wars

I saw Star Wars episode 3 Revenge of the Sith the first day it came out. They should have gave us the day off from school so that way I could have gone to the opening showing. My brother who is a member of gamespot and goes by the name of lingosun got the tickets early because he knew they might be sold out. A lot of people missed school and work to see it. It was really good. It was the best movie of the series.

May 8,2005 Tron 2.0 demo

I just downloaded tron 2.0. I would buy it but I am not good at first person shooters. The demo worked. it's easy. I think I might buy it. i already passed the demo. This is my first day on game spot basic and i'm trying to put my collection of games on there. They are worth a lot of money.