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It only took 1 week of school and I got sick

Yep...I caught a cold just after completing my first week of school...I missed Monday and Tuesday of last week...I had a lot of make up work to do on wedensday...I seem to be caught up now.

It wasn't so much that was a problem, but being absent so early in the year...

100% Authentic Blog of Unauthenticity (AKA First Day of School thoughts)

Today the first day...it was chaotic to say the least.

First we went in at 1:00, I wish we could have gone in earlier to get out at 1:00 but this atleast gave me a chance to watch the Fresh Prince on TBS...the shcedule said we got out at 3:30...we ended up getting out at 2:50...which is great...but my dad didn't pick me up until 3:15.

There were absolutely no classess today...hardly any of the teachers were there...the only ones there were the ones helping.

After walking into the school and trying to find everyone it was time to get my schedule...our official schedule printed on yellow paper :o...you needed the one in yellow...you can view your schedule and grades online...but appearantly this was official, and I suppose it was because of the randomness of when people could print it out...mine never changed :P...I can't rate my schedule yet as there are no classess...I'm surprised that more people didn't choose AP English...

After getting our schedule, which was mainly given so we had our correct locker numbers it was time to get our books...we get our books upstairs...I wait in line for about 10 minutes aprehensive about the whole thing...and I'm finally let into the room to get the books, that goes smoothly and I hope that I get the right books...

But what is this?...It turns out that we get the books there and we have to go to another room carrying the books in our hands to wait in a even longer line to get the books regestered/checked out if you will...after waiting 5 minutes with 6 text books in my arms (7 but one is a tiny little practice work book for Honors Spanish 3/Normal Spanish (I didn't want to take AP Spanish either...but more about my schedule on my next blog...)) 3 friends and I realized that we had been waiting in the wrong line to get are books regestered...it turns out that we were in the line to get new locks, mainly this was for freshman (but the freshman and senior went in earlier than us, some seniors were still there for some reason, and locks could be bought for $5 in case a student some how lost theirs during the summer.

It took about a good 20 minutes of waiting in line to get my books regestered...luckily we were able to set our books down on desks while we waited...and the worst thing was that the air conditioner didn't feel like it was on and everyone was sweating...

So after getting the books we have to take them back down stairs and all the way across campus to our lockers...then it was time to get our pictures taken (picture day is on the first day...a bit odd...it should be a couple of weeks into the year so everyones skin tone is back to its normal color from the color heat...), the wait was even longer, around half an hour...everyone was drenched in sweat...luckily the room where the picture was taken was cool itself...I hope my picture came out decent...

Then it was time for speaches by the principal and dean...the principal said to be authentic which is where I got the name for the blog...The dean did the standard procedure...but it turns out that now we can only wear jackets of a single color instead of one with a design...luckily the jacket that I have is completely black...this kid was wearing a sweater vest in 100 degree plus temperature today...he is a tad weird...people are afraid of him...I trust him...he once brought a sword to skill...he laughs like the joker...he once was in the front of the class and was spinning scissors and said out loud "Do you want to know why I use knives?"...

It was very hot and it could have been more organized...luckily we only have a 2 hour day tomorrow...all orientation again...

But the big surpriese about tomorrow (Tuesday) is that my brother is taking my sister, my nephew and I to a baseball game at Angels Stadium...my favorite baseball team...I'm going to wear all of my Angels gear...hopefully I'll get some good pics that I can show you guys...

Edit- as I'm going to be home late, very late, I will not be posting a blog tomorrow.

Going Back to School Monday...

Yeah, so I'm going to school Monday, I just realized that today was my final day...

It is the first day, but all it is is getting your schedule (which they have available online), lockers (locks are given out Freshmen year...), books (we get the books upstairs...so we have to walk all the way down the stairs and outside to our lockers...), and Orientation (I hope it goes by realitively fast...)...There are absolutely no classess...maybe for freshman (but even then they spend 10 minutes in each class to get introductions from the teachers)

And the weird thing about it is that I only go in from 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM...

I'm not sure why the time is so irregular...I'd much rather go in earlier so I can be out at one...

I'll make another blog tomorrow to see how things went and why I'm excited for Tuesday...

Oh, I'm taking AP Language and Composition...my first AP class...I took 3 honors courses last year...and 2 this year (because I'm taking AP English instead of honors English)...i'm not sure how difficult it's going to be but I'm going to track my progress throughout the year on this blog.

Another interesting thing to note is that my school is offering a new art class called digital art...the teacher giving it is the same art teacher I had last year...I'm not sure how it's going to work out...last year in Art Apreciation while we were working on our art projects...she asked in front of the class how to take a screenshot of her computer...she said she only knew how to do it in a MAC....:?...I hope things go fine...

Our school requires 2 years of Art...but that story is for a different blog.

My Xbox Wrote....

judog24 is the best... he treats me right, I treat him right. It is a good thing we have going here. Gamer score stands at 13,703. Not too shabby! That is an improvement of 15 points over last time! He played Modern Warfare® 2, Snoopy Flying Ace, and... hmmm... maybe that was all... it felt like we played more games. Judog24 Xbox

That's because I did play another game, Trails HD...and unlocked a 15 gamerscore achievement....for the most part, unlocking achievements is pretty tough.

Full Throttle

The player has completed Container Rush without releasing the throttle even for an instant. Achievement Unlocked

It was a bit tricky, it was all about timing and landing at just the right way after each jump to keep your momentum and make the next jump properly

This isn't me playing, but here is a video that shows what you have to do.


So My 2 Year Search Comes to an End

In a matter of seconds, my 2 year quest to find my N64 controllers has come to an end.

It all happened the last time I cleaned my room, they were there, and then they wern't. It was very strange that they would all disappear. It turns out that my mom had put them and my orginal game boy advance with the e-reader in a door that I don't check because I thought the stuff in there belonged to my brother.

I was so disappointed to find that they had been sitting nearly right in front of me...and my mom knew the whole time. We were cleaning my room again, and I told her how I couldn't find the controllers for the N64 for such a long time, and then she just opened a door and said, do you mean these?

I'm an E3 Special Agent

E3 2010 Special Agent

Please, just call me York. That's what everyone calls me. These insatiable GameSpot members saw every press conference, caught three episodes of Tonight on the Spot, and were there for all three days of the LiveCam Tour and E3 Stage Show when they were all live! They're true heroes, right, Zach?

For a moment I actually thought I was going to miss an episode of Tonight on the Spot, but everthing turned out fine.

E3 this year was very disappointing on the first day. Nintendo fixed everything on the second day though. I think that it was one of Nintendo's best conferences to date.

I Didn't Think it was Possible

I did this on purpose of course, it is one of the easiest bass songs in the game but even an expert FC on Her Majesty will give you this:

I must say that the achievements for this game are surprisingly difficult compared to how hard the actual songs are in the game. I have the most Expert FC's on The Beatles Rock Band than in any other music title.

Expert Guitar FC's

Paperback Writer
If I Needed Someone
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
You Won't See Me
Think For Yourself
Oh! Darling
Yellow Submarine

Expert Bass FC's

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/With A Little Help From My Friends
I Wanna Be Your Man
Nowhere Man

I'll get there one day...