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i need some help xD

hey! it has been a long time since i posted in here!

xD anyway ... i need some help! i'll be traveling next month to vermont and i noticed that the xbox 360 is quite cheaper than here in colombia! and maybe an electric guitar can be cheaper at the states than here, so..

i was asking myself what should i buy.. an electric guitar or an xbox 360?

could you please help me ? xD

what's happening in here!

hey! long time no see leon! hehe once upon a time a guy named ...no, not really named juanmonchis made a blog post! and here is his second blog post! hehe you know... im making this blog just for telling you something... most of the people in my friends list know i am Latin ...i am Colombian!!! yup?... ok i wrote this in english cus i want you to know what just happened in one of my favorite unions : The Union Latina De Videojugadores... the leader was banned! i dont know what really happened... but all his blog posts, his reviews and stuff were deleted by one moderator. ok that's right maybe he made something really baaaad for receiving that type of sanction isn't it?... but wait! he didnt make anything wrong ...he had all his profile with reviews and blogs in spanish (he is latin, he likes to write what he thinks in spanish! so most of his stuff was written in spanish) so here is the thing that pisses me off.... this moderator.... moderated him?? (hehe my english is not really good i dont know if that is said well) because he had all his stuff in spanish!!! and then all those things were erased an our leader was banned from gamespot for two weeks i think, im not sure.... maybe you'll be thinkin oh that juanmonchis is stupid... his leader will be back in 2 weeks!¬_¬... but that's not the point... (all the members of The Union Latina De Videojugadores have been complaining about it... they had been moderated by having in their sig something written in spanish... or that sort of things!) the point is that this thing is getting to discrimination! come on... we are few latins compared to the thousand and thousands of british and american members! and what happened with FEGC (the leader of the union) is quite anoying cus it's not fair that the moderator having that authority had made that!! moderators are exceeding in their charges... maybe just the one that made that.... anyway how can i get this topic to higher levels .. maybe talking with someone that can moderate this!... I know that would never happen... ogh come on! i hope you understood this! if something just tell me if you didnt get it okey ;)

my first blog post!!!!

ohhh yeah i am making my first blog post right now! i dont know why i didnt make it earlier... i guess that this first blog post should be for introducing myself dontcha think?? hey! and then you post talking about you        i am juan felipe i am from COLOMBIA!... i guess you know about it.. right now i am 15 years old i am learning english so if you happen to see any mistake or error in the things that i write is because i am learning... i love to play basketball and tennis... right now i own a gamecube and a play station ... i'm getting kind of bored with my gc i havent buyed any new game lately:cry:... i am still playing resident evil 4 although i got it thousands of years ago.. im trying to beat it on professional and i just finished the first cd! i feel so proud of myself ^_^... im stuck right now in pikmin 2 (if someone has any advice please tell me!) i am inside a cave... dont remeber the name right now but it is at the perplexing pool .. when i get some of the treasures in the area a huge invisible thing appears and rolls over my pikmin!! i know you can just run with your pikmin! but i want to know if their is any way to kill that monster!... now getting into the topic i was talking about... one friend of mine gave me medal of honor european assault and i played it for 2 times but then it just didnt work!! :S ..... i havent finished yet paper mario and the one thousand year door! i knew the game was long but not THAT long! and i am playing right now Zelda the windwaker ... i never thought it would be that good, i just can't get bored with it.... about music i like any kind of music... especially rock .. also vallenato or salsaa or if you havent hear to that music look for it!... hum i am 1.85 cms tall.. i think im thin... green eyes... cant distinguish the color of my hair... ok i think thats all about me till now! .... i would like you to talk about you so i can get to know you a little bit and if you want talk about some of my games! see you later