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A Week in Review:Lvl Up, 10k posts, and anniversary!!

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Well guys I am ready for another blog post and I have an abundant amount of things to say and discuss here:D:D Well first I am finally going up in levels reaching level 25 I think a couple of days ago and I feel rather proud of myself on how far I have gotten so far:D Second I want to point out that I am well above 10 k posts and reached I think was last week. This is also an accomplishment I would like to be proud of not only for myself but I would like to thank my friends on here for giving great topics to talk about and having great post wars:D:lol::P The last thing I want to point out is that five days ago was my third year here and I still can't believe that I've been here for that long. Gamespot to me is like home in a way because of all the memories you encounter not only with yourself but with others as well:D:D I am so happy and ecstatic to celebrate my happiness with myself here and celebrated with others as well:D:P Well that is all in the GS department.

So in school I've been rather busy and that's why I have been absent for so long. Well five days may not seem like a long time but I really think that's a long period of time away from GS:cry: I am very sorry to all my fellow recruits, officers, and leaders alike for my lack of activity these last couple of days but it's just that school has been bugging me with a copious amount of work in my A.P. class as well as my other classes which are honor classes. Well two things that are major that I am currently working on are a major paper that is due in December for my A.P. and a project that is due September 19th, next week, for American History. Well the project won't be that challenging but the major paper does seem a bit difficult where I am going to have to ponder on it for some time. I will do my best though this weekend posting double time for all my unions and supporting all my unions with posting and other things that I can help with:D:D

In other news I already have two things planned out for what I want for Christmas. I know......I's too early but hey thinking ahead is never really a bad thing:lol::P Two things that my parents approved that I could get for Christmas are a 30-inch LCD TV and a PS3:D:D:D:D:D when my mom said yes for a PS3 I literally screamed andjumped for joy.That is one of the most jolly and ecstatic things that can ever happen to me:D:D I immediately thought of all the games I could get when I obtained that console and the games are amazing:D:D

The TV looks pretty SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! and combined with the PS3's power and shiny slick look it will be an AWESOME!! feature added to my room:D:D

Well other than that I am just here studying hard in school and eagerly anxious for HALO3!!!!! to come out. My friends and I are always talking about Halo3 in **** If it's not about girls than it's about HALO3!!:lol: Well after today it will be ten more days until the game comes out and I am definitely getting it during launch and nothing will stop me:D:twisted::lol:

Well it was GREAT!! talking with you guys and discussing my achievements with you guys and I look forward talking with you guys in my next blog:D:D

First Day of School and just letting you guys know.......

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Hey guys just wanted to let you guys know I had my first day of school today and to tell you the truth the first day wasn't bad at all. I actually loved it because I was able to see all my friends again and the teachers that I received were great. Overall it seems that I am going to have a good year. Not only am I letting you guys know about my first day of school also I wanted to point out that since school started with all the work and sleeping early:P:P I am just letting my fellow officers, leaders, and members all together that I won't be as active as I was when the summer started. Of course I am going to come in here everyday but I won't be in here for hours and hours like I did during the summer. I truly apologize for school being a hassle and restraining me for posting as much as I can in my unions:P:P but hey school as to come some day and I need the good grades:D:D Aside from that I just want to let my leaders know if they are reading this to know that I have school and even though it is a first priority for me I will still be on the unions just not posting as much:D:D

Well enough of school for now:P:P I am soooo ecstatic for the Tokyo Game Show. It's going to be AMAZING!!! I don't have any info on any of the games yet but I was wondering what your thoughts are on TGS. I mean what games do you want to see there and what info are you anxious for and other things that I didn't include. Me personally I am anxious from hearing about:

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Final Fantasy XIII

Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ of course:P:P I want to hear if the game is going to come out in the US or not. I know a lot of KH fans are waiting for the info:D:D

Any news what so ever for the next Kingdom Hearts game:D:D


Final Fantasy VII:Crisis Core

These are just most of the games that I am anxious for that I pointed out I am just sooooo excited for this show I can't wait. Well I'll see you guys again in my next blog:D:D

Hi Guys I am Back.....Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey guys I just wanted to let'cha know that I'm back from my dad's house and I am back from hanging out with my family and seeing my cousins. I am back for some active posting and helping out my unions:D:D:D:D:D:D YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I had an AWESOME!! week with my family we went to the beach, we also went to the pool since it was almost always sunny:D:D My cousin's and I also went to see some movies.WE saw 1408, Live Free or Die Hard, and Transformers.

1408 was an alright scary movie. I mean Isee a lot of scary movies and they are my favorite besides action and sci-fi movies. I am always watching horror movies with some buddies or my girlfriend and we love to watch them especially the ones that make us JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:lol: This movie had it's moments. IT has some suspense and thrilling moments but that was only at the beginning of the movie. After the guy would go into the hotel and see the ghosts it kind of bland and obvious. Overall a ok horror and suspense movie well for me anyways who lives to see horror movies:D:D

Dimension Films' 1408

Live Free or Die Hard was an AWESOME!!! action packed movie I loved it:D:D:D:D Bruce Willis even though he is getting to the point where he is going to have totake it easy he kicked some BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!1 in this movie. I mean almost every scene had some AWESOME!!! action where it's car chases Helicopters, Jets, or even Bruce hitting an asian chick with an SUV:lol::lol: I mean Bruce Willis still has the moves and he proves in this movie that he can still be John McClane and kick some @$$. Also by watching it on the big screen it made it even more SWEETER!!!! with sound and great visual effects. It's a recommended movie to watch if u love action movies:D:D:D

Bruce Willis stars as John McClane in 20th Century Fox's Live Free or Die Hard

Transformers was another movie that ROCKED!!!!!! I wasn't expecting for this movie to be good but they actually pulled it off and it was some movie:D:D:D I mean from the AMAZING!! visual effects to the sound to the action everything made this movie GREAT!!! and fun to watch. It had everything in one package: The sound, The comedy, the action, and the acting everything was GREAT!!!! The robots looked insanely real and kicked some BUTT!!! in this movie. All the decpeticons were jets, helicopters and other aircrafts besides the tank and they were AWESOME!! I loved them but I have to give it to my buddy Optimous Prime he kicked some Major BUTT!!!! with his moves against Megatron. The insane action and explosions made the movie more anxious to watch with what was going to happen next. GREAT!! movie to watch even if your not a Transformers fan like me:D:D Michael Baydid a GREAT!!!! job withthis movie and Igive him props:D:D

DreamWorks/Paramount Pictures' Transformers

Well I will see u guys on the board and I will start helping all my unions out with the best of my abilities:D:D:D:D See u guys on the boards:D:D:D:D:):):)

Sorry guys if I am not that active.....

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Hi guys I just wanted to let u guys know that I won't be that active like I am usually:D for about a week. I will probably come on here every now and then since my dad has a computer but I won't be on here everday for about a week. I will be back home on the 8th of July ready to be posting like crazy:D:D:D I am sorry to all my unions and leaders of the unions that I am a part of for not being active for this week and I will be back posting ASAP I guarantee it. Don't worry guys I will still be here just not as much:D:D:D:D I will miss u guys though even though I won't be here as much:cry: So take care guys and I'll talk to u guys soon:D:D:D

Hi Guys I am back!!!!!!!!!

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Hi guys I am back from going out of town and it was fun. My mom went to see my aunt who is pregnant and she gives birth in July. So it was nice seeing her again. I went to see my friends and hang out with them and they are doing great. I just went over my friend's house and I spent the night there. We played Xbox Live and we went to the mall an had fun with some other friends at the mall. After that we went to the movies and saw Mr. Brooks. I though that movie was AMAZING!!!!! I loved every minute of it. It Kept meat the edge of my seat all the time. Kevin Costner played an AWESOME!! serial killer and not only was he bad he was a genius at being a killer. Dane Cook and Demi Moore were in the movie and they did a GREAT!!! job. I loved the movie and I am sure going to get it on DVD. If u guys saw the movie let me know what u guys thought of it...ok:D....well anyways I am back and I am ready to post away and be active:D I am sooo happy to see u guys:D:)

Going out of town.....but only for a little bit.

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Well guys I am going out of town to see some family and friends up north in Kentucky. We are going to be driving from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Lexington, Kentucky in a car. Yea that is like a 14 hour drive......I don't understand why we couldn't fly but my mom doesn't like flying. Just my luck:lol: Well I am leaving tomorrow morning and I'll be back by Wednesday to be back to posting and being active and talking to u guys:D I am gonna miss u guys while I am gone and I really mean it:D I know I am only gonna be gone for a couple of days but I am gonna miss the laughs I have talking with u guys and the funny post wars I have with some of u guys:lol: but I shouldn't be sooo sad I'll be back before I know it and I'll be back for some posting fun:lol: Well I just wanted to let u guys know that I'll be gone for a couple of days just in case u guys wonder where I am and why I've been so inactive. Just giving u guys the heads:D Well I am gonna miss u guys but for now I gonna post until I have to go to sleep:D Well hope u guys won't miss me too much:lol: I hope u guys have a GREAT day tomorrow, and the next day, and the nest day, and the next day, and.....well u know what I mean:lol: See ya guys:D

Level up, Over 4000 posts, and Schools out Woo Hoo!!!

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Well school ended for me on the 31st and my summer has been GREAT!!! so far:D I've been really active going to all my unions and changing some things around in my profile. I've been experimenting my profile like adding images and doing those tag things in my profile. By adding tags I got a new emblem and that's always nice to have:D I pre-ordered Halo3 and I can't wait to get that game it looks SOOOO AWESOME!!!!! Recently I've been practicing Halo2 with my friends on XBOX live and that's why sometimes I am not on gamespot in the daytime....I'm sorry about that, but I always tend to recover that by posting in the night time:D Well so far I've meet a lot of good friends and they are all nice:D Some of my friends that I like to name that are nice and nice to talk to are Colmillios, ace770, LordReaven1, LordJinChaos, VitoMysterio619, Roxas_Rocks_Ass, xzemnes567, and shadowXsora. Those are just a few of my friends that are nice that I talk to almost everyday:D but don't worry everyone who accepts my friend requests or wants to be my friends is certainly my friend:D I have photoshop and since it's the summer I am going to start making new banners and making new sigs for me so I can put it up in my sig and put it in my blog. Well I finally got out of that dreaded level it took me about three months and a half to four months to get out of that stupid love:( well at least I am out and I am happy:D I've been posting almost everyday and I feel GREAT!!! that I am contributing to all my unions and I started rearranging my unions and because before I had too many unions. Now I have the right amount of unions that I can keep up with and be active and post in all of them:D I am happy that I reached 4000 posts hopefully soon I will reach 5000 posts probably if I have more post wars:twisted: I can reach it faster I hope that happens soon. I am sooooo happy schools out and I did well exams I know I did they were a little challenging but not giving me splitting headaches:D I am sooo happy I am going to be a junior next year and they after that one more year of high school and I'll be out and that's a wrap with high school:D I know two years will pass by quickly so I have to enjoy these high school years as much as I can. I went to my girlfriend's party a couple of days ago and it was fun a lot of my friends were there and we had a blast dancing, eating, and just talking about anything:D Since it's the summer I am planning to go out with my girlfriend more and just have fun. Well I am sorry I am just babbling away I am always elaborating everything:D:P I hope everyone is having fun over there summer if they have it already. I hope everyone has had a GREAT!!!! year so far and is still having GREAT!!! fun with their lives:lol: well guys if u haven't noticed yet I am a very positive person who likes to see smiles and doesn't like people to be negative unless they have a pretty good reason to be. I always try to help my friends when they are sad and are not having such a great day. I don't like to see people who I care about with sad faces and broken hearts. Well I hope everyone is anxious for some games coming out this year and the next. What I can't wait is the Tokyo Game Show. I want to hear some useful info about Kingdom Hearts Final Mix+ US release date *which I am praying everyday for it's release date:D* and I want to hear some new info about Nomura's new project with the new Kingdom Hearts game:D I hope everybody has some games on their minds they are looking forward. I am looking forward to Devil May Cry 4, Tekken 6, MGS 4, GTA IV, FF XIII, FF Versus VIII, Halo3, New project of Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix+ US release date:D Well I hope everybody is doing great and keep gaming everyone and enjoy life while your at it:lol:

Fianlly 2000 Posts!!!!!

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Well I finally reached 2000 post and don't plan on stopping here. I plan to reach for the skies for posting:D I know a lot of people here have a lot of posts like 20,000 and I just go WOW!! in amazement because I always think to myself "man I have a long way to go:D" well also wanted to see how everyone is doing and what's up u guys. For me school is awesome and I have been doing great. I checked my grades and currently I have all A's in my classes and I am soo happy to be keeping a 4.0 GPA but it is really hard to keep them up there because I have to work my butt off just keeping it a 4.0 GPA and it sucks but hey I want to do this in order to have a successful future. I plan on going in to design video games or make animated movies like Shrek or Final Fantasy VII AC:D So in order to be prepared I am taking math classes in high school like algebra II(currently taking), trigonometry, then pre-calculus, and then Calculus. I know u guys think I am crazy but I am just trying to get prepared for college because in college u have to take calculus and I just want to make the learning easier in college by learning the calculus in high school. I got my schedule card today to pick my classes for next year, my junior year. So far I have been brainstorming and I came up with 8 classes. U have to take 8 classes(4 one semester and 4 the other semester) so I chose English III AP, Marine Bilology honors, Trigonometry, and American History Honors. Those are my core classes and my elective classes are law studies, spanish, forensic science, and web design. My alternates (which are classes just in case the other electives are full) are Art 2-D, Sociology, psychology, and digital design. What do u guys think?? Man I can't believe I am already going to my junior year and I am sooo close to college it's not even funny. Time sure does fly when u are having fun especially playing games:lol: Well I hope u guys are doing good and I will talk to u guys later:D

Last Blog of 2006(Hope everyone has a Happy New Year)

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Well I can't believe this year is just about over. This year for me zipped by so quick I remember the last new year party I had with my family clearly. Anyway my thoughts of 06 is that well a lot of things happened this year that were good and some bad. The realease of Kingdom Hearts 2 was amazing and I played straight for so long especially over the summer:D The release of Gears of War was also a spectacular release and for me was an awesome game. Many other release  titles were really good this year and I can't wait for the amazing games coming out next year. The launch of the Wii and PS3 was pretty cool even though I didn't get any of the consoles this year.  I will guarantee get a Wii next year becasue I think Nintendo is awesome I support them all the way:D Well Christmas was awesome for me with some cool games that I am still playing. Well I still don't know what my new year resolution will be but I know one thing I will be gaming a lot this new year:D So any other titles that I haven't said on here that were good in your opinion just say it and do u guys know your new year's resolution?? Well I hope everyone has a Happy and SPECTACULAR New Year:D

I finally got my own Computer!!!!!

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Alright this Christmas was one of the best. I finally have my own computer and I am so excited. Oh yea besides my computer for christmas I also got some DVDs  including, Pirates of the Caribbean 1&2, Fast and the Furious3, Matrix 1,2,&3, Family Guy season3, a rechargeable battery kit for my 360 controllers, some clothes, money, and 3 xbox360 games: Tony Hawk P8, Oblivion, and Need for Speed Carbon. I hope u guys had a wonderful Christmas. What did u guys get for Christmas??
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