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Girlfriend friendly games

Hello All!

Welcome to jthunder's first blog. This is a topic that I have been contemplating for a long time now. Why oh why are there very few games for your girlfriend to play? I have played Halo and and Dungeon Defenders with my girlfriend but I know she is just doing that for me and is likely not enjoying it as much as I am. Because guys, let's face it, if you have played video games for long enough then you have attempted to google pictures of girls who play video games and then you get sad because there are not many pictures. However, I believe I have found at least a temporary answer for our girlfriend gaming problems, Indie games. Crazy I know but just hear me out. I got the three pack edition of games Journey, Flower, and Flow and my girlfriend loves them! So I kept going I got Solar for her and she liked that and she is now playing Thomas Was Alone. I know it's foolish to claim this will work for all girls but this is just a message for those guys who are struggling to game and hang out with their significant others at the same time! Try it out and a lot of these games are free anyway or very inexpensive. If you find other good games your girlfriend likes, let me know! Keep on gaming!