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definitely going to pick this up. been waiting for this

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media create should start putting up mobile sales numbers

japanese people still not into pc gaming? did everyone outgrow gaming there?

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You people are idiots...is/was the 360 a success? Yes....is the One outpacing the 360 in sales? Yes

There is your answer

i think ms execs are stupid. despite all the yes to your question, they practically gave away titanfall and price cuts for what? call it panic mode, but they are panicking because they arent in first... that is one thing lemmings cant answer without shooting themselves in the foot. 4 mil sales in the first 6 months should be great for a more expensive console.

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cod has never pushed the boundary of graphics. i dont know why they were content with 10 year old graphics engines. they should hire carmack to build them a new game engine. its been downhill since cod 4

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rockstar is humbling the master race to beg for peasant game lol

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difficult and complex games dont always make for good games and i think bioware understands that.

sure dragon age 2 wasnt all that good and mass effect 3 was controversial for its ending (i thought it was a good game although the ending wasnt the best it could be) but i dont think its a problem. its just an adjustment that is very fixable.

edit: i must point out that dragon age 1 and kotor were really good games (although everyone says that its exactly like baldur gate 2) and jade empire was interesting even though it was simplistic

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doesnt mean anything just like it did for the 360. but im still waiting for lost odyssey 2

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Just because they are sure they sold 3 million to consumers in January, doesn't mean they know the figure now... How can you not get that? They knew it in January, we don't know if they know it now. It's that simple, but keep dreaming you know how everything in the world works...

What the hell how the fu** they can know the sold 3 million out of 3.9 without been told by retailers.?

Because in the beginning you HAD to connect to their servers to get first day update, new Xbox One's don't have to do this. Which is a very logical answer.

lol i love how a lot of assumptions are being thrown around everywhere in this thread.

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It's staggering how easily impressed gamers can become simply by use of flashy trailers. Next to nothing of gameplay and the shakey off camera footage shown looked pretty much exactly like Dragon Age 2's gameplay, played on an xbox360 pad. I (as well as a host of other people) caught on many years ago to Electronic Arts deification of franchises. In some ways, the blind faith in admirable. In truth though, it's depressing. This thread highlights much of the problems with gaming today.

Back when gaming was good Baldurs Gate had a 30 second trailer showing pure gameplay. Shitty little 2d spites. ultimately It was irrelevant, gameplay was king.

or people really are excited for the game....i am personally excited at the last shot. looks like a fellowship of the ring type game

My friend, I hyped the shit out of Dragon Age years and years back. Well before it became cool. While it was incredible streamlined compared to Baldurs Gate, it was at least earnest. Dragon Age 2 is a cynical botch job insinuating you, yes, you the gamers, are stupid. As someone of high intellect I feel very insulted when games do this. When I sit on my computer, watching your posts on my leather chair and see how excited you are, it's deeply saddening because I value you as something much higher. I know console gamers aren't stupid. Publishers think you are. And you just seem to accept it, willingly, gleefully with open arms.

lol its okay that you found dragon age 2 as an insult, but my only thing is not everyone has the same taste. sure we can all be stupid in sw and call a game that sold millions of copies as flops, or games that score 8's critical flops. i get it. but not everyone thinks cod is bad, or madden as a rip off.

yea games are being dumbed down, but just like me not liking 2d platformers much, i dont consider it an insult for people that do like em even if the game is a horrible platformer.

i consider gaming industry just like the movie industry. not everything has to be an oscar, it can be as shallow as the summer action flick or a mindlessly stupid comedy.

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simple, the device doesnt which steam runs on doesnt fit in their pocket