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why would you expect a million games to come out year one?

is this your first launch or something?

and sony are notoriously slow starters

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ive been smoking since i was 12. I quit cold turkey for about 4 years in my early 20's but started back again when i went through another depression and being homeless 2x. I quit recently 2011 and havent had a smoke since. both times cold turkey

i have been able to quit cold turkey because i have a mentality that i refuse to have something CONTROL ME. its worked soo far.

i do still want to smoke and i have major urges specially when i am beyond stressed out. I'm currently going through an on and off breakup with the girl i love right now but i'm still not smoking.

if you need a substitute to ease you off, try vaping. Its not safe and its another nicotine source, but it eases and transitions you off smoking a cigarette. But i recommend just going cold turkey. Master yourself and dont let cigarette control you like that.

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i'm not sure if you are trolling or if you are a very young kid that doesnt know any better.

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@SolidTy said:

It sounds like a cheap HDTV you are playing on.


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from what i played soo far, its pretty fun

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@FelipeInside said:

@uninspiredcup said:

Obsidian already had it planned out and it probably would have been great. Now I guess he will be a raid boss or some lame shit.

I never did like the first KOTOR that much tbh. It was basically like Planescape Torment with a much less sophicated story. Part of the praise can probably be attributed to console reviewers who never actually experienced a CRPG.

I think you're the first person I've seen say they didn't like KOTOR.

I'm not saying it's bad. It's just basically the same idea as Planescape Torment of "finding yourself" except it's kinda more like a one trick plot twist than actually exploring it as Planescape Torment does (extensively).

KOTOR 2 is also sort of similar to Planescape Torment actually. But it not really a one trick pony.

Some people hate it for that I think, because it doesn't have some contrived and obvious twist at the end. A much better game imo.

kotor 2 is actually my all time favorite game.

but damn thats a big claim that reviewers havent played a crpg....didnt greg k review kotor 1 for gs?

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am i the only one that is getting constantly booted or really slow dl speeds when trying to update / dl right now? what should take no more than 5-10 minutes has been going on for like an hour and i keep getting disconnected when trying to dl an update

mind you i have a wired connection

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not by a longshot