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I know i want to beat another 20 or so games this year but im lagging bad and its all mlb13's fault lol. im obsessed with it...i dont think ive ever played a better baseball game soo far. i have sooo many game saves i havent touched in months.

well i did beat gears of war right now. i gotta say im underwhelmed. for a goty winner on gamespot, i was hoping for more even though its an 8 year game.i hope gears 2 and 3 are way better than the first one. its what i get for buying 3 games without trying the first one out thoroughly. i think its why i didnt play my 360 that much because this was my first impression of the system. thank god for mass effect,left 4 dead and lost odyssey.

i havent been buying too many games because im seriously waiting for ps4 games to come out. theres only a couple more last gen games i want anyway and i have a feeling the prices are going to stop dropping by a lot real soon.

infamous ss and titanfall are going to be my purchases for the month soo far even though i really wanna pick up south park, lightning returns, mgs:gz and whatever else is on sale this month.

thats pretty much it for now.

Games i beat in 2014

I know i havent been on gs a lot lately, but i really hate a lot of things about the redesign. Even the forums seem not personal, but i guess i can still use this to keep up with games i beat in 2014. 2013 was a pretty good year for gaming and i want to keep that momentum going. this year i want to beat at least 20-25 games....and hopefully beat some classics. Ive neglected all my nintendo games so i want to beat at least a couple of those.Also want to beat more ps2 and ps3 games before my ps4 collection gets too much lol.

so heres what i beat so far in 2014

  1. mlb 13:the show-ps3
  2. assassins creed iv:black flag-ps4
  3. gears of war-xbox360
  4. killzone:shadowfall-ps4 (borrowed it)
  5. Infamous: Second Son -ps4
  6. Titanfall (xbox1)
  7. metal gear solid 5: ground zeroes-ps4
  8. South Park: Stick of truth -ps3
  9. super street fighter 4 arcade edition-xbox 360
  10. Left 4 dead 2 -xbox360
  11. spec ops: the line - ps3
  12. destiny - ps4
  13. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

insomnia induced by gaming

i know i havent updated for a couple of months. its been difficult to be on the computer for anything other than work related.

Going to try to make this kind of quick.

Im trying to minimize my time with the forums. everytime i go on, all i hear are negative things about a game, a franchise, a developer, or consoles.

all ive been doing is playing games and enjoying it. since may ive finished 5 games as of today (six if you include a really addictive mobile game called game dev stories)

Decided not to pre order or purchase a ps4 (xb1 will be way down the line if i do pick one up) in 2013. i might not even pick up all these games that ive been wanting to play as well but well see....

Things i want to write about.

i think i had a list somewhere in my blog about things i want to talk about but i think 'd rather write a new list. why the list? well a lot of times i have a topic that comes to mind, but if im at work its not like i can start blogging it. a lot of great topics have been forgotten because of it....so im going to go put a list down so at least when i find enough time, i have something to work off.

  • starting my own company
  • the big collusion
  • gamers are ruining the industry
  • video game hipsters
  • i like cod-is there something wrong with me?
  • nostalgia goggles
  • video game prices are too high
  • entitlement
  • fundamentals or change
  • all time favorite game lists

April Update

Finally found ample time to post my April gaming update.

First and foremost, i finally bought an SNES!!!!!!!!:D:D:D I never had one when I was younger, but I always wanted. As a kid My parents didn't know the the difference with consoles, a video game was a video game and since i already had a genesis, i thought it would be enough. I used to go over my neighbors house to play, and i had a lot of gaming memories from it. Well now I finally own one. Im borrowing games from my girl right now but i plan on collecting a lot of classics. I suppose i should make a list, but ill keep this one short. i don't want to end up with a hundred carts of games i know i didn't even want to play.

Besides my snes, I picked up Devil May Cry 4 for the ps3. There is still a lot of games i have yet to pick up, but im getting around to it.

I beat 2 games in April : Tombraider and God of War Ascension

Tomb Raider was a fun game. it took a little while to get started, but when it did, it was an awesome ride. Plot wise, it was okay.voice acting for the most part were good with the exception of some of the shipmates that were stranded on the island. I didnt really get the motivation of the antagonist for a long time and some of my fellow companions were annoying or underdeveloped. The saving grace to the plot was the growth of lara croft during the game. Gameplay wise this game had a lot of pluses. the gunplay was better than uncharteds, but the platforming wasnt as good but it was still pretty fun. the caves werent as exciting as they could be but it wasn't annoying or too distracting. Nice pacing and good(but not great) visuals. 8.0

God of war ascension was a good game and i liked this better than gow2. everything was solid and everything felt like a god of war game but the only problem was it came out too soon. I liked Kratos showing a bit of compassion, but he didn't have too many parts where he talked. He was just along for the ride as much as we are. Platforming was good but nothing special, and the combat is the same: violent and satisfying but it didn't deviate too much from the formula. I have to point out that the scale of the boss fights were impressive and probably the highlight graphically and gameplay wise. I didnt try the multiplayer yet but other than that it was pretty solid. hopefully they will put god of war franchise on a hiatus. last i heard, this game isn't selling too well. 8.0


thats it for april...game on

Going to concentrate on non ps3 gaming

Note to self- after crysis,bioshock and portal 2, im going to concentrate on classic games  on psn or games on my other consoles. my ps3 needs a break

games i want to beat this year.

  • chrono trigger
  • ff6
  • zelda: legend of windwaker
  • mario sunshine
  • otogi
  • halo
  • dark cloud 2
  • prince of persia: warrior within
  • eternal darkness
  • gears of war
  • lost odyssey

March Update

So this was my birthday month so I splurged. I ended up buying 6 games

  • Ni No Kuni
  • Dark Souls
  • Naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm generations (really long title lol)
  • far cry 3
  • tomb raider
  • god of war ascension

My gaming wishlist is starting to dwindle and i'm happy about that since ps4/nextbox is looming around the corner.

As far as gaming goes. I managed to beat 2 games.

Dante's inferno- Awesome game but in a weird way. As far as gameplay goes, its good, but nothing spectacular. Combat was fluid,platforming sections weren't too daunting, camera didn't get in the way, and there were no major glitches. Pacing got a bit weird in the last couple of sections and the story was a bit hard to follow because of either bad editing or bad story telling choice in trying to reveal the back story in  non chronological sections.

This game made it onto my all time favorite games list because it made me think of my spiritual life. No video game has ever made me pause,reflect or altrer my perception about life other than "i love gaming, and im going to spend money on it". This game made me think of choices I made and the possible consequences of those actions. Just for that. it made my all time games list. 7.5

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations- a really fun brawler game. Its not going to compete with any fighters or brawlers as far as depth and complexity, but it is charming, accesible, fluid, and a great game for all those naruto fans. its a solid title 7.5

As far as gaming is concerned, this month may be a slow month for me as far as collecting. I havent done much gaming so as soon as i catch up on my anime series, i'm going back to playing more.

Older Gen Backlog

So I've been looking at my backloggery and i noticed that ive been beating a lot of ps3 games. Older gen games havent been touched in awhile. I've looked at some of my gc and xbox1 totals and i think its pretty weak compared to my ps2 and ps3 numbers. Im thinking about going retro for a bit. Give my ps3 a rest at the very least. Still have to think of games i should play.

I got stuck with Metal Gear Solid a couple of months back and i'm not sure i remember the controls, but i think ill start with that for the ps2. Xbox is still undecided. Maybe I should try Halo again (i still don't get why every lemming thinks is the best game ever) or finish fable. Ill probably get to those before moving on. Gamecube is a bit difficult. I tried windwaker for like an hour but i quickly lost interest. Maybe something simpler like luigi's mansion before zelda. 

Im hoping i can get through at least 5 retro games this year and this would help with my all time favorite games list. Its been needing a revision for some time. 

Games I beat in 2013

Since im trying to beat 25 games this year, i have to keep track of the games i beat this year so i'm going to make a list before i forget.

  1. the walking dead
  2. unfinished swan
  3. trine 2
  4. bayonetta
  5. wwe 13 attitude era
  6. dante's inferno
  7. Naruto Shippuden:Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations
  8. Tomb Raider
  9. God of War: Ascension
  10. Mortal Kombat: Komplete edition
  11. lost odyssey
  12. Crysis
  13. Tekken Revolution (arcade mode...yes i know its cheesy but it counts lol)
  14. Wet
  15. Borderlands
  16. Dishonored
  17. Game Dev Story (I got to 20 years so i consider that the end of the game)
  18. The walking dead: 400 days dlc
  19. Sleeping Dogs
  20. Playstation All-stars:battle royale
  21. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
  22. Portal 2
  23. Resogun
  24. Grand Theft Auto 5
  25. Call of Duty Ghost
  26. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of 2 worlds
  27. battlefield 4
  28. Bleach: Soul Ressureccion

February U[date

So February was a so so month of gaming for me. I only managed to beat one game, but i did purchase a couple of great games this month. Also the PS4 was announced (yay! another blog is reserved for that)

What I purchased this month


  • Final Fantasy V
  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Crysis


  • Crysis 2

Games i beat

WWE 13- The attitude era was really fun. It brought me back to the days where wrestling meant something. It was up there with baseball at one point in time and i loved how this game allowed me to go through memory lane. The wrestling was top notch with the controlls being really good and responsive.

If i had to complain about this game, this game sorely missed kurt angle. He was a major contributor to the attitude era, but too bad he couldn't be in this game. Also the graphics were launch title quality. The Rock and other wrestlers did not look right, and the lack of details were horrendous. My last complaint has to do with the trophies/achievement unlocks for the attitude era storymode. One has to complete all the historical objectives to be able to unlock the game for the trophies to unlock. Som of those objectives became annoying and i had to go to youtube to figure out how to do those objectives.it was just an annoyance.

despite all of that, this game was really good. yukes knows how to make wrestling games. too bad for thq shutting down, hopefully take 2 does well with the wee liscense

I'm going through a couple of games right now. Crysis, gta 4 liberty city stories along with my other backlog of games. So as far as my 25 game challenge goes, i'm right on schedule. hopefully i have more to write for my March update. game on