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...interesting stuff

so yeah been in Afghanistan for a while.. totally different from when i was deployed in Iraq.. haha lets just say ALOT more action in this deployment..

well hope all you guys are doing well, take it easy everyone.. see you all later.

so its the NEW YEAR

well i haven't been on here in a really long time.. been super busy with work and deployment..

but i'd like to greet everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! my new years resolution is to be AWESOM................ER!!!!

whats yours?

FUN at Lake of The Ozarks

so on Thursday i went to the Lake of The Ozarks here in Missouri, and i had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!

i went Tubin, Para Sailing, and Jet Skiing!

if ever you all have the chance to do any of these things i highly reccomend you try it out!

alrighty then everyone, take it easy!

I'm BACK!!!

hey everyone..

its about time that i made my comeback.. after coming back from a 15 month deployment, i'm glad to be back..

it was a long and interesting deployment.. bareley had time for myself so yeah.. i jus wanna say hello to everyone, and hope that you're all doing great! i hope be active again as much as i can..

see you all around..


sad n lonely..

this is hanie checkin in! i mis u jr! cant believe u aint here no more.. u be safe in iraq..... remember we will meet again... love you!

funeral details..

o man December has been a really busy month for me.. for the whole month i've been basicallydoing funeral details.. thats why i haven't really been on GS that much.. i acutally just got back from what i'm hoping is the last funeral detail i have to do this month.. its really hard to see the dead soldiers family breaking down in front of you.. but you just gotta block it out.. i just basically had to just fire my weapon, carry the casket, and fold the flag.. standing out in the rain and snow.. but its worth it.. well i'm just hoping all my friends here in GS are doing alright.. and have a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! YAY its also almost my BIRTHDAY!!!

see you later CPT Keith!!!

well on Friday my company had a Change of Command.. now i got a new commander, CPT Bradley.. he seems cool, but he's no CPT Keith.. its gonna be really different now around the company.. CPT Keith was a Ranger Sapper.. CPT Bradley isin't anything.. my company is loosing a really good commander, though he was kinda too much HOOAH at times, but it was good.. without his training i wouldn't know my job.. he was the best commander i had.. i wish him luck to whatever unit he's going too.. hopefully i'll to see him again later in life..