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Anyone who sides with McDonalds should check out the documentary available on Netflix titled..."Hot Coffee". You will see the gruesome burns the woman received. They were so severe she needed large skin grafts. As others have already said, McDonalds received dozens of complaints about their coffee's temperature, yet still instructed all locations to keep their coffee at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately for all of us, the media and politicians ignored the seriousness of the case and laughed it off, creating bills and laws favoring corporations to prevent "frivolous lawsuits". Now there are limitations on the amount of money you can collect in damages that in some cases don't come close to covering the costs involved in negligent "accidents".

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Deadwood, Brotherhood (loosely based on true story), first season of Underbelly (also based on true story), Oz (the original graphic drama). Not mystery but Six Feet Under is outstanding. Sons of Anarchy.

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Bears aren't dangerous, it's the humans who stole their habitat that are.

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I highly recommend the book "Dharma Punx" by Noah Levine. Also, definitely research some professional help, someone who doesn't specialize in prescribing medication. That's the first question you should ask them. If you are in college I'm sure there are resources available to you free or at a minimal cost. Keep in mind the big picture too, college clubs aren't even close to the biggest life dilemma. Sounds like you took initiative which will pay off huge in your professional life.

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Currently driving. Wasn't planning on getting a new one but...

Some ass hole did this to me and...

I had to have that done. Good times.

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@Serraph105: Apparently it bombed. Cartoon Network pulled it after 11 episodes. After I posted this I checked IMDB to see what the deal was, then a quick google search lead to a facebook page with a link to a petition to bring it back. I also found another article about it with comments trashing the show. I thought it was cool and original and reminded me of the animation used in Star Wars The Clone Wars, which is one of my favorite shows of all time. I read that they made 22 or so episodes but the rest never aired and can't be found. The first 11 are available on Amazon Instant Prime but I wouldn't pay what they are asking. Oh well chalk it up to a damn shame ;)

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Has anyone seen the recent cartoon "Beware the Batman" and if so what did you think of it?


I for one really enjoyed it. I liked the different spin they put on it and how they didn't rehash the same villains as before, although I wouldn't mind seeing some of them done in the new design. I thought the fight scenes were executed very well. I also thought how they portrayed Alfred as a former agent of some sort was pretty cool. Anyone else?

Another thing, I've recently been re-watching "Batman: The Animated Series" from the 90's, which I thought was one of the best cartoons ever. Until I noticed some episodes I don't recall, and they contain a replacement Robin who is some dweeby little kid. The old Robin is now Nightwing and BatGirl makes way too many appearances. I don't remember these from my youth and my DirecTV guide says 2013 in the info, but the artwork doesn't look 2013. Anyone know if these are "new" or am I just not remembering them?

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I'm currently on my second play through of this, this time going for the rest of the stuff I didn't accomplish in the first play through. Although it does have some childish elements to it, it also has some dark elements. It was truly an awesome experience. It blends old school games like the early FFs and Chrono games and Pokemon from what i've heard (never played pokemon games). You can either fight every enemy you see and go back and grind, or you can bypass them and move ahead with the story. It can easily go from a 30 hour game to 80-100 hour game depending on how much you want to complete. Enjoy!!!!

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Straight or boot-cut. I can't stand the ankle huggers that make peoples (guys) feet look like boats or duck feet. Not sure how tight jeans made it back but hopefully it won't last. Like Daniel Tosh says, I like the natural fray on the back.