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@Comic_Capers I didn't get that far yet. I'm still stuck amassing followers. Up until now I haven't really had to make any big moral decisions. I also do less quests because it's faster to amass followers by just playing with them in the streets than by going on long quests.

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@Lulu_Lulu Haha I found that out the first time I tried blocking a boss. But with freeze even after enemies freeze I can't tell if it actually impacts gameplay. It doesn't really seem to. They slow down a tiny bit, but not in a meaningful way. If you have it on PC and are looking for a coop partner feel free to join my game :)

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I haven't played coop yet, but I'm really excited to! The characters are a little asymetrical, also I can't really figure out the purpose of the upgrades. I don't understand how the freeze shield actually helps me. Doesn't really seem to do anything.

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I sure hope so. They might do something like separate matchmaking playlists for each game, in addition to playlists that encompass all of them.

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@BattleSpectre: Ya it's not a bad game, there are just some design choices that I don't like.

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When do you think all games will be virtual reality a la oculus rift? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? What's your best guess?

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Thank you so much guys!!! But should I get the 2 or 1 gb 7850?
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Are there any good 2 gb ones for under $150?
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What video card would you recommend?
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I can spend up to $100-$200 I guess. Do I need more RAM also though? My total computer score thing from Microsoft is 3.8