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Team Fortress 2? Goodbye sleep.

i own a simple 13 inch macbook pro. No extras, just an Intel 4000 integrated graphics and 4 gb of RAM. I had held off on gaming for a long time on it because I thought there were no games for mac, and because I thought there was no way I could play anything without a dedicated graphics card. Little did I know TF2 works only requires Intel HD 3000 and up. Woah. The download took forever, but eventually I was ready to try my hand against TF2's bots.

Those bots are so good on easy I can't imagine what they are like on normal. To give you some perspective about my PC gaming habits, the last time I played a PC shooter was 3 or 4 years ago and they were the multiplayer Halo: CE and Battlefield 2 demos. I'm a little rusty on the mouse and keyboard shooters and TF2 was hard to get the hang of. It ran pretty smoothly on my computer though. I think it was mainly the Internet connection more than my actual computer that was creating some lag. 

As far as the gameplay goes I'm finally getting the hang of some of the different classes. Heavy is easy to play as, and I've finally got the rocket soldier dude down, although the fast paced and close range classes I need to work on. The spy and recon classes are too close range for me and I can't keep the enemy in my sites. I don't do as well with a mouse and keyboard as I do with a joystick. I'm not sure if its my crappy mouse, or my computer that freezes up. I have no clue how the engineer works also. Something with turrets, but who knows. I'm having a blast with it though. If anyone wants to teach me or play my Steam ID is Tartarus11.

The tongue in cheek humor is also liberating after a long day at work. I loved the little snapshot moments after I get blown to pieces, and the losing team running around with their hands in the air waiting to be killed. It's little things like that which make the game infinitely better.