I Stink at Strategy

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While I have always been a fan of strategy games, from Red Alert to Civilization, I have become aware that I suck at them. Yes, I can beat the game on easy and enjoy them, although I am never good at them. When I play shooters I can master a game and learn how to control a map, although I can never do that with strategy games. All too often I try to steamroll rather than actually use strategy to beat my opponents, and I'm finally learning this flaw in XCOM.

I cannot flank and it's killing my soldiers. It's not that I don't know how to, it's that I can't position properly. I don't know when to risk going into the unknown to flank and when to charge head on (with cover of course). I try to flank, but it never seems to work. I'm also playing on easy. I can't tell whether XCOM itself is supposed to be this hard, or I just suck. It's unlike any strategy game I've ever played so I'm sailing in new waters. 

It's making me feel crappy though. I've got to pull it together and kill those enemies. I haven't lost a soldier yet, but ever mission I come closer and closer. I had been getting straight A's in my council reports and for the last month I dropped to a C. How'd I get so bad? Am I mismanaging my money? Research? Something? Or is it just hard in general?

One of the biggest problems with XCOM is that it hides all the resource and management elements of the game and lacks a place to view everything. It seems like XCOM was built primarily for consoles and ported to the PC. And why can't I view the equipment of each of my men? It drives me insane. If I want to optimize my squad I have to click on each one individually. It's a pain that should have been avoided. It makes me want to just go with the preselected squad that try to figure out who has what equipment.