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Halo 4

Should Bungie make another fps or will it be overkill? Halo 3 was a huge succes, but can they maintain the same prestige? Halo wars is on the way and is garenteed to be good thanks to Ensemble Studios making it. A rumored halo mmo can potentially sell millions although likely won't beat WoW. Do they need another Halo fps? In the last movie Master Chief drifts towards an unknown planet. My guess is that the planet is the last planet of the Forerunners, the planet that they LIVE on now, the place that the covenant wants to go. But the entire story is done, except for that cliff hanger. They could potentially make another game playing as the forerunners years ago, or from the viewpoint of another spartan. Although all of these would be cool, it would be overkill. The FPS series will continue, but when and how are the only unanswered queations.