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Europa Universalis: After the War

I started my game as Russia in the late 18c. I was bored simply building up my colonies and provinces, so I declared war on the Ottoman Empire. I'm winning the war, but paying the price on the homefront. My once high manpower level has dropped to below 30,000 from its mighty 250,000 at the beginning. My provinces have also started revolting, and not just a thousand soldiers here and there. Armies 9,000 strong spring up overnight in any province. My forces are spread thin chasing down one revolutionary army after another.

I want to end this war although I don't know how. I thought I would get income from my occupied territory, although I can't. I have to win gain control of the provinces in a piece settlement. The Ottoman's won't give me all of them though. I can only take a certain number even though the war is long over. I'm slowly steamrolling them to defeat. I can't figure out how to fully annex a country. When I conquered a smaller country (that foolishly allied with the Ottomans), I had to leave it with one province. I'm not sure how to declare peace with them and keep all the provinces. That was a real bummer after investing in the war effort. 

In hindsight I probably should have read the manual, but I have a digital copy and I hate reading manuals on the computer. EU3 does an awful job of teaching you everything in the tutorials though. I learned by failing miserably a few times and then jumping in as a superpower. So I'm not sure where to go from here. I think I'll pursue peace and then build up my trade power. The problem is that I don't know how to really win the game. It's open ended so there's no goal for me. It's hard to determine what it is I should be striving for. Once I finish this game though maybe I'll jump in as someone better. Who knows...