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Estate Takedown

It's only a few years too late, but I finally completed Modern Warfare 2's Estate Takedown Spec Ops mission. The level mixed both some of Call of Duty's stengths with its weaknesses for a level that is merely ok. Estate Takedown boasts an unparalleled assortment of guns to choose from, while it mixing blind battles through the trees. It's always good to have your gun of choice, but what use is it really when you can't see enemies through the trees. Somehow they are capable of hitting me though. Can I get their scopes? After crawling through the house and clearing it floor by floor, I managed to gain a safe zone. Planting claymores by the entrances allowed me to bait the snipers into submission while the clock ticked on. It was a slow session and twenty minutes. Why are they so hard to see through the trees? To be clear, I have no problem with not being able to see them, it's just that they shouldn't be able to fire at me if that's the case. Is this something they'll fix on Xbox One? The processing power is there. Overall it wasn't too bad though; twenty minutes earned me a gold star. Now if only that gold star got me something...