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Wii shortage good for the Xbox 360?

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Not quite. While they are both consoles competing against each other, they cater more toward different audiences. The Wii is more kid oriented while the 360 is more geared towardteenagers and older. The people going out to buy a Wii for thier 6 year olds aren't going to say, "I can't get a Wii so let me get him an Xbox360 and Halo 3." While the 360 has a growing library of kids games, it doesn't compare to the Wii's and thier kid friendly controler. In addition, they both are good at differentgenres of games.The Wii excells in sports games while the 360 is amazing for shooters.Another factor is that parents see the Wii as better because you move around as oppose to stting on the couch.Plus the Wiimote is easier for kids to use while the 360 controller is harder and more complex. Thus, it gives Microsoft a little help, but not a lot.


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What's with these lawsuits? Do people really have to sue Activision for not having stereo audio even though it was written on the box? They're coming out with a patch for it, so why sue them? The problem is that people only care about themselves. All they want is money at someone elses expense. In the Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s lawsuit, the attorney even claimed "The sales of this game are huge. We're all for good commerce. We just want to share in it." There, the lawsuit was about making a the song, too good of a soundalike. When will they end? Next thing you know someone will be suing the makers of Pain for trying the stunts.

November Sales

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It's hard to believe that the DS could ssell so well. I guess maby people are seeing it's educational purposes (see next blog entry). Although CoD4 took the #1 spot, Halo 3 is still there at #9 which is pretty impressive, considering that most people who bought it bought it in september, ass oppose to CoD4 in that the novenber sales are it's first month sales, hence why there so large. I'm surprised that CoD only sold 1.57 million, it's a good game hat cought up a bit in Halos wake. Same with Assassins Creed, they both woul have sold better if Halo 3 came out next year.

Back in 2005, no one would have suspected that the Wii would do so well. Even now it's hard to believe that the Wii coould sell close to 1 million units and hae the momentum to teal the lead from the 360. It's ironic, how the PS2 was the best selling last gen console and now, the PS3 is the total opposite. It's in last place, outsold by thePS2.

Nintendo DS- The Future Of Education?

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Nintendo DS is more than a game platform. With the addition of theMy Coach series it has truly turned into a learning device in addition to a game platform. The trend started with Brain Age, then continued with BigBrain Age Academy, followed by Brain Age 2, and recently this past november the My Coachseries (Ubisoft). 2 more Brain games are being made with 08 due dates which are Brain Assist and Ultimate Brain Games, and Life Coach. All 12 of these games are aimed at educational values, like math, vocabulary, learning second languages, and just excersizing your brain.

Could some day, this be the way we learn? Instread of going to school can will we someday just open up our DS and play a new Brain Age complete with math, science, history, english and a forieghn language? The duel screen makes it possible to write researching for a term paper using the WiFi and then conducting a virtual science experiment. All in the form of a game. Can this really be the future of education years from now? Although most of this is wishfull thinking, its not that far fetched.

New Blizzard MMO

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What could it be? CoD, Starcraft? Just imagine a CoD mmo with not just 36 people running around a map but 1,000's running around a country, with class based warfare andcomplete with all the corps.Or they could make a Starcraft mmo and keep the same basic formula just add in the needed changes to acommidate the new world.

Sony's PSN

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When Sony said that PSN would be able to link up with moble phones, it coppied Live Anywhere. Microsoft came out with the idea at this past E3. When Sony first unvieled PSN, they coppied the idea of XBL. A unified online system i think was how they stated it when it first came out. It is a copy of XBL. XBL came out years before PSN did. Sony saw the succes of XBL and decided to copy it. In order to get people to compete though with the allready established XBL, they made itfree. Now oncle again they are coppying Live Anywhere.

Activision- Blizzard Merge

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Now that the 2 have merged, what games will come out of it? Will WoW finnaly hit consoles? Will CoD finaly be an mmo? Due to the succes of WoW and Xbox Live, they can make a WoW and sell millions. If they did though, they would have to make it compatable with the PC players so that they could play together. It is posible as we have seen with Shodowrun. As of now, it looks like Blizzard is just concerned with making the Wrath of the Litch King. They are contempt with what they have. They also have a certain ammount of prestige that they have to maintain. They might realize that it won't be as good on consoles.

After the huge succes of CoD 4, will they take it online into an mmo? If they could keep the same formula and add huge vast playing fields (Battlefield style), and up the amount of people in a match, it could be pretty good, or really suck. It is deffinitelly something that they should expetiment with in thier offices at least.Blizzard can defenitely make this happen.And the consumers will follow.

Sega Dreamcast 2

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Gamespot posted that Sega might remake the dreamcast, but why would they. There isn't any room in the console wars for a 4th console. The videogame marked has allready reached the maximum number of consumers and isn't growing that much (except for the Wii audience). Thus it has to compete with the next Xbox and the next PS and the next Nintendo thing. The consumers can't support it and would likely buy a console with a good recent track record. Thus it wouldn't survive. The developers also can't make games for it because it is to risky. If the consumers don't buy it no games come out.

But if Sony exits the videogame industry and doesn't make another console, Sega will havea little chance. But really, they don't have that many good, Sega games. Sonic, was killed in the past 2 years thanks to the manyhorrible Sonic games.

Halo 4

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Should Bungie make another fps or will it be overkill? Halo 3 was a huge succes, but can they maintain the same prestige? Halo wars is on the way and is garenteed to be good thanks to Ensemble Studios making it. A rumored halo mmo can potentially sell millions although likely won't beat WoW. Do they need another Halo fps? In the last movie Master Chief drifts towards an unknown planet. My guess is that the planet is the last planet of the Forerunners, the planet that they LIVE on now, the place that the covenant wants to go. But the entire story is done, except for that cliff hanger. They could potentially make another game playing as the forerunners years ago, or from the viewpoint of another spartan. Although all of these would be cool, it would be overkill. The FPS series will continue, but when and how are the only unanswered queations.