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Dark Souls First Impressions

I've been playing Dark Souls for a while now and here are my thoughts on the game so far. (Yes I know the game is almost 2 years old and I don't care. LOL). First of all, the game itself is a huge step up from its predecessor Demon's Souls. The gameplay is much smoother, the animations are fluid and the graphics and lighting effects are spot on, the enemy design is great, and open world aspect of it is huge plus in my opinion (By the way I'm playing the game on the Playstation 3 and without the DLC because I bought the game used. LOL). The only negative that I encountered so far in the game is the terrible framerate issues on Blighttown. The framerate is so bad (I think it dips below 30 fps when your moving) on that particular map and for a beginner like me, it's a major turn off since the game is challenging and some of the enemies are annoying as hell. As of this blog, I'm about halfway through the game. I haven't even explored the optional areas of the game yet since I'm building up my character so I won't die easily at the hands of the enemies and the invaders as well. I'll give my final thoughts about the game after I finished playing it. 

Demon's Souls - An Amazing Experience Every Gamer Should Atleast Check Out :)

I've been playing Demon's Souls for the past week and I'm loving every minute of it. This is my second time playing the game since my first experience of it is not a very good one. I couldn't get a grasp of the game at first because it doesn't hold your hand which at that time frustrates the living sh*t out of me. After dying multiple times at the hand of the Old Hero boss with my first character, I gave up on the game and put it out to pasture.

When I heard the news that the developers will shut down the servers at the end of May, I gave it another shot to see if I can persevere through the game without frustrating myself all over again. After watching multiple Let's Play videos on Youtube, reading the official wiki site of it and finding the right character build for me, I started playing the game from the start with a new character (Royalty character to be exact). At first the game reminded me immediately of how harsh it is specially if you're going into a new world and you're unprepared. One thing I like about this genre is that it teaches you to be methodical and patient at the same time which I very much lack on my first playthrough. You have to carefully analyze the situation, study the enemy movements, find ways to kill them without losing HP, learning how to conserve your resources and many more. It's a different kind of RPG that gives the players the option on how to tackle on things which is good since linearity in a game can sometime bore the casual games (like myself) easily. Also, it's after you finish the game that the real Demon's Souls starts since the game already difficult nature will increase by tenfold. I'm on New Game+ right now and it's giving me the challenge that normally would piss me off already but since I passed the initiation stage, I'm all prepared for it specially when other players invade your world. The multiplayer aspect of Demon's Souls is one of the most unique portion of the game in my opinion. Again you need to prepare yourself at anytime because if someone invades your world and you're not ready, you'll definitely die in their hands (you can only be invaded if you're in Body form and you can invade other players if in Soul Form).

Every gamer should give this game a chance. It's rough on you at first but be patient with it, learn the game's pros and cons, be methodical with every situation and most importantly have fun with it! If I would rate this game, I'll give a 9/10. I just hope that the community will not stop supporting this game so that the developers wouldn't shutdown the servers and also to give those other gamers that hadn't tried this game a chance to experience something out of the ordinary. I'll never stop playing this game until I got the Platinum trophy of it! :)

Jumping ships: From Sony to Microsoft

I am a Sony fan ever since the original Playstation was launched fifteen years ago. When the PS2 was released, I quickly jumped right in to see what it has to offer in terms of gameplay and graphical overhaul over its predescessor. During that time also, the original Xbox was released and I don't really know much about it. When I do get the chance to play on it, I don't have a good first impression on it mainly because I'm loyal to Sony and their Playstation brand. I don't hate the Xbox at that time because it's a great console with awesome exclusives that Sony doesn't have. My only gripe is that the controller is so big that it ruined my gameplay experience especially playing sports game (I'm into sports game at that time specially basketball sims). I told to myself that Sony still is my preferred console over Microsoft just because of that experience.

When the current generation of console came in 2005, my bias to Sony grew even more because they announced the successor of the Playstation 2 which is the Playstation 3 and they released their first portable console, the Playstation Portable. I was very excited because my gaming library will grow even more with the addition of both next gen consoles. During that time also, Microsoft released the much hyped successor of the original Xbox in the form of Xbox 360. Again, I didn't pay much attention to it because Sony's machine will be better than what Microsoft is offering.

My opinion changed through the years as the Playstation 3 is being dominated in the US by the Xbox 360. I was a bit skeptical at that time to get a Playstation 3 because it didn't have the game library that Xbox 360 has. Also, a lot of game developers jumped to the Xbox 360 bandwagon like Rockstar with their release of Grand Theft Auto IV, a Playstation exclusive franchise in the 6th generation of console. But I told to myself again "I would still like to own a Playstation 3 because it has Metal Gear Solid 4 in it and the library of games will increase in time" so I asked my parents to buy me a Playstation 3 as my Christmas gift. After playing MGS4, I was impressed with the Playstation 3 because of the graphical overhaul, the awesome gameplay experience and it's Sony. In short, I am a Sony fanboy (at that time).

Fast forward to 2011, I finally decided to jump in the Microsoft bandwagon and get Xbox 360. After playing it for a couple of hours, I am very impressed with it. Everything is different compared to the Playstation 3 in terms of User Interface, the online experience, the controller is sexy, the features and apps it offers, the marketplace is well organized, finding new friends and communicating with them is much easier and finally, the Xbox Live Arcade games are awesome. Everything about the Xbox 360 is splendid and I just realized that owning both consoles is a great way to appreciate video games. I should've gotten Xbox 360 sooner because I missed a lot of games that Sony doesn't have (Gears of War, Halo, Forza etc.) and I was hesitant to buy it because of the RROD issue. Right now I have a lot of catching up to do because of the games that I've missed. All in all, I love my Xbox 360 and my Playstation 3 and the days of me being a fanboy of Sony are over. I love Sony but it's time for me to move on. Thank you Xbox 360 for making me realize that fanboyism is just plain stupid.

Welcome Xbox 360 and may we have many gaming experiences to come. :)

My first crack at a Platinum Trophy :)

I just finished (for the third time) Infamous last night and by doing so I achieved my first Platinum trophy. I've been playng my PS3 for the past 3 years and for me, this is the first time that I've fulfilled something challenging and that is attaining game achievements. At first I didn't care much in attaining trophies as long as I enjoy playing the games that I love. But as time passed by, I realized that these game achievements or trophies is another way of enjoying the game. So, I played through Infamous again to challenge myself and late last night I finally did it. Video games are really something to be proud of and I'm proud to be one. :)

PlayStation Network Philippines: Where are you now?

It's been a year (I think) since Sony Philippines officially launched the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable and yet no PlayStation Network has been launched. Although they created our own PlayStation Asia Philippines site, PSN is still absent in it. Being a gamer and a solid PlayStation fan ever since the first PlayStation was introduced, I wanted to experience what it feels to play Indie games or to purchase DLCs of my favorite games (especially the Assassin's Creed franchise), and more importantly, to meet and greet other gamers around the world via PSN. I have an account right now on PSN but I can't download or purchase things that I want in PS Store because I'm using my friend's address in the U.S. and my PSN ID is also U.S. based.

I hope Sony would finally grant our wish here in the Philippines to experience their online marketplace and other online features because what I have seen in Internet about it, especially here in Gamespot, it all looks nice and the extra contents are really great.

By the way, I can't play multiplayer on games like Uncharted 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops because we have no PSN here in our country. So please Sony, make us believe that you'll fulfill your promise because as you said in your product logo: "Make.Believe" and we Filipino gamers are still believing. :)