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GameSpot Assassins Creed III: DLC creative writing contest.

This is my land my army my kingdom I will rule over it like the King tried to it is my right I took down the army of the British there is no one else who shall dare challenge my rule no one and with this strange artifact my rule shall be absolute. "King Washington!" The solider said entering the room "what is it I am busy!" "I am sorry sir we are making final preparations". I looked onto the solider face "You're sweating my friend why would you be nervous in speaking to your King." "I I am not your Majesty I am just a bit hot from the weather." I looked into his eyes and saw the fear the fear of dying, the fear of losing everything. "Meet me out side trooper, I got a thing to take care of right away!" I took out the artifact from my pouch. Looking into it I saw the most horrible of things, it showed me of a man in white killing me and my own men betraying me to this man in white. I dropped the artifact out of horror of what it showed me. "I shall not be undermined by you or any of my men." I picked the artifact back up and also grabbed my coat off the chair and walked outside covering my eyes from the sun I saw my troops training and working hard. One by one they all came to me like sheep to a Shepard, they clang to me. "Men, we have been through a lot together, we have been through some hard times; Valley Forge, The battle of Boston, but we have also had bad times. Benedict, he single handedly betrayed, us giving up West Point to the British. That is why I must know I can trust each and everyone one of you. I need to know that you're willing to die not just for me but for your country. If you can't I might as well end you. If I find just one idea of mutiny I will personally put a bullet in your head. I do not care if you have family, friends, a dog, I don't care. If I find out one of you are planning anything I will kill you with no hesitation to secure this great nations security I will now let's move out men, we got work to do.