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Need Urgent help regarding the PSN store free games!! =/

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Guys I really need your help!. I signed into my ps3 today to find the store had put up its welcome back pack; with the free games and playstation plus. So I thought ahh ill claim my free games!!, I clicked onto the welcome back tab and went staight over to infamous, and tryed to download it. Once I tryed I got a message telling me I need to download the 'free games' pack so I can download them or something like that, so I did this, it was next to the games. But once this had been 'downloaded', I say downloaded but I didn't see any active download notifications anywhere, notifying me of this happening, so I presumed it happened instanlty.Then the free games to choose from had dissapeared!, so I thought okay :?. So instead I went to search for them like normal in the store and not in the welcome back tab, but once I got there, there it was '£21.99' it wasnt free, so I can't get my free games this way??, so im presuming I can only get them from the 'welcome back' tab??, well thats where im stumped theyre no longer there!, and there is no other link in the store that takes me to the games to get them for free, ive looked everywhere. I got the playstation plus, that worked fine, but this... this is very strange :?, im fearing I may have lost my chance of free games :(, what the hell's going on??. If anyone knows of anything about whats wrong or experienced anything similar i'd love to know!!, any help will be fully appreciated, many thanks! :)

Silent Hill collection HD!!

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Im sure you all have heard about this by now!, but I just had to blog about it!!. The classic Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3's are getting the HD remasters like the God of War games!!, this is just too awesome!! :D. Ive wanted this to happen since I saw them do it with the God of War series!!. I just can't wait to revisit some classic Silent Hill!!, and hopefully pick up some trophies along the way!! :P. The Metal Gear series is also getting the treatment!!, which I shall also be picking up!!. Silent Hill fans rejoice!! :lol:, this is awesome news!!, cannot wait!!!


Pyramid head!!!!!!!!!!!..... IN HD!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted: :lol:

Ps3 Cont...

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Well today I did it :lol:. I went out and picked up myself a ps3!!, I bought the killzone3 bundled 320GB version for £269.99, and a £20 HDMi cable. I was going to go fora 160GB version on its own and pick up Heavy Rain with it for £20, but strangely to it that way would have worked out more expensive :?. So I have got killzone 3 having not played any of the others which isnt ideal, but its an awesome game I must say!! I plan on getting Heavy Rain very soon, followed by MGS 4. So yeah there you have it I finally have a ps3!!, thanks to those who left feedback on the last blog, its appreciated!! See you around! - John


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Hey guys, I havent blogged in a long while!!. But im getting payed next weekend and I was thinking it was maybe time to get a ps3!!. Of course I have a 360 and I think nothing would be cooler than to own both!, and im getting desperate to play some of those ps3 exclusives :P :lol:. Just wondering if you guys think I should!!. Heavy Rain is one of my first choices of game to get!!, good choice??. I also would like to ask those who own one, do you get a HDMI or any other kind of HD cable with the console?? as i have a HD tv, or do I have to buy one seperate like with the 360??. Thanks in advance for any answers I may get. - John

R.I.P Paul Gray

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I am Immensley saddened by the loss of Slipknots bassist Paul Gray :(. Slipknot are one of my favourite bands and will now never be the same again. Paul you were an amazing bass player and musician and such a nice guy, im so glad to have had the pleasure of getting to see you perform live in 2008 with the knot. R.I.P #2 you will be missed for ever!!

Paul Gray

R.I.P Paul Gray 1972 - 2010

Shattered Memories provides me with a surprise!!

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I bought SM last weekend and have only just started playing it tonight :lol:.. So that must show you the low expectations I had for the game because I didn't want to pick it up and put it in. But the cravings kicked in to play it and so I brushed the dust off my wii and had a go :lol:. I went into it having hardly any expectations of it being great at all, but funnily enough (and you may all call me mad) i am really really enjoying this game!! :lol:. Its just a breath of fresh air!!. This is also my first bit of SH gaming in a while so that probably helped, so I didn't have fresh memories in my head of the classic SH's to compare it to.

While I agree its not a very silent hillish experience and its not too scary once you realise that there is no monsters beyond the nightmare segments. I have really enjoyed the new elements they have brought to the table for the francise. Of course at first the idea of having no combat in the game sucked to me, but now that ive played through one of the chase sequences I found it quite entertaining :lol: its a rush and is quite edgy. While I agree with king about the controls, it isnt anything too game braking to me. So far ive been really sucked into the story and am loving the feeling of being involved in this story. I also think the idea of putting the wiimote to your ear like a phone is a nice touch. The graphics arent amazing but hey what can you expect from a Wii game I guess? they're not too bad, it has really nice lighting effects.

I dunno as I say you may all call me nuts but im really enjoying this so far :lol:, I don't know maybe ive lost touch with silent hills glory days and have forgotten about how the games should be :lol: but I like it!!, thumbs up to Climax!

silent hill shattered memories

Aliens Vs Predator

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Since im a HUGE fan of both the Alien and Pedator franchises its to no surprise that im just totally hyped for the upcoming AVP game. Ive played the MP demo so far and my goodness its amazing!! the demo of this game alone is stopping me from playing Mass Effect 2 and buying Bioshock 2 until ive bought this first.:lol: I just can't put it down!! its soo fun just to go around killing the crap out of people :P. Playing as all 3 races is just so much fun and unique in their own way. If the demo is this fun for me I can't begin to even think how much il be playing the full game :P ROLL ON THE 19TH :D

AVP boxart

Ninja Blade..... why all the hate??

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I bought a copy of Ninja blade today for £20. Ive had my eye on this game since it came out, I played the demo and to say the least I was very impressed. I had read the reviews and opinons of players and alot of people don't really seem to like this game saying it is mediocre, I say why??. I think this game is amazing!! its great fun and a solid title, it has awesome action, graphics, story and depth. You can upgrade weapons and your ninjitsu powers and do some outrageoous things to despose of yoour enemies in amazing set piece sequences, this kinda remind me of god of war but with a ninja. I dont know about you guys but I think this and awesome game and is great fun and for me to get it for £20 I think is great value. Why all the hate for this game? I see alot of comparisons of it to ninja gaiden but why is this a good enough reason to warrent it the name of being a mediocre game? I think this game is very underappreciated and is awesome!

ninja blade

Guitar Hero: Metallica Demo

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Downloaded the demo of gh:metallica today :D, it is soo awesome, yeah it may be just like any other gh game out there, but the fact that I get to play the songs of my favourite band of all time is such a thrill and so fun!!. The metallica songs on offer to play on the demo are Sad but true and seek and destroy, god did I enjoy rocking out to those songs :P playing them on both drums and guitar!! and not only playin their songs but being metallica themselves. I just absolutely cant wait for this game and to get my teeth into that awesome metallica setlist :P especislly cant wait to play orion on the bass!! Cliff Burton you genious :D.

guitar hero metallica logo

Silent Hill makes its Homecoming..

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Finally got my copy of Homecoming today :lol:, well what can I say? I guess I can say yeah ive enjoyed it so far!! found myself hooked its a good game. Combat isnt as bad as I thought it would be, its actually a welcoming change for me it makes it more enjoyable. I guess you could only say my only compaints so far is the rare save points and it does feel like a silent hill game... but its still not quite silent hillish If you know what I mean? you can definatelty feel the american influence in it and its been quite unoriginal compared to the rest of the series nothing here weve not seen in a previous game in the series really. But apart from those things yeah I think its a good game and it is underrated.

Homecoming boxart EU

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