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GTA vice city stories.

This game looks awesome. I seen some pics of the gameplay, and i would have to say i am happy that PSP is getting all of these good games.

atl with T.I

I just seen ATL and this movie is awesome, it has one of my favorite rapers in it T.I also it was very good. so if you like these kinds of movies then you should see this one.

world trade center

I went to go see world trade center and this movie is very good, also sad, it made me cry like 2 time's it also makes me mad because of all those stupid **** alkida basterds.

Madden 07

yes i can not wait for madden 07 to come out, because i will be at wallmart when it does, and only 2 more days left. hell yea.

ncaa 07 for the PSP

Yea i just got NCAA 07 for the PSP and this game is sweet, it has awesome graphics, and the load time is verry good. take a look at my review that I will be posting up in a couple days.

The new E3

Well i just heard on Gamespot that E3 will be a smaller and more intement sort of thing, wich is not bad, everyone thinks that there will be nomore E3, its still here just the smaller compines will not.

Hot as hell

here in richmond michigan it is 103. and it is so hot i dont even feel like playing videogames. there is nothing to do, and the computer is starting to overheat, so i have to leve and hope you understand how boaring and hot it is here.


This week has been the hardest for my PSP, it had to got sevral days with constant playing, I mostly played MLB 06 the show and sims 2, also I was playing NCAA 07 for the PSP. and almost every second of the day i am doing something with it, watching movies, listing to music, browsing the internet, My PSP has not been turned off for 7 HOLE days.