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Got Fat Princess Beta

Yeah I Got A Beta Key Thank You GS :) Cant Wait To Try This Game I really Wanted To Play This Since It Was First Announce :D

psp 3000 OMG!!!

well psp 3000 model was announce its going to hace some new features like a brighter and better LCD screen and a built in microphone so u wont need to buy a headset for it:D

it will lanch on oct 15 but they didnt say if it was coming to America:( its going to europe and middle east and some other places:P it will have 4 different bundles with it:D

one with

  • Go messenger
  • Harry Potter
  • Fifa 09
  • Buzz master quiz
and it will be available for 199 euro:D thats all folks

Sup Everyone!!!

its being a while since i made a blog so ill say what has happen up until now ill make it short:P

  • Got My PS3 Back:D
  • Have 6 PSN Games
  • Beasting at COD4 lol
  • My Clan is 6/0 on COD4:D
  • MGS4 Was Awesome!!!

well thats some of the things that have being happening:P Oh I Forgot One Thing


lol yeah there was and earthquake today around 11:42 am and i was playing COD4 with my friends and we were like holyS***:lol: it was pretty funny i thought i was seeing things:lol: but yeah thats all i got to say;) Heres my latest sigs


My 3 month old Playstation 3 doesnt read disc WTF im piss off i got the 80GB PS3 and i only had it for three months sony makes me update to 2.30 so i can continue to play online the next day that stupid machine doesnt read games or any disc im so piss off at SONY cheap bastard cant make anything right:evil:

thats all i got to say:evil: so whats going on everyone:P

Level 21 lol

yes FINALLY im out of lv 20 god that took a long time:P well a lot of good things happen these past few days since my last blog

  • sony will send me a brand new PSP:D for only $79 dollars
  • My cousins FINALLY getting a ps3 lol

and last but not lease

  • naruto shippuden episode 47 is out and so is chapter 389 of the manga:D
well thats it every later im gonna see naruto:P

Broken PSP :(

yeah thats right my psp broke this is BS it work on wednesday then on thrusday it doesnt turn on WTF:evil: im super piss i try everything to make it work without me opening it but i guess its time for me to open it and see if i can fix it if not i quit and **** sony's psp:evil:

2 New Naruto Videos

I have uploaded 2 new naruto videos from the new game Narutimate accel 2 for the PS2, one is gameplay of the fighting the other is gameplay of how the story looks go check them out:D

Thats it for today Later:D

lol IM BACK and I got a PS3 and much more

hey everyone im back so whats going on play any good games or watch any good anime well any way if you got a ps3 at me my PSN is JOSE-DBZ

oh yeah what you think of my new sig

later everyone ill be back soon:D

O almost forgot HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you:D