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GTA Vice City in The Sims 3!

If you own The Sims 3 on PC then here's a download you might want to try out. Fresh-Prince Creations has released a BETA of his custom world pack for The Sims 3 where he's attempted to recreate the map from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City! The project took well over a year and half of his time to complete, but he's thrown it out to the public and he he wants feedback. Most of all though, he wants you to enjoy it!

The BETA can be downloaded from here.

Vice City

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Hint of Grand Theft Auto V? ("Genesis")

Today, we present to you this picture. Coming off from just the average person viewing it, it is just a picture of a road from Grand Theft Auto IV merged with a screenshot from Red Dead Redemption. So, what makes it significant? It is the person who posted today on GTAForums. The person screen-name is "deepthroatgta4", and this person has leaked information about Grand Theft Auto IV prior to its announcements.

"The driver of the suburban produced credentials that showed he was an employee of Rockstar Games, my two other team members were satisfied and didn't realise the significance of the event, I opened the passenger side door and looked into the rear of the truck where one of the males shut down several LCD screens, but my heart skipped a beat as I looked at a folder on the desk which was emblazed with the "IV" official logo with the Manhattan Skyline clearly shown within the letters."

The above quote was posted on March 7, 2007, and it states that he saw the "IV" logo. This can be read here. The first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV was released later this month, on the 29th.

Now, the significance of this picture, the topic was posted with the title "Genesis.", both elements of the picture also have some sort of glitch in them; and in both of the pictures, they both point south. One such theory discussed was the title of the topic "Genesis", Genesis is a band that was at its peak in the 80's, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was set in the 80's, so therefore Vice City could be the location. Another theory coming from the topic is that the horse point's south west. South west of the desert in Texas, California. Los Angeles is a city in California . Los Angeles is nicknamed the "city of angels". first letter of "South-west" is "S" The second letter of Los Angeles ("LA") is "A" -- put together you get "SA" which is the abbreviation for "San Andreas.

Whether this turns out to be anything, we will find out soon! Very soon! In the meantime, discuss it over at our forums!


More proof of Possible GTA V E3 Reveal - GTA V on retailers game list

More proof of Possible GTA V E3 Reveal - GTA V on retailers game list A user on the NeoGAF forums recently posted a retailer list of upcoming products and among the games on the list include Grand Theft Auto V for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. To the right is a picture of the list in question.

There are a couple of major flaws that could prove this list to be fake. For one, an anonymous user on an online discussion forum posted it, which begs the question; why would they be given the list from their employer and furthermore, why would they post it on the internet knowing full well that his job could be on the line for doing so? Also, the list itself could've been produced by anyone. Either way, Electronic Entertainment Expo starts in next few days in Los Angeles, which then we will find out whether this list is a hoax or not.

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Next GTA to be announced at E3 -- IGN prediction

According to, the announcement of the next Grand Theft Auto is predicted to be made at the Electronic Entertainment Expo which runs from June 7-9 2011. Rockstar has no significant presence at E3 this year, and there hasn't been much in regard to an E3 reveal until recently, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. For more info, make sure to tune into Sony and Microsoft's press conferences which can be seen live on the E3 website.

The image on the right represents the predictions that IGN is putting forth for E3 regarding Sony related announcements, the bottom two predictions are the ones we are most interested in, with"Grand Theft Auto V" being on their Xbox 360 predictions list also. Fingers crossed!

Press Conference Times

June 6, 9:30am US/PST
AU: June 7, 2:30am AEST
UK: June 7, 5:30pm BST

June 6, 5:00pm US/PST
AU: June 7, 10:00am AEST
UK: June 7, 1:00am BST

See IGN's full list of E3 predictions here.

GTA 5 Mentioned In May UK Official Playstation Magazine

In the latest UK version of the Official PlayStation Magazine (May 2011), they discuss "the hottest leaks and teases surrounding Grand Theft Auto V". While this doesn't appear to be anything that we have already covered here, the fact the official PlayStation magazine are running with this could mean that we are getting ever so closer to hearing an official announcement of the next Grand Theft Auto title, possibly at E3.

View more details at the Playstation Official Magazine - UK Blog and if you get this magazine, please let us know what it says. Scans or photos would be perfect.


News post.

9 More Radio Spots Culled from the Advertising Council's Archives

The Advertising Council of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas has rounded up another batch of radio spots, including a few vintage spots from television ****cs 'Angel & The Knight" and "LAW".

Hear them all at

Vice City, 1984

  • Angel & The Knight: Tuesday nights at 7. Hot air balloon chases, fist fights and country music car chases – plus exploding boats!

Vice City, 1986

  • Pit Bomb: When you're fighting the war against personal hygiene – bring out the heavy artillery.
  • Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts: How do YOU like to enjoy a Rusty Brown's Ring Donut?
  • Salivex: It's more than just saliva in a can!

San Andreas, 1992

  • Creative Plastic Surgery: Your body is a work of art – why leave it half finished?
  • LAW: They play hard. And they work hard. Really hard. Catch it Thursdays on Weazel.
  • Logger: The beer that brought the forest down.

Liberty City, 1998

  • Join the Liberty City Police Department: Get on a powertrip that lasts a lifetime! Become one of Liberty City's finest.
  • The Maibatsu Womb: It's the minivan any man can be proud to drive.

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Jim Reilly: Grand Theft Auto V coming in 2012

The hints aren't stopping in regards to the next Grand Theft Auto game! IGN news editor Jim Reilly has recently tweeted something interesting regarding the release of the Next Grand Theft Auto game:

"With Grand Theft Auto V and BioShock Infinite coming in 2012, now's the time to buy some Take-Two stock."

Could we have our first somewhat confirmation of a release date? After all it would fit in with L.A.Noire coming out in a mere few weeks and the promotion campaign for Max Payne 3 starting to heat up with a rumored release for the end of the year!

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Rockstar Games register new domains! New GTA?

Rockstar have snapped up some new domains, all of which sound very much like the spoof corporate titles of GTA IV, including Getalife, Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster, Zit and more. The list so far comprises of:

It's interesting to note that, rather than operating via a shell group to purchase the domains anonymously, Rockstar went right out and did it in public. It may be a bit much to assume this is definitely one of the early signs of a new GTA, but, well, what else could it be?

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