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    @Lulu_Lulu: And that's all anyone has: a rough estimate. What you think is good gameplay might just be for a certain type(s) of game and doesn't necessarily apply to every other game.And as for L.A. N...

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    Damn, those are some wild fluctuations on both consoles. Looks like CPU bottlenecking. I am surprised they didn't just lock it at 30.

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    @jonny_dutch Yup, that's GlitchSpot alright - cussing is actually no longer an offence, but the LiveFyre comment system does whatever it wants.
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    GS deleted my comment, maybe cause i said Keighley is s--t, maybe cause I called GS podcast [definitely not s--t]. Either way, I checked and you were basically right about Maher producing primarily.
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