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Jojo's Animated Doom Character List!

While this is in no way necessary or even original, I have decided to post a complete character listing for Ultimate Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom. If a character does not appear in those titles; it will not appear in this listing. All of the characters that have animations besides their death will have animations in this listing. I will begin with the former human enemies, and work my way to the main character.

Before I begin:

If you do not like any of these games please keep it to yourself because I don't want to hear it. There must be something else on the Internet you could find more interesting, so please, by all means, do.

Let's rock!

Former Humans:

Former Human

Former Human Sergeant

Former Commando


Lost Soul





Pain Elemental

Hell Knight

Baron of Hell





Boss Characters:

The Cyberdemon

The Spider Mastermind

The Icon of Sin

Secret Characters:

Wolfenstein SS

Commander Keen

Romero's Head

The Main Character:

Space Marine

The Doom Guy

And this list wouldn't be complete without my favorite character in the entire game:

The Super Shotgun!

The one, the only... DOOM!

More Doom!

I outright challenge you to not enjoy yourself whilst playing any of these fine games. Duke "Limp Nuke" never stood a chance against the king of run and gun. This is THE trilogy, now and forever!