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How To Be a Good Tourist

In honor of Wavey_Gravey visiting New York this week, I've decided to share some tips for anyone thinking of taking a vacation here. Enjoy!

- While exploring the city, you may encounter someone offering free hugs. The offer may sound tempting, but be aware that the person giving you the hug will in fact demand payment afterward. Also, after getting your hug, it's probably a good idea to take a very thorough shower when you return to your hotel.

- There are plenty of landmarks in New York that you'll want to take pictures of. Remember to spend as much time as possible taking your picture. That way, all the people waiting for the flash to go off on your camera will lose patience and walk in front of you just as you take your photo. Its a great way to get lots of picture of people's heads!

- The Empire State Building is a popular tourist destination. When traveling to the Empire State Building, be sure and get right in front of it before asking a random passer by where the Empire State Building is. Seeing a New Yorker sigh and point upward is a priceless tourist experience.

- If you get a phone call while walking through New York, don't bother moving off to the corner of some building before taking your call. Instead, stop and take your call right in the middle of the sidewalk. This will help keep all the people walking behind you on their toes. It will also give people a nice obstacle to maneuver around, livening up their journey.

- Manhattan is a big place, and it can be hard to know your way around. If you're on 32nd street and want to know where 35th street is, feel free to ask a random passer by for assistance. Be sure and act astonished when told it's 3 blocks away.

- Even if English isn't your first language, you may find yourself talking to some New Yorkers you've just met in English. If you're with some friends from your native country, feel free to stop speaking English in the middle of this conversation and talk to your friends in your native language, as if the New Yorkers you were just speaking with aren't there any more. We find that endearing.

- There are plenty of great stores in New York, so why not buy a video game while youre here? The people behind you in line will enjoy listening to the clerk ask you if you're going to take this game out of the country, and then explain what region locking is.

- The subway is a great way to get around New York, but don't be in a hurry to get to the subway platform. Instead, stop for no apparent reason right in front of the steps to the platform. Watching people try and squeeze through the narrow passageway you've created in order to avoid being late for work is an experience every tourist should enjoy.

- While riding the subway, be sure and blast any music you may like at full volume, so the whole car can hear it. After all, keeping that music to yourself would be rude.

I hope this helps any potential NYC tourists out there