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Fifa 12 Stuttering Issue

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Like almost everyone else i was having the same stuttering issue in FIFA 12. I read about resolving the issue on some other website I thought I should spread the word.

The following text resolved the issue on my PC. I hope it could help others too.

Copying and pasting unedited from other website.

ok to all those still facing sluttering or lag problems, this is how i removed mine..

in the documents folder where you have the FIFA 12 folder (this is automatically created folder, which has your save files and personal settings saved), you will see a file called fifasetup

Open the fifasetup file in a notepad and find the following


make the value =0
save it

Now go to the main fifa folder where you installed the game..
open the folder Game
inside game folder create a notepad
and put these

// Threads priorities
GAME_THREAD_PRIORITY = 0 // original was 0
RENDER_THREAD_PRIORITY = 1 // original was 0
INPUT_THREAD_PRIORITY = 2 // original was 2
AUDIO_THREAD_PRIORITY = 3 // original was 2
FE_THREAD_PRIORITY = 3 // original was 1
MAIN_THREAD_PRIORITY = 3 // original was 3
// Bitwise mask of which cores to allow running (so 3 for core 0 & 1)
THREAD_AFFINITY_MASK = 15 // quad core
//THREAD_AFFINITY_MASK = 7 // tripple core
//THREAD_AFFINITY_MASK = 3 // dual core
AUDIO_CPU_LOAD_LIMIT = 10 // original was 30

save the notepad as ma.ini

now as you can see above.. as per the processor uncomment as per yours.
since mine is Quad core.. i uncommented the respective line..

you are done.. Now remember.. everytime you make any changes in the fifaconfig tool, it will automatically make the RENDERINGQUALITY = 3
so dont forget to change it to 0 always..
hope it helps some of you.. I believe it will help most of ya

I saw these in some website and it helped me.. so thanks to whoever brainiac who found this