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A Ghostbusters fan weighs in on Activision

Over the years I have found myself wondering many things about the game industy. Things such as why does EA put out virtually the same games every year with little changes and yet we still buy them (guilty). Nintendo putting out really aweful third party games for the wii and yet the system out sales the other two. Last Activision not publishing Ghostbusters what where they thinking. The last one is the subject of my wrath today. I for the life of me cannot figure out what makes Activision think that Ice Age2 would be a better game than Ghostbusters. Sure it'll sale a lot of copies but the time is ripe to start a new generation of Ghostbuster fans. I know I'm just whining cause I was looking forward to this game for about six months now and have had it pre-ordered just as long. It makes me sad that such crappy games get a green light to one that has such potenial. ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

System Wars

Being the proud owner of all three console systems I have grown rather tired of the whose system is better. Alot of gamers out there sound like five year old kindergartners saying my Daddy can beat up yours. What's funny is that it gets worse every generation. I remeber back in the NES and SEGA days. The sega master system and nes didn't seem to go toe to toe all that much. You move a few more years down the road and you get the genesis and super nes. This was the first time you could see real competition between the two systems and this began carrying over to the people who played them. Now system wars has become a cut throat society where you get slamed for playing the same game as someone else but on a different system. What has happened when all that mattered was that you where a gamer and you go along because you had that in common with someone else.

We as gamers should not bash a fellow gamer because they have a ps3 and not a 360 or wii instead of a ps3. Each system has its strengths and weaknesses. Having all three I have been able to see this. In my opinion PS3 handles media playing better than the 360 while the 360 handles online better (it should since we have to pay for it). The wii I have found it is great for a bunch of people getting together to hang out. A person buys a system to suit their needs or even their budget.

I used to be one of the individuals that I am writing about right now. I used to bash the Playstation fanboys and proudly thump my chest as being a 360 owner quite a bit. But due to my wanting to jump into the blu ray movie market I decided to get a PS3 and I got my wii because I was intrigued by how unique the system was. From that I learned that use each system was great in its own way plus I don't have to miss out on the great games but I understand that everyone can't get all systems but I will no longer bash a person if they don't have the same system I do because they still belong to the same group of people. WE ARE GAMERS!

EA Take 2 take over

So the Electronic Arts giant wants to buy out take 2 wow where do I begin. Ok I have my thoughts in order so lets begin. EA's proposal for a Take 2 take over will be very benneficial for EA itsself that is a given. If this deal can be completed before GTAIV hits shelves we are talking huge profits and EA will most likely make its money back within the year. Plus EA will be able to bennegfit from all the other titles that Take 2 has. What about us gamers? EA is virtually killing the sports game competition. As if the exclusives it had wasn't enough. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that EA's sports games are not to the level they where in 2004 or 2005. This year has been the weakest line up I have seen with them.

Tiger Woods 08 was a train wreck the control was horrible and it took me two weeks to get my gamer face loaded on the server for download.

NASCAR 08 I think I may throw up. I have never played a worse driving game in my entire life. It would take me an hour to list its flaws.

Madden 08 was pretty much a repeat of madden 07 but for some reason I like 08 better but it's still a repeat

NCAA 08 an 07 repeat but it did add some new avenues of potential.

NBA Live in general I haven't played them but by reading the reviews that series until 08 was pretty much in shambles

If this happens we are going to be fed subpar sports games i don't think EA will mess with Take 2's other games but sports will never be the same. Granted I do purchase the EA games but I know what will happen when no one else will be able to make a sports game.

I hope this doesn't happen. It could get real scary out there

Can gaming get any better?

As I sit here an write this I am amazed at how real and beautiful the graphics have become this generation in gaming. The detail on some of the game models is as close to their real life counterparts as you can get. In some games people look as if you where looking at picture of real one. So I'm left wondering where do we go from here. Granted I know there is still some room for improvement. There could be some inprovement in skin textue or just textures in general but other than that where do we go. There is going to come a point where we can improve graphically anymore at least from where I'm sitting. So where do we go next? What will be the next new thing? Does nintendo have the answer by using motion sensitive controls? Does Sony have something new up their sleeve it appears that they have won the disc format wars this could mean something big in the upcoming years. Does Microsoft have something new instore for us with xbox live? I am exctied to see what is next. To see what games my son will be playing when he becomes a teen.

What's next for Nintendo?

As of late I've been doing alot of thinking about Nintendo and the future of the Wii and what could be next for gaming giant. Considering that the Game Cube all but flopped in the last gerneration (personal opinion) Nintendo has fought it's way back into the spot light in the current generation. Here is what simply amazes me about the system it is completely subpar to both the PS3 and the 360 and has been plagued with some really bad ports of current gen gamesand somehow it has won over the hearts of someone. I can't really say that the hardcore gaming populace has embraced the system (personal opinion)but yet it is still flying off store shelves as fast as they can stock them. Well the whole deal is that the wii is doing what Nintendo wanted it to do. They didn't market it specifically to gamers. If that where the case it would have as much horsepower under the hood as the 360 or the PS3. You see Nintendo has a much larger scheme in mind. It is going to gather as many followers this gen as it can from the general populace and the Nintendo Fan boys and the guys like me who have to have every system coming and going (can't risk pulling for the loosing team). This may be enough to give them the win this generation it may not but you see winning this generation is not their goal and has been stated as much before. Nintendo is looking ahead to the next gen. That is where it is going to stick it to Sony and Microsoft. While the PS3 and the 360 try to get a 10 year life span out of this generaton Nintendo's weaker system power speaking will not but that is the plan. Create a system that is not future proof but very catchy. Get a non gamer following and keep your fan boys and then catch sony and microsoft half way to three quarters through their lifespan and create something new. So what happens is Nintendo is first out of the chute with a new system that is more powerful than the competitors it keeps its wii followers and picks up the hard core guys that have to have the latest and greatest and that is how you win a gaming generation. So Nintendo is essentially using the wii as a stepping stone to video game dominance. If what I say comes true the plan is truely ingenious.

Video Games are not what they used to be

Here lately I have been feeling very dis-satisfied with gaming in general. At this I began to wonder if I was out growing gaming all together but I have decided that was not the case because I still get excited about upcoming releases. The more I thought about the more I couldn't put my finger on it. The graphics have never been more beautiful, sound has never sounded as real, gameplay couldn't be more precise, so what is the problem. That's when it hit me the replay value of a game anymore is pretty much horrid. Now hold on don't go trowing me into a lava pit just yet. I'm not talking about online multiplayer so you halo lovers back off I enjoy Halo as well. I'm talking about offline game play. You know the I've come home from work and I don't feel like dealing with online gamers yapping away in my ear useing four letter explicitives every other word (that's a whole different rant I have all together) and the ten year olds who think they are God's gift to gaming so I just want to play a good single player game. So I go to my game library and look at my games and I'm like never mind because I've either beaten all of them or the game is so long I've grown board with it. What ever happened to the games that once you have beaten them you still want to go back and try again. Ask yourself this question and you'll see what I mean. How many games have you've played a year ago that you have come back and started playing again today and still felt that the game was still interesting. OKhow about three years. There are very few games at least in my opinion that keep you coming back for more. I think this is mostly due to games being setup mostly for multiplayer. It seems to me that I get more satisfaction out of games like super mario 3 than the single player campaign in Halo 3 or a season of football. Any more I keep a game six months and then trade it because I'm bored with it. So I ask you. Is it me or is there something missing with games these days that just makes their replay value go down the tubes.

Morning Sickness

Well we are in our 11th of pregnancy and I feel so sorry for my wife. I never knew anyone could throw up that many times in one day. Today we are trying to decide if it was morning sickness or if she has caught the stomach bug thats been going around.

New Baby

I'm going to be a DAD. My wife got her first Ultra Sound today we are about 6 weeks along.
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