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Mass Effect 2 Insanity Mode Almost Made Me...Well...Insane (Spoiler Warning)

Today, I mourn for two broken XBOX 360 controllers whose long, active lives came to an abrupt end, this past week. After getting my ass kicked by countless collectors, mercs and mechs, my anger went into overdrive, costing two innocent controllers their lives. I made sure it would be painless by taking out their battery packs before I ran them over with my truck. Poor, poor little things, may you both rest in peace.

Anyways, back to reality! Two days ago, I finally completed Mass Effect 2 (ME2) on Insanity and I'm extremely happy that I accomplished such a frustrating task. In a whole, the Insanity difficulty of ME2 is more like a two-part series. What I mean by that, is that the first part of the game, which is most of disc 1, is more of an uphill battle because of the lack of upgrades you have. The upgrades in the game were, obviously, the most essential mechanic you could have. They made my life so much easier in the long run, and they saved the lives of many controllers. Also, the use of Adrenaline Rush saved me countless times, and it became very handy during the battle on the Collector ship. By the way, the fight on the collector ship was, by far, the toughest battle on Insanity. If you think the battle on Horizon is hard, then you might want to stop playing because the Collector Ship mission will possibly have you running for your mommy.

Illusive Man - Mass Effect 2

All in all, now that the ME2 Insanity torment is over, I can finally start playing Final Fantasy XIII (FFXIII), for which I am very excited about doing. The Final Fantasy series always sparks my imagination and I like to consider all the Final Fantasy games as beautiful. Also, FFXIII will make time go by faster, as I can not wait for the ME2 DLC to be released. I forgot to mention that the Mass Effect series is one of my all time favorites in gaming. Well, I'm done here for now and will do another blog next weekend.

- John

PS3 is finally mine!!

I finally got a PS3 today!:D Now I have all 3 systems...sweet...,so far I'm having a blast w/ it. Also, I got Resistance, so I'll be playing that.

SN: D3ADLOCKD91(same as XBL)...add me.8)

Quick Update

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! I'll be on here later in the week to share w/ you all what i got for Christmas...and for my Xbox live buddies, ill be online most likely Christmas day. Well, i hope you guys enjoy everything you get.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is just a short blog on wishing all the Americans a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy ur feast (if you have one). Aside form that, I've been playing more Zelda and I've gotten's kind of hard to explain where I'm at in the game right now. In my opinion I think it's a 9 out of 10 game and I know Gamespot gave it a 8.8, but I'm fine with that b/c they still consider it a great game. Anyways, if you want to read my impressions and review on the wii just go head scroll below this. I also noticed I got a Turkey emblem! Pretty cool i guess. Well ill see u guys later.

P.S. Also put down ur wii friend code if u have a wii, then i can add you.

Wii Review and Impressions

As the last minutes ticked down to the opening of Bestbuy on sunday, I finally purchased my Nintendo Wii, I then hurried home to see it in action.

Software: First off, lets get down to the contents of the package. Out of the box comes the following: 1 Wii, 1 wiimote, 1 nunchuck, power cord, AV cables, console stand, Sensor bar, Manuals, and Wiisports. When you first start up the system you get that safety message screen that you get when you power up the DS. Once past that you get to the main menu of the the Wii. The main menu interface is nicely laid out w/ a few options. It also displays the the day and time at the bottom. Also, in case you didnt know the news channel and weather channel are not yet operatable on the Wii and will be viable before the year end.

Browsing around the main menu options I found the Wii Shop channel (virtual console) and clicked on it. It takes a bit to load up and hook up to the internet. At the main interface of the shop it displays the current games you can download which consist of about 12 games so far (i will have the list of games below). The Wii shop also bares buttons in which you can click on to check your downloads, and wii points. For online you still have to use those ridiculous friend codes, which in my opinion nintendo should've changed. The games also boot up nice and fast. Right now there are no online games for the Wii, so dont expect to play online just yet. Overall, the wii software is very organized and user-friendly.

Hardware: The Nintendo Wii like the Gamecube is small and compact, which makes it good for not taking up too much space. You can set it vertically or horizontally. The console exterior consists of 2 usb ports in the back along with an AV out port, and the power and sensor bar ports. There is also no ethernet port, so for those that dont have a router or the WiFi adapter, you're not going to be able to go online. The system consists of a trayless CD-drive. The wii is also very quiet hence the small fan, but the CD-drive is also whist. In addition the system is pretty fast and quiet at the most.

The wiimote and nunchuck are comfortable in the hand, but you might need to get used to using them for games and such. Also, unlike the light gun for the NES, you have to kind of have to be pointing the wiimote at the sensor bar instead of right at the screen, which really isn't a problem depending on the location of your sensor bar. The X and Y buttons have also been replaced with the plus and minus buttons. All together, the controls are very tight with both the wiimote and nunchuck.
After playing the Wii I can definately say that it was worth the wait and the $250 bucks I paid. This is a very fun system to play and I recommend it.

Overall Ratings: (out of 10)

Design: 8
Power: 7
Speed: 7
Software: 9
Launch Games: 7

Overall System Score
: 9 --- Awesome!
P.S. If I didnt talk about some important points on the system, then just post your question and ill answer it:)

Got the Wii !!!

I finally got the  Nintendo Wii! I would have made a blog on this this morning, but i ended up having to camp out at bestbuy, so i was still very tired:(  So far i have created a mii and thats it right now...probably going to play LoZ:TP tonight. In addition ill do my first wii impressions tomorrow or Tuesday. Later.

After about 3 months I'm finally Back!

It's been about 3 months and 11 days since my last blog. This is mainly due to football and everything, so i didnt have time to blog or comment on other blogs. I also noticed i had lost some friends too:(  But now i have more time on my hands so expect comments from me. Thats it for now.

P.S. Im going to do another blog this coming sunday after i get the Wii. I'll be talking about my thoughts on the new system. Cant wait to get it!

The "What's Goin' On?" Blog

Hey, since i have not blogged in a while and i dont have much to say right now, I thought i'd just talk about what i've been playing and what i've been doing. First off, I have found a pretty cool and funny site called This is a site in which prtty much takes the names of corparations or people and puts them in to a fight and predicts a winner based on a number of votes it finds. You can also put in your own name and make a fight w/ anybody, so if u want a little entertainment, then u should check out this site.

Now lets get to videogames! Right now i am playing Guitar Hero for PS2 and Burnout: Revenge for 360. In Guitar Hero, I am almost done on perfecting Bark at the Moon on expert...i got 80% of it done. On my 360 my gamerscore stands at 4865. I'm trying my hardest to reach 5,000, but burnout is taking too long, so i might go ahead and rent King Kong because I heard the points for the game are easy to achieve.

As of now in my life, I am getting ready for football, which starts on August 15th... I am not looking forward to this season and i am not liking our new Head Coach. Also, I am almost finished building my computer... I just need to get my CPU ordered, which is a AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+. Well i got to go, so i will be commenting in your guys' blogs. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!:)

*UPDATE* My gamerscore now stands at 5,615 now!... I went to blockbuster to rent a 360 game, but i didn't see King Kong, so i picked up NBA 2K6 and after playing one single game, I had picked 750 points! The game only has 5 achievements and now i only need one more!so if anybody is addicted to points like I am, then u should definitly pick this game up!:D

KISS Coffeehouse

    Well, I just got back from Hawaii and upon returning I stopped by the new KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC. This Coffeehouse was freaking awesome! especially for me b/c im a KISS fan...anyways after that me and my family returned to the boring state of Maryland, but my vacation was sweet and it just got better when i went to the Coffeehouse. If u are a KISS fan then u should definatly visit the CoffeeHouse if u live in the east coast. I will begin to start blogging and commenting on ur blogs again so u will be hearing from me.

P.S. i will try to upload some images of me at the coffee house(i havent had much luck uploading images to gamespot, but i will try)

Firefox and a Vacation

Well, I just got downloaded and installed the Mozilla Firefox browser and i am happy to have downloaded it. There's not much of a big difference than Internet Explorer, but afterall it's only a browser. I did find some cool material in Firefox though. Some of it ranging from many extensions you can add to the browser such as themes, new toolbars, and many other asortments. I also noticed that streaming video or downloading video is more nimble than Internet Explorer. Another reason this beats out Internet Explorer is b/c Firefox is less vulnerable to viruses and spyware. So in most cases i would recommend Mozilla Firefox to anybody.
I am also going to Hawaii in 2 weeks for 2 weeks, so I won't be on blogging or commenting on ur blogs. I am looking forward for this vacation b/c i desperatly need one! To bring things to a close i hope u guys have a great summer!
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