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Namco why?

I want to talk about Tales. If you know me then you know I am a Tales fan. Just look at my avatar and you will see Lloyd from ToS. So here is the deal. Tales of graces has finally came to NA. I am grateful. I really am. Then we got Tales of Vesperia First Strike. I was happy. But there is some problems. There have been 14 tales games in the main serie. granted one is not out at all yet, but out of 14, 8 have made it to NA. That is not good. FF has had 14 and all 14 have made it here. But that is not what this is about.

Namco just announced Tales of Xillia 2 for Japan. We have not even got Tales of Xillia yet. Namco does not release the fourth interview because there is a suprise for Fans in the west. So I assume all of Europe and NA. Just Britian. And it is not even a game. So why is ToX not getting localized when it has a sequel coming out this year. Come on Namco! Tales of Vesperia did not make it here on PS3, but this does not bother me as much because it is here. I would love for it to come to PS3 though. Tales of Innocene on Vita is not coming here. These are opportune moments for Namco to please fans and make money. they complain about sales but if you barely release your products in a region. they do not know that much about them. They are not interested because they can not play the full series. Ypu have to release games to get money. Tales of Xillia is gettign a sequel which means in order to release the sequel and it do well we need the first. Out of all the things to do. ToX localization would be the smartest thing to do. If they really wanted to please fans and get money this is what they would do and is my dream. They put Tales of Destiny and Tales of Eternia as PSone classics. They put Tales of the Abyss as a PS2 classic. Then they make HD collections. A team Destiny collection for PS3 that contains Tales of Destiny remake and Tales of Destiny 2. then they make a Team Symphonia collection for PS3 with Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World. Thye localize the PS3 edition of Tales of Vesperia. they localize Tales of Xillia and Xillia 2 as well as Tales of Innocen. then make a remak of tales of Hearts on Vita. This is my dream lol.

Top 10 Heroes

10. Red Savarin

" He who laughs last, laughs best, right?"

Red Savarin is a Hunter (read odd-job mercenary) who has to put up with the strict management of his younger sister while living from job to job. Upbeat and selfless, he is always willing to lend a hand (even if the pay sucks) and knows how to take a positive view of everything. He gives a home to the homeless Elh and can be counted on to do the right thing, despite a past riddled with mystery and shadows. Even when doubts surface about his own ability, he still finds the ambition to save the Shepherd Republic. A strong will and a compassion for others earns him this spot on the list.

9. Leon S.Kennedy

"Well, I really don't give a damn; rain or shine, you're going down."

Leon is one of the heroes from Resident Evil. He starts out as a cop in Racoon city and is emerged into a zombie apocalypse on the first day. Just a rookie. He manages to save Claire, take down the G(with a little help from Claire), Take down Mr.X, and most importantly survive when not many were doing so. Then he goes on to work for the president and this sends himinitially to Spain where he saves the president's daughter. He fights giant monsters, and a load of mutated creatures. He goes on to be the knowledgeable savior of the movie Degeneration. He takes down the G once again. He pretty much succeeds in saving those in need of help.

8. Turok Lineage

"I am TUROK!"

The Turok lineage has been around for years, saving this world and others from generations of mad men and tyrants. Whenever a crazy alien challenges creation or a ruthless warlord comes to power, a member of the lineage is plucked from their spot and sent forth on the path of destiny. With Native American origins, they are all knowledgeable in the use of a bow and a melee weapon (and given that this is the first weapons that they start off with, they'repretty impressive warriors) as well as modern and alienweapons. They've fought everything from dinosaurs to the undead toOblivion spawn without so much as batting an eye. Their dedication to their cause and their warrior spiritearn them this spot.

7. Link

Although technically voiceless, Link's actions have spoken well of him for his many adventures. Him and his ancestors have been thwartingevil-doers for years with steadfast courage (which might be a result of wielding the Triforce of Courage). Although he never starts out as quite the warrior with prowess, he always has a way with a sword (and the Master Sword)that makes him a master in the end. On top of that, he has a clever knack for solving various labyrinths via his trusty bag of tools. Grappling hooks, bows, and other objects are utilized by Link to make him a well-rounded fighter. An impressive resume and unshakable bravery earn Link his spot.

6. Lloyd

"Just because the logic is sound, it doesn't mean it's right."

He is a boy who strove for something. It started as him protecting Colette and he ended up saving the world. He comes across many conflicts in his journey and he overcomes each and every one of them. Conflicts such as fighting his father and rescuing Colette from her puppet state. He stays by her side even when things seem like a loosing situation for him. He never falters in his views and he believes in what he thinks is right and follows his views to the end. He is strong but it is his confidence that makes him number 6.

5. Dante

"I can already tell. Looks like this is gonna be one hell of a party!"

For one he is half demon and half human. What side does he pick: human. He does everything he can to protect the humans from malicious demons. He helps Nero figure out the truth and guides him to saving that city from demons. He kills Mundus the demon king. He will even fight his own brother to protect human life. If anything I do know at least we have a demon on our side.

4. Squall/Lightning Gunblade wielders

Squall: "Everybody. This is Squall. How's everyone doing? You're all probably too tired to even stand up after all the fighting. But I want everyone to listen to me... We still have a chance to win, and I need your help. This is going to be our final battle. We're going to attack them before they come in again. To do that, we're going to head straight into their Garden. So I want everyone to prepare for a major collision. Take care of the junior ****en. Irvine, Quistis, Zell and Selphie will lead the attack into their Garden. As for everyone else, please support them if you can. SeeD was formed to fight the Sorceress; at least, that's what I heard. And Garden was created to train SeeDs. So this battle is Garden's destiny and also our destiny. It's a grueling battle and I'm sure you guys are all exhausted. But I don't want to have any regrets. I don't want anyone to look back and regret this day. So just this once, I want you guys to give everything you've got! For yourselves and for me!"

Lightning: "It's not a question of can or can't.Some things in life,you just do."

To state the obvious they booth wield gunblades. Lets face it though that does not make them heroes. They both lead and are questionably the greatest leaders of Final Fantasy. They know what it takes to get the job done. They have soldier qualities and both kind of start off as jerks and end up being kind. Lightning obviously lead the party in her game as well as Squall. Lightning and Squall both give their lives for noble causes like Knights of valor. They are a perfect representation of heroes and yes they both happen to be gunblade wielders.(which is the coolest weapon aside from the 3rd one on the list's weapon)

3. Vincent Valentine

"When a person has someone they care about that much, giving their life is sometimes the least they can do. And maybe that's what makes us human"

Vincent Valentine is arguably the most heroic character from FFVII and as most of the characters of VII he wants to save the world and protect people. The difference? He knows what he needs to do and he is not having problems with Identity. He has a monster inside him but one he controls. He is the most awesome vampire and he is the most friendly. Aside from the crap Twilight. yuck!

2. Solid Snake/Raiden

Solid Snake: "If you ask me, there's no happiness to be found in death... no peace either. I'm leaving here alive"

Raiden: "I am lightning, the rain transformed..."

Raiden and Solid Snake are heroes of Metal gear Solid. Raiden struggles with his past as a child soldier overcoming this and becoming the worlds greatest hero. Both Heroes of America. Raiden defeats Metal gear Ray and stops Solidus Snake from his terrorism. Then Solid Snake is a PATRIOT. He defeats Metal gear Rex as well as his brother. He has stopped a lot of terrorism. They are truly the best American Heroes aside from the #1. What else is cooler than a ninja American and a BA man with a headband that is also American?

1. Armed Forces

"Any soldier worth his salt should be anti-war. And still, there are things worth fighting for."
General Norman Schwarzkopf

This is not directed at any single character or at anysingle country's forces. This is dedicated to all of those overlooked Americans, Russians, British, and other forces that fought by your side to rid the world of tyranny and oppression. Many of them entered the battlefield with a will to fight for their country and many would not come home. They're the guys that had your back on the battlefield and swapped battle stories with you in between. They're bravery, sacrifice, and selfless service for mankind earn them the top spot in this list.

Top 10 best Square Enix villians

I have just wanted to do this and people did something similar for Halloween and I am going to do one now. These are in no particular order but if you want me to I will in the future.

10: Xehanort

This dude just will not die. he resides in many forms. He is in every Kingdom Hearts game someway or another. He makes all the disney villians look like grunts. In BBS, he manipulates the air, the ground, and the keyblades around them. The magic he possesed was incredible. His keyblade skills are fantastic too. He does not run he walks with his hands behind his back, he was never worried throughout the entire game. He manipulates Terra,Ventus, and Aqua to his will. It does not stop there he goes into Terra taking Terra over spanning many forms in which Sora must deal with. It takes Sora whole games to beat thes forms and him and Riku for Xemnas. In KH3 when he returns Sora,Riku, and Kairi better watch out because it will not be easy. He will give them the fights of thir lives. He will not let anything stand in his way of his goals and his power far surpasses everyone in KH. He had to make it on here considering he is the main antagoinist of the series.

9 MArluxia

Lets face it if you can have pink hair and a sythe based off of flowers then use flower power and beawesomewith this then you deserve to be in a top 10 villians list. This master of Castle Oblivion is not as soft as he looks. Axel trys to kill him then Marluxia fights him with ease. Sora struggles with his copy. He may not look evil but who sais you cant look good and be an awesome bad guy too. This villian shows that looks can be decieving.

8 Eve

Come on she looks scary. Lets face it any one of us who got near her would burn to death unless we were Aya. She spreads her infection through the city and NYC ends up turning into a ghost town. Her power to drive others mitochondria out of control rank her at #8.

7. Kuja

Kuja in trance mode destroyed a whole world. nuff said. He manipulates everyone like pawns in a game.

6. Exdeath

He has power over the void and has been alive forever. Now he makes a lot of FF villians look like chum.

5 No 9

This dude plagues you throughout the entire game and refuses to die and he has a machete that can catch on fire. He deserves this slot.

4. Magus

He may have turned good but he was at first a villian. His determination led him so far and he never quits. This guy is a worthy villian on the list.

3. Gabranth

Gabranth is leader of the judges and not judges we know. These judges pick up swords and conduct order themselves. None of the judges should be messed with but Gabranth is the one you really do not want to mess with.

2. Lynx

He is as cunning as they come. He switches place with the main protagonist then goes around ruining his rep. He betrays everyone.

1. Sephiroth

I am sure I really do not have to explain this one.

Assassins, Templars, and apples Oh My

I have finally gotten my hands on Assassins Creed Revelations. I am thrillled. I have been with the Assassins Creed games since the very first one. The intro of Revelations is what you seen in the E3 trailer with the snowy environment. The intro starts you off with an adrenaline rush. The fighting mechanics have improved to where you can do fast kills without countering. I can already tell you even in old age Ezio is still awesome and a worthy assassin. The grapghics are even better then before. I have only started it. I am by no means done with it. I can tell you this: this game is already great. There is a chase sequence at the beginning. You get thrown into this face first into the action. This has a good shot at being my Game of the Year...I will have to wait till I play other games this holiday. Stay tuned for my review.;)

Favorite Final Fantasys always the first on a system?

My favorite Final Fantasys just so happen to be Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VII,Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy XIII. Also if I had to pick a favorite out of Final Fantasy I-III,it would be I. Final Fantasy VII was my first Final Fantasy and has so many memories correspondingwith it, especially from childhood. Final Fantasy VIII and tactics has some childhood significance as well. However, nothing beats your first...I would compare it to a first kiss but I have never had one.:( So I will put it like your first toy or your first steps ect...It holds the most significance to me out of all the Final Fantasys but this is not what this is about.Final Fantasy VII also had Vincent...which I would think by now if you are on this page that I like Vincent.. Final Fantasy X is another really good favorite of mine. It comes in to conflict with my favoritismwith VII and I think it is my favorite,It's hard to tell. When I played X and I was taken back by the innovative switch out battle system and level up system. So it is hard to tell which is my favorite between Final Fantasy VII and X. I was a tad disappointed with XII because of the change in battle system but I got used too it and welcomed back a more used to battle system in Final Fantasy XIII,which I move on to my favoritism of this game. I loved the sphere grid similar crystarium(sorry if misspelled). I could not put the controller down when playing this game. I loved XIII despite the criticisms. The graphics and the,to me, the best battle system in a Final Fantasy. The protagonist,Lightning, was to me the best protagonist in the Final Fantasy series. Now to Final Fantasy IV which was my first 2d Final Fantasy and in my opinion the best 2d Final Fantasy. A lot of people would disagreeand say VI,maybe not. Kain was awesome and was by far the only good dragoon in the series. The first time where a supporting character was better in battle then the protagonist. Aside from that, the game was the only game that allowed 5 players from your party to battle at the same time, which was awesome. Final Fantasy IV is a close first place winner to VI. I love both of them. I just love Final Fantasy IV better. These Final Fantasy games also seem to have some of my all time favorites: Lightning, Yuna, Vincent, and Kain. Now to my point each of these games were the beginning of Final Fantasy for a console. Final Fantasy IV for super Nintendo, Final Fantasy VII for Playstation, Final Fantasy X for PlayStation 2, Final Fantasy XIII for X-box 360 and PS3. They were all first on systems. There were other really good Final Fantasys in each generation. I personally think Final Fantasy VIII was a better game than VII,VII is just my first. Final Fantasy XII was kind of a disappointmentto me at first. I love XII now. VI and IV were a close call. Each of my favorites in each generation are the first on a system. I wonder if Final Fantasy XV will change this or Final Fantasy versus for that reason because Final Fantasy XIII is not set in stone. I still have not played XI or XIV but I doubt XIwill change my favorite from X to XI. Neither with XIV. Type 0 could change my decision too. We will see if this behavior of picking the first remains consistent. Final Fantasy Versus XIII may change this or XIII-2 for that matter but does that matter considering the XIII are all part of the same series:Fabula Novla Crystales. Final Fantasy XV may be the determent.

I know this was kind of random I just wanted to blog something....

Final Fantasy type 0 No word on a release outside

Listen I get that if someone is afraid that one of their games may not do well; they will not release it anywere else because they do not want to lose money...BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE Square. I have wanted this game since I purchased the PSP and I know of many others that want it too. With Type 0 already out in Japan and raking up sales like must not think that this game will do bad over here. If it is anything better then(which it looks like it is) Crisis Core and dissidia then there is no reson to believe that it will do poorly in Europe or The United States. I do not think it is fair for me,an avid fan, to get jipped out of a grand Final Fantasy adventure just because I was born in the U.S. When I seen this Final Fantasy on PSP and heard it had two discs;I thought to myself this game is going to be great when I finally get my hands on it. Well Imagine what horrible revelation I came to when their was a conversation about Japanese exusivity.Forgive if I am wrong but is it not only fair that every body get a chance to play this not only japan. I have wanted this game since they announced it but I may not get it and that to me is a horrible truth that I do not like to accept. I would like to think that It will come here but their is still no word and it has been out in Japan for two weeks. I bought the Third Birthday for PSP and thought it was one of the best games I had played on PSP. Sorry Square if it is too much to ask of you to give me this game for Christmas so I can buy it along with many other Final Fantasy fans.